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  • ID: I4425
  • Name: Samuel ALLEN
  • Surname: ALLEN
  • Given Name: Samuel
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1596/1598 in Chelmsford, Essex, England
  • Burial: 28 May 1648 Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
  • Ancestral File #: 303D-17
  • _UID: FEA16FC77EBF394E849386C1B319C01EA154
  • Note:
    Occupation, farmer. He left a sword and musket at his death which odinarily indicted military service. His widow married William Hurlbut, moved to Northampton 1657 with children. 1/27/1640 granted property in Windsor which in 1907 was occupied by the Windsor Public library.
    His other goods suggest he had some means, wasn't necessarily wealthy.

    From Hale-House and Related Lines (Jacobus): Samuel Allen's lands at Windsor were entered 27 Jan 1640/1, and included a house lot of over six acres. He served on a jury5 Mar 1644/5. The inventory of his estate taken at Windsor, 8 Sep 1648. Matthew Grant's record of children born in Wnidsor lists under "sume omited in former records being goon yet had children born her," Samuel Alyen, six children. He probably was not 60 at death in 1648 and born in 1588 as sometimes stated; more likely he was born around 1608.

    From Williard S. Allen, Samuel Allen and his Descendants (exists as a 75 page book and another version in NEHGR, Oct 1876)

    Samuel Allen came from Braitree, Essex county, England. He was born about 1588, in the reign of queen Elizabeth. Hecame to Camridge, Mass., in 1632; (was brother of Col. Matthew Allyn, of Cambridge, Mass., afterwards of Windsor and Hartford, Ct., and Da Thomas Allyn, i Fmiidletown, Ct. He removed to Connecticut in 1635, and settled in Windsor. He was a juryman March 5, 1644, and was by occupation a farmer. From the Windsor, Ct. land records we have the following:

    "January 27, 1640, Samuel Allen hath granted from teh Plantation at Windsor, Ct. 1st. An house lott being six acres, three rods, ten poles, bounded from the rivulet [Farmington River] to the West, by Rodger Ludlow on the South; by Thomas Marshall on the North; and run in length to the West into a highway laid out unto some part of the lot of the said Rodger Ludlow and him the said Samuel Allen. 2nd. In Plymouth meadow Four acres, bounded by Bray Rossiter on teh North; and a rivulet that runs into the great [Connecticut] River on the South. 3d. Toward Hartford Nineteen acres more or less and runs in length to the Great River to the West one hunderd and thirty and four rods and is bounded by John Witchfield on the Nrth, and by Thomas Marshfield on the South. 4th. Over the Great River next to the same fifteen rods in breadth, in the length to the East three miles; buonded by Joseph Lummus on the South; John Hurd on the North.

    The fourth division was undoubttedly within the persent limits of South Windsor. Samuel Allen was a many of public spirit, and was honored by his fellow citzens with positions of trust. He died at Windsor, Ct., and was buried April 28, 1648, aged 60 years, leaving a widow and six children. His widow, Ann Allen, removed to Northampton, Mass., where she m. second, William Hurlbut.

    The town records say of his death only that it was in 1648.

    An inventory of the estate of Samuel Allen, late of Windsor, deceased:

    Impr: the housing and home lottes 11 pound; It. 4 acres of meadow 7 pounds.
    15 acres over the Great Rvier
    15 acres of upland
    In goods one bed with furniture
    two beds more, &c
    One pillow beare, one table cloath & napkins
    his wearing aparrell
    Iron pots, brass, pewter.
    Hogsheads, payles, tubbs, and earthenware
    2 spinning wheels
    Crooks, Grid iron, fire pan adn tongs
    his working tooles
    a musktt and sworde
    a table and forme, and other lumber
    in cattle, one cowe, noe heifer, one yearling
    two swynes.

    From Orrin Allen, Allen Memorial.

    We were given to understand by the early genealogical writers that Samuel Allen, who settled in Windsor, Conn., in 1640, came from Braintree Co., Essex, England, where he was born in 1588, and came to Cambridge, Mass., in 1632, and that he was a brother of Col. Matthew Allen, etc.

