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SAMFORD, Mary L. b: 14 FEB 1878 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 17 JUL 1917 in Ramah Cemetery,,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Mary M. b: Abt 1857 in ,,Al.
SAMFORD, Matilda b: 15 JUL 1819 in ,Tuscaloosa,Al. d: 1858 in ,Mason,Tx.
SAMFORD, Matilda M. b: Abt 1841 in ,,Tx.
SAMFORD, Matthew Hale b: 19 FEB 1854 in Center,Shelby,Tx. d: 29 SEP 1923 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Matthew Joab b: 31 OCT 1883 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 4 JUN 1966 in Center,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Maud b: NOV 1889 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Maude b: 29 APR 1886 in Wills Point,Van Zandt,Tx.
SAMFORD, Maurice H. b: 19 MAR 1918 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 8 MAY 1995 in Jasper,Jasper,Tx.
SAMFORD, Maxie L. b: 31 JUL 1919 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 13 JAN 1985 in Center,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Melba Lenora d: 12 JUL 1985
SAMFORD, Melvina Catherine b: Abt 1858 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Meriam Adeline b: Abt 1868 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: Bef 1880 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Mildred b: 26 SEP 1902 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 12 JAN 1989 in Center,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Mildred Amanda b: 2 FEB 1896 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 14 NOV 1968
SAMFORD, Millard Westcott
SAMFORD, Minnie Pearl b: 9 AUG 1887 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 1954 in Port Arthur,Jefferson,Tx.
SAMFORD, Mollie Pamela b: 2 MAY 1901 in Center,Shelby,Tx. d: 29 MAR 1989 in Center,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Nancy b: Abt 1846 in Center,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Nancy E. b: in ,,Al. d: in ,Walker,Al.
SAMFORD, Nannie E. b: 1852 d: Aft 1900
SAMFORD, Nelly Otelia b: 19 MAR 1905 in Center,Shelby,Tx. d: Abt 1936 in Los Angeles,Los Angeles,Ca.
SAMFORD, No name b: JUL 1883 in ,,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex d: in Sandhill Cem.,,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex d: in Sandhill Cem.,,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: in ,Shelby,Tx. d: in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: in ,Shelby,Tx. d: in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: in ,Shelby,Tx. d: in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: Aft 1874 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: Bef 1878
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: Aft 1878 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: FEB 1882 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: Aft 1880 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: Bef 1900 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: Aft 1883 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: Bef 1899 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: Aft 1885 d: Bef 1889 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: Aft 1886 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: Bef 1892 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: Aft 1890 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: Aft 1890 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: Bef 1893 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: Abt 1895 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: Bef 1900 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: Aft 1900 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: Bef 1910 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: Aft 1903 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: Bef 1910 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, No name or sex b: Aft 1904 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: Bef 1909 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Noah b: 26 SEP 1874 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 2 DEC 1891
SAMFORD, Nora b: 16 FEB 1896 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 8 JUN 1923 in Sandhill Cem.,,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Norman James b: 2 SEP 1907 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: JUN 1987 in Livingston,Polk,Tx.
SAMFORD, Norrie b: 13 AUG 1888 in Wills Point,Van Zandt,Tx.
SAMFORD, Norris Preston Dowdell b: 24 OCT 1863 d: 18 MAY 1888
SAMFORD, Nugent Riley b: 24 APR 1892 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 7 MAR 1943 in Asbury Chapel,Center,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Olive Roberta (Ollie) b: 31 JUL 1889 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 17 JAN 1951 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Ora b: 25 MAR 1883 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 14 JUL 1983 in Lumberton,Hardin,Tx.
SAMFORD, Otis Dale b: 25 JAN 1903 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 13 APR 1966 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Paralee b: in ,,Al.
SAMFORD, Paralee b: 12 FEB 1888 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 2 DEC 1981 in Center,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Parzetta Isabella b: 10 DEC 1863 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 28 JUL 1873
SAMFORD, Pauline b: 12 SEP 1904 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: JUL 1974 in Center,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Pauline b: 27 NOV 1920 in Paxton,Shelby,Tx. d: 26 MAY 1976
SAMFORD, Pernecia b: 14 JUL 1823 in ,Tuscaloosa,Al. d: 24 NOV 1906 in Weatherford,Parker,Tx.
SAMFORD, Pernecia Susannah b: 23 AUG 1838 in ,Tuscaloosa,Al. d: Bef 1907 in Weatherford,Parker,Tx.
