B. F. Larsen

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Larsen, Bent Franklin b: 10 May 1882 in Monroe,Sevier,Utah d: 3 Jan 1970 in Orem,Utah,Utah
Larsen, Bent Rolfsen b: 24 Sep 1845 in Riisoer,Aust-Agder,Norway d: 7 Nov 1926 in Salt Lake City,Salt Lake,Utah
Larsen, Elen b: 17 Aug 1721 in Sperivig,Oyestad,A-Agder,Norw d: 1 Nov 1785 in Kexstad,Eide,Aust Agder,Norway
Larsen, Inger b: 8 Dec 1737 in Svenaes,Sondeled,A-Agdr,Norw
Larsen, Ole b: 1614 in Ydestad,Kvas,Vest Agder,Norway
Larsen, Ole b: 29 Sep 1808 in Ormelie,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway d: 22 Oct 1867 in Memphis,Shelby,Tennessee
Larsen, Salve b: 1638 in Lunde,Holt,Aust Agder,Norway d: 29 Jan 1691 in Holt,Aust Agder,Norway
Lauritsen, Marine b: 1572 in Lystrup,Sannikedal,Aust Agder,Norway
Lauve, Jens b: 1520 in Lauve,Holt,Aust Agder,Norway
Lauve, Mrs. Jens b: 1524 in of Holt,Aust Agder,Norway
LEVSEN, Gertrud b: 1705 in Lyngdal,Vest Agder,Norway d: 2 Apr 1797 in Undeland,Lyngdal,Vest Agder,Norway
Lidvorsen, Gunvor b: 1635 in Lien Fyrsdal,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway
Lunde, Mrs. Ole b: 1544 in of Holt,Aust Agder,Norway
Lunde, Ole b: 1540 in Lunde,Holt,Aust Agder,Norway
Lystrup, Mrs. Niels b: 1512 in of Aust Agder,Norway
Lystrup, Niels b: 1508 in Lystrup Barland,Sannikedal,Aust Agder,Norway
Madsen, Anne b: 1677 in Dypvag,Aust Agder,Norway
Madsen, Bent b: 1715 in of Oyestad,Aust Agder,Norway d: 1763 in Oyestad,Aust Agder,Norway
Morrefier, Mrs. Syver b: 1524 in of Gryting,Gjerstad,Aust Agder,Norway
Morrefier, Ole SYVERSEN b: 1550 in Gryting,Gjerstad,Aust Agder,Norway
Morrefier, Syver b: 1520 in Gryting,Gjerstad,Aust Agder,Norway
Myre, Ole b: 1480 in Myre,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway
Nes, Tengel b: 1510 in Nes,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway
Nielsen Lystrup, Laurits b: 1540 in Lystrup Barland,Sannikedal,Aust Agder,Norway
Nielsen, Anne (twin) b: 1 May 1697 in Oyestad,Aust Agder,Norway
Nielsen, Envold b: 1716 in Kexstad,Eide,Aust Agder,Norway d: 19 Feb 1788 in Kexstad,Eide,Aust Agder,Norway
Nielsen, Knud b: 1660 in Hoyland,Kvas,Vest Agder,Norway d: 1741 in Hoyland,Kvas,Vest Agder,Norway
Nilsen Skok, Anne b: 1542 in Lystrup Barland,Sannikedal,Aust Agder,Norway
Nilsen, Margit b: 1608 in Ovre Ramse,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway
NOTTUNGSEN, Anders b: 1634 in Stakkeland,Kvas,Vest Agder,Norway d: AFT 1683
OLSEN, Adlu b: 1695 in Bradland,Kvas,Vest Agder,Norway d: 18 Jun 1755 in Hompland,Kvas,Vest Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Anders b: Oct 1742 in Ostre Askeroya,Dypvag,Aust Agder,Norway d: Jan 1810 in Ostre Askeroya,Dypvag,Aust Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Aslak b: 1668 in Ovre Ramse,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway d: 22 May 1735 in Ovre Ramse,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Bjorn b: 1606 in Ovre Ramse,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway d: 1650 in Ovre Ramse,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Erik b: 1597 in Gryting,Gjerstad,Aust Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Gertrud b: 1680 in Undeland,Lyngdal,Vest Agder,Norway d: 17 Oct 1740 in Undeland,Lyngdal,Vest Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Gro b: 1500 in of Grimeland,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway d: 1590 in Ljostad,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Gunvor b: 1665 in Espestoyl,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway d: Sep 1722 in Ovre Ramse,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Ingeborg b: Dec 1665 in of Ormelie,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway d: in Ormelie,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Inger Margrethe b: ABT 1714 in of Aust Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Ingeri b: 1657 in Ljostad,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway d: Jan 1736 in Ljostad,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Johanne b: 1699 in of Oyestad,Aust Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Lars b: 1768 in of Egeland,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway d: 15 Feb 1847 in Ormelie,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Laurids or Lars b: 1590 in Haegebostad,Kvas,Vest Agder,Norway d: 1661 in Ydestad,Kvas,Aust Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Miss b: 1515 in Myre,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Mrs. Laurids or Lars b: 1593 in of Ydestad,Kvas,Vest Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Ole b: 1645 in Loland,Kvas,Vest Agder,Norway d: 1733 in Loland,Kvas,Vest Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Salve b: 1570 in Holt,Aust Agder,Norway d: 1640 in Lunde,Holt,Aust Agder,Norway