    In the introduction to this work, it has been clearly shown that he was not a brother of Col. matthew Allen, and later investigations have shown that the Samuel who came to Cabrideg in 1632 was the one who later settled at Braintree, Mass.

    As yet no records have been found which cleaarly point out the ancestry of our Sameul Allen, where or when he was born, or just when he migrated to this country, yet from all the known circumstances connected with him, I am inclined to adopt the theory of Mr. Francis Olcott Allen, who has given the subject much thought, that he came over with the Dauchester Company (Dorchester Company?) in 1630, and settled primarily at Dorchester. The reason that the present Dorchester records do not mention his name is probably due to the fact that the first leaves of said record are missing; and allusion is also made to a missing book containing names of the grantees from the beginning.

    This belief was shared by William Allen, D.D., of Northampton, who says in a note to Christian Sonnets, published in 1860, that his ancestor, Samuel Allen, "is supposed to have come from th west of England with the Dorchester people in the ship Mary and John in 1630.

    Windsor was largely settled by Dorchester people.

    Orrin Allen says it's the second house lot bought by Samuel Allen in 1641 from James Marshall that is now occupied by the Windsor Public Library (ca 1900).


    Some notes on roots. (Note: Y DNA studies have pretty much disproven the notion that Samuel Allen was related to any other Allen family that came to New England. Allen genealogies have been inclined to blend families on the theory that they belonged together, sometimes at random. Earlier versions of my database contained the entire family of James Allen of Dedham and Medfield (from Scotland, no less), mixed in with Samuel Allen's. In particular, it has been proven that he was not related to George Allen who married Starkes.

    There is great confusion regarding Samuel's parentage because of paucity or records and commonness of name Allen even at this time in New England.

    Samuel cannot have been the son of George the son of Ralph, who settled in Rhode Island at one point, with Katherine Starke, came in 1635, and George can't have been the son of Ralph, because as I have it both had completely different children who did not include Samuel, let alone his brother Thomas and his possible brother Matthew.

    Several stories put together have
    Samuel came to Cambridge MA 1632 with brothers Deacon Thomas Allen and Col. Matthew Allen in the Dorchester Company, landed at Nantasket, came with the Braintree Company, in 1632, settled in Cambridge initially (some argue that is not the same person), came with Rev. Hooker with Thomas and Matthew and possibly their parents "Mrs. Allyn" and "Olde Mr. Allyn" from Braintree, England (I think this in Essex) setled Newtowne MA or near there in the Bay Colony, settled in windsor, CT, 1635.Or went with Rev. Hooker and other Bay families who couldn't take the repressive, politically narrow Puritan life of the Bay Colony to Connecticut in 1636.
    Juryman March 5, 1644.

    Samuel Allen came from Braintree, Essex, England, where he was born about 1632. His widow, Ann, moved to Northampton and married William Hurlbut. She died at Northampton.

    Deacon Thomas and Col Matthew both settled in 1635 with Hooker's Company in Hartford. Sameul also went to Connecticut in 1635 and settled at Windsor.

    That Deacon Thomas was Samuel's brother is proven beyond any doubt. Evidence that Matthew was his brotehr, too, appears to me to be circumstantial but far from weak. Disproving it would depend on establishing that Thomas of Barnstable was there when Thomas Samuel's brother who was not the same person was somewhere else, or doing something else, or proving that the three brothers do not appear together in any of the parties cited above, since if they did come together with the Dorchester Company, the Braintree Company, or Rev. Hooker, surely they would appear on the relevant lists.

    One piece of evidence that Matthew was Samuel's brotehr rests on the will of a Richard in Devonshire whose father, apparently, from his father's will, was also named Richard, citing his brother Thomas in Barnstable, MA. A baptism record in Essex cites a Samuel as THOMAS's father! If Thomas was Samuel's brother, then Samuel's father was Samuel. Much from Devon links Matthew Allyn to A Thomas Allen.