SAMFORD, Preston Avon b: 9 AUG 1893 d: NOV 1974 in Wortham,Freestone,Tx.
SAMFORD, Quillie Estelle b: 1907 d: 1947
SAMFORD, R. Burk b: 1868
SAMFORD, R. Burke b: 11 OCT 1868 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Randolph Macon b: 11 JUL 1854
SAMFORD, Raymond b: 1921 d: 1921
SAMFORD, Raymond Dale b: 22 MAR 1900 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 9 MAR 1970 in Center,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Rebecca b: 17 JUN 1806 in ,Lexington,S.C. d: 10 JAN 1888 in ,Tuscaloosa,Al.
SAMFORD, Rebecca S. b: 19 MAR 1835 in ,Tuscaloosa,Al. d: Aft 1880
SAMFORD, Renna Lee (Leah) b: 20 APR 1888 in Center,Shelby,Tx. d: 1 FEB 1947 in Hot Springs,Garland,Ar.
SAMFORD, Richard Lewis b: 12 JAN 1873
SAMFORD, Robert E. Lee b: 16 NOV 1870 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 15 SEP 1966 in Kilgore,Gregg,Tx.
SAMFORD, Robert Elias "Bob" b: 23 APR 1898 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 29 AUG 1914 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Robert Ennis H. b: 22 DEC 1866 in Center,Shelby,Tx. d: 16 JAN 1883 in Methodist Church,,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Robert Guy b: 22 FEB 1888 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 16 JUN 1889 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Robert L. b: 16 JUL 1883 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 15 NOV 1974 in Diboll,Angelina,Tx.
SAMFORD, Robert Lafayette (Hiram) b: 12 AUG 1851 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 19 MAY 1921 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Robert Talmadge b: 30 DEC 1888 in Center,Shelby,Tx. d: 12 SEP 1960 in Center,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Roger Ben b: 1902 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 1965 in Ramah Cemetery,,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Roland Potts b: 14 NOV 1893 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 30 DEC 1968 in Center,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Sallie Etta b: 27 MAY 1903 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 26 SEP 1983 in Ft. Worth,Tarrant,Tx.
SAMFORD, Sallie L. b: 5 JUN 1871 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 8 JUN 1901 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Sallie M. b: 1866
SAMFORD, Sallie Melanie b: 18 JAN 1866 in Center,Shelby,Tx. d: Aft 1900 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Samuel b: 1657 in ,Richmond,Va. d: 1736 in ,Richmond,Va.
SAMFORD, Samuel b: 1704 in ,Richmond,Va.
SAMFORD, Samuel b: 3 FEB 1747 in North Farnham,Richmond,Va.
SAMFORD, Samuel Burton b: 30 APR 1894 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: OCT 1965 in New Hope Cem.,,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Samuel Monroe b: 1863
SAMFORD, Samuel Monroe b: 30 APR 1863 in Center,Shelby,Tx. d: 6 JAN 1942 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Sarah b: 16 MAY 1727 in North Farnham,Richmond,Va.
SAMFORD, Sarah A. b: Abt 1850 in ,,Tx.
SAMFORD, Sarah Ann b: 23 JUL 1882 in Center,Shelby,Tx. d: 15 MAR 1884 in M.E. Church Cem.,,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Sarah Ann "Sallie" b: 30 APR 1861 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 2 MAY 1915
SAMFORD, Sarah Anne "Sallie" b: 14 APR 1862 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 10 OCT 1933 in ,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Sarah E. b: Abt 1851 in ,,Al.
SAMFORD, Sarah E. b: Abt 1856 in ,,Al.
SAMFORD, Sarah Evelyn b: 15 DEC 1888 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 28 JAN 1973
SAMFORD, Sarah Gevety b: 11 JUL 1885 d: 7 APR 1900 in ,Tuscaloosa
SAMFORD, Sarah J. (Sallie) b: 20 JUL 1870 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 11 APR 1947 in Campti,Shelbyville,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Sarah Thelma b: 13 AUG 1899 in Center,Shelby,Tx. d: 23 MAR 1980 in Bridge City,Orange,Tx.
SAMFORD, Serana b: 18 MAR 1875 in ,Shelby,Tx. d: 25 JUL 1941 in Jackson Cemetery,,Shelby,Tx.
SAMFORD, Sidney A. S. b: Abt 1846 in ,,Tx.
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