OLSEN, Tallak b: 1631 in Jorundland,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway d: 1701 in Jorundland,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway
Ormeli, Mrs. Orm b: 1634 in of Ormeli,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
Ormeli, Orm b: 1630 in Ormeli,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
Ormsen, Povel b: Mar 1655 in Ormelie,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway d: 14 Nov 1731 in Ormelie,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
Ostre Askeroya, Anders b: 1531 in Ostre Askeroya,Dypvag,Aust Agder,Norway
Ostre Askeroya, Mrs. Anders b: 1535 in of Dypvag,Aust Agder,Norway
Ostre Nes, Mrs. Tjostel b: 1462 in of Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway
Ostre Nes, Tjostel b: 1458 in Ostre Nes,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway
Ovre Ramse, Mrs. Nils b: 1579 in of Ovre Ramse,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway
Ovre Ramse, Mrs. Torje b: 1559 in of Ovre Ramse,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway
Ovre Ramse, Nils b: 1575 in Ovre Ramse,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway
Ovre Ramse, Torje b: 1555 in Ovre Ramse,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway
Oysteinsen, Mari b: 1677 in of Lyngdal,Vest Agder,Norway
Pedersen, Jens b: 1585 in Lauve,Holt,Aust-agder,Norway
Pedersen, Ole b: 23 Aug 1736 in of Egeland,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
Pedersen, Siri b: 1688 in of Eide,Aust Agder,Norway
POVELSEN, Marthe b: 25 Apr 1700 in Ormelie,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway d: 26 Nov 1764 in Ormelie,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
Ramundsen, Knud b: 1580 in Dale,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway d: 1632 in Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
Rise, Mrs. Tore b: 1533 in of Rise,Oyestad,Aust Agder,Norway
Rise, Tore b: 1530 in Rise,Oyestad,Aust Agder,Norway
Rolfsen, Bent b: 27 Apr 1792 in Oyestad,Aust Agder,Norway d: 16 Jun 1852 in Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
Rolfsen, Ingeborg Maria BENTSEN b: 13 Jan 1822 in Riisoer,Aust Agder,Norway d: 21 Sep 1895 in Monroe,Sevier,Utah
Rolfsen, Jacob b: 10 May 1716 in Sundet,Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway d: 28 Mar 1788 in Aamli,Aust Agder,Norway
Salvesen, Allaug b: 1682 in Nes,Dypvag,Aust Agder,Norway d: 22 Jul 1722 in Ostre Askeroya,Dypvag,Aust Agder,Norway
Salvesen, Elling b: 1555 in Tveite,Holt,Aust Agder,Norway
Salvesen, Lars b: 1599 in Lunde,Holt,Aust Agder,Norway d: 1664 in Lunde,Holt,Aust Agder,Norway
Selas, Miss b: 1450 in Selas,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway
Selas, Mrs. Torvild b: 1392 in of Selas,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway
Selas, Mrs. Torvild b: 1446 in Selas,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway
Selas, Torvild b: 1390 in Selas,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway
Selas, Torvild b: 1441 in Selas,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway
Simonsen, Helge b: 1610 in Dypvag,Aust Agder,Norway
Sjavag, Mrs. Skerung b: 1535 in of Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
Sjavag, Mrs. Tor b: 1535 in of Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
Sjavag, Skerung b: 1533 in Sjavag,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
Sjavag, Tor b: 1530 in Sjavag,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
Skarholt, Kjersti b: 1587 in Skarholt,Holt,Aust Agder,Norway
Skarholt, Mr. b: 1555 in of Skarholt,Holt,Aust Agder,Norway
Skarholt, Mrs. b: 1558 in of Skarholt,Holt,Aust Agder,Norway
Skerungsen, Ingeborg b: 1563 in Sjavag,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
Skok, Jon b: 1478 in of Sannikedal,Aust Agder,Norway
Skok, Mrs. Jon b: 1482 in of Sannikedal,Aust Agder,Norway
SOMUNDSEN, Miss b: 1639 in of Hompland,Kvas,Vest Agder,Norway
Sorensen, Miss b: 1604 in Roydlandsmark,Lyngdal,Vest Agder,Norway
Stakkeland, Mrs. Soren b: 1575 in of Stakkeland,Kvas,Vest Agder,Norway
Stakkeland, Nottung b: 1600 in Stakkeland,Kvas,Vest Agder,Norway
Stakkeland, Soren b: 1570 in Stakkeland,Kvas,Vest Agder,Norway
STEENSEN, Anders b: 15 Nov 1696 in Nes,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway d: 1769 in Ormelie,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
STEENSEN, Mrs. Tore b: 1620 in of Nes,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway
STEENSEN, Tore b: 1616 in Nes,Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway d: 1664 in Vegarsheia,Aust Agder,Norway
Stiansen, Halvor b: 1537 in Loddesol,Oyestad,Aust Agder,Norway d: 1599 in Loddesol,Oyestad,Aust Agder,Norway
Svanas b: 1645 in of Svanas,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
Svanas, Mrs. b: 1649 in of Svanas,Sondeled,Aust Agder,Norway
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