    All either three or four of these people ended up close together in Hartford and Windsor, CT. This supports the notion that they were brothers, but doesn't prove it. THree unrelated Allen families are known to have settled in Windsor at about the same time. Another thing that gives reason to wonder; Matthew Allen, who was a notorious crank and constantly got into one sort of trouble or another with everyone, which is a Samuel Allen family trait, got into a legal dispute with Deacon Thomas Allen.

    Orrin Allen's discussion:

    "The Allen Memorial: Second series. Descendants of Samuel Allen of Windsor, Conn., including Gen. Ethan Allen o fVermont, Judge Samuel Hitchcock and Dr. Jabez Penniman." by Orrin Peer Allen, Palmer, MA. (Palmer, MA: the author, 1907).

    Introduction. Were Samuel and Col. Matthew Allen Brothers?

    For may years very misleading views have been entertained, claiming kinship between Samuel Allen of Windsor and Col Matthew Allyn of Hartford and Windsor, Conn. (The latter spelled his name with a y, although his father did not so spell it.) Also a confusing of the names of Thomas Allyn of Barnstable, Mass., and Dae. Thomas Allyn of Middletown, Conn.

    It is only recently that these matters have been sifted and set right. First then, the patient investigations of Mr. Francis Olcott Allen of Philadephia have conclusively shown that Samuel and Col. Matthew Allyn of Barnstable, MA., were not brothers, , but that Col. Matthew of Windsor, CT, and Thomas Alyn of Barnstable, Mass., bore that relationship adn were the sons of Richard and Margaret Allen of Braunton, Co. Devon, England, no Samuel Allen being found on the registers there. (Vide N. E. Gen. Register, vol 51, p 212)

    The foregoing relationship of Thomas and Matthew has been further identified by the will of Richard Allen of Braunton, proved May 10, 1652, which fully establishes the fact beyond controversy. (Vide N.E. Gen. Register, vol 50, p 505.)

    However, Deacon Thomas Allen of Middletown WAS Samuel's brother.

    jThomas Allyn, brother, lvied at WEstersfield in 1636. Both prominent in local politics.]

    Kinship of Samuel and Dea. Thomas Allen.

    Secondly, a careful search of the records has established the fact that Samuel Allen of Windsor, and Dea. Thomas Allen of Middletown were brothers, as will be seen in the following, furnished by Mr. James Allen Kibbe of Warehouse Point, Conn., who is a descendant of Samuel Allen;

    "In 1673 the General Assembly of Connecticut granted to the town of Middletown a strip of land along its eastern border, west of the Connecticut River. (Vide Colonial Records of Conn., vol 1 p 395 and vol 2 p 199.) This strip of land thus became the property in common of the original proprietors of Middletown, of whom Dea. Thomas Allen was one. Dea. Thomas Allen's share in this land, not being provided for in his will, became the property of his legal heirs. The heirs quit-claimed their rights in this land to a few persons, some of whom were also legal heirs. These deeds begin about 1720, and continue to be given for many years, as heirs were found and bargains could be made.

    "John (3) Allen, John (2), Samuel (1), of Enfield, was one of these heirs. In his deed he states that his right is one-half of one-fourth of the whole. His brother Samuel of Enfield quit-claims his rights in another deed. These two were the only sons of John (2) Allen, who was one of the four sons of Samuel Allen of Windsor. (Vide Colonial Records of Conn., vol. 1, p 395, and vol 2, p 199.) These two deeds prove that Samuel (1) Allen's sons were the legal heirs of Dea. Thomas Allen, who died childless. They also show that Dea. Thomas Allen's heirs were in four lines, otherwise the share of John (2) Allen, son of Samuel, would not have been just one-fourth, as these deeds abundantly show. This property being divided into four parts and this John Allen having one, who had the other three parts? The deeds found in Middletown Land records, quit-claiming rights in this property, are signed by descendants of all the other three sons of Samuel Allen of Windsor, name: SAMUEL, NEHEMIAH and OBADIAH. These signers prove also that Deacon Thomas Allen had, atleast in this country, no other legal heirs escept descendants of the four sons of Samuel Allen. Otherwise this property could not have been divided into four equal parts, as these deeds state. Therefore Samuel Allen of Windsor and Dea. Thomas Allen of Middletown had no brothers or sisters in this country who had descendants living when the land was quit-claimed, otherwise it could not have been divided into four parts and one part belonging ot John, son of Samuel. This proves conclusively that Matthew Allyn of Windsor and Hartford was not a brother of Samuel Allen of Windsor.

    "Again in these deeds, these descendants of Samuel Allen call Dea. Thomas Allen of Middletown "uncle", "great uncle", and in one case "our mother's great uncle." If this was their relationship to Dea. Thomas Allen, then he must have been Samuel Allen's brother.

    "Also it is well to remember that the children of Obadiah Allen of Middletown join in giving these deeds, thus removing all doubt that Obadiah was one of the four sons of Samuel Allen."

    The following references are furnished by Mr. Kibbe in proof of the foregoing statements:

    "Middletown, Conn. Records, book 1, pages 100 and 101, adn Proprietor's list at end of the book. Land Records, book 1, pages 189, 190, 216, 227, 197, etc. Also book 5, page 301. Book 6, pages 202, 214, 381. Book 10, pages 19, 201, etc., etc."

    The following abstracts of deeds are a sample of all. They are transcribed because of their numerous names. These abstracts are also furnished by the courtesy of Mr. James Allen Kibbe:

    "Joseph Strong, Jr., Phinheas Strong, Ebenezer Root adn his wife Sarah, Jemima Strong, Noah Rust and Keziah his wife, Aaron Strong and Rachel his wife, all of Coventry, Conn.c Stephen Fitch and wife Eleanor of Windham, Conn., Stephen Fitch and wife Eleanor of Windham, Conn. to Jonathan Allen of Middletown, quit-claims all rights of "our mother Sarah Strong in the estate of her great uncle Thomas Allen, dec' at Middletown." (Vide Middletown Land Records, book 6, p 381, June 14, 1738.)

    "Joseph Allyn of Cornwall, Conn., to Jonathan Allyn of Middletown, quit-claims of all my rights and the rights of Nehemiah Allyn of Stratford, Conn., Daniel Allyn and Ebenezer Allyn of Litchfield, Benjamin Smalley and Mary his wife of Lebanon, Conn. and hte heirs of Mary Root, late of Coventry, dec'd., quit-claims," etc. (Vide Middletown Book 10, p 201, Feb 26, 1742.)

    Othe deeds show that the grantor, Joseph Allen of Cornwall, was brother to most, if not all of the persons named in this paragraph:

    "Samuel Allen and John Allen, both of Middletown, quit-claim to Thomas Allen of MIddletown, all rights in lot 89, last division drawn for and on accoun tof "our uncle" Deacon Thomas Allen dec'd; the whole being 71 1/2 acres and 1/2 rood. (Vide Middletown book 3, p 392, Feb 15, 1722-3.) This is the land referred to in all the deeds. These Allens in this paragraph are the children of Dea. Obadiah Allen of Middletown.

    Mr. Kibbie is entitled to great credit for discovering the foregoing proofs, which sl clearly prove teh kinship of Samuel and Deacon Thomas Allen.


    I have extensive notes and myth history for this family from various sources; contact me at
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    Father: ALLEN

    Marriage 1 Ann b: ABT 1608
    • Married: ABT 1630
    1. Has No Children Samuel ALLEN [Senior] b: 10 Nov 1632 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
    2. Has No Children Nehemiah Allen b: ABT 1636 in So. Windsor, Hart., Connecticut
    3. Has Children John Allen b: 1638/1645 in Connecticut c: 5 Apr 1650 in Westfield, Hampden Co, Mass
    4. Has No Children Rebecca ALLEN b: ABT 1640 in Northampton, Hampshire Co, Mass
    5. Has No Children Obadiah ALLEN b: 1646 in , Milford, New Haven, Connecticut
    6. Has No Children Child ALLEN
    7. Has No Children Mary ALLEN

    1. Repository:
        Name: Family History Library
        Salt Lake City, UT 84150 USA

      Title: Ancestral File (TM)
      Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
      Publication: July 1996 (c), data as of 2 January 1996

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