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  • ID: I257
  • Name: Micajah CLARK
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 16 SEP 1718 in Hanover Co,VA
  • _RIN: 6 1
  • Death: 1809 in Albemarle Co,VA
  • Note:
    BIOGRAPHY: MICAJAH CLARK - born 16 Sep 1718 in Louisa County, VA. He was willed five hundred acres of land in Hanover County, VA. He married Judith Adams, the daughter of Robert Adams & Mourning Lewis. A close friend of Thomas Jefferson and as his surveyor, Micajah had laid off much of his land and was an aid to Jefferson in many of his building projects.

    BIOGRAPHY: It can also be stated that through his marriage to Judith, Micajah was an ancestor of Francis Scott Key, while his wife was also related to Meriwether Lewis and the famous Clark brothers - William and George Rogers Clark.

    BIOGRAPHY: The abstracts on the genealogy of this Clark family were taken from "My Ancestors and Descendants" by Carl B. Smith, 1967, printed at Tampa, Florida by Rinaldi Printing Co., and "Early Clark-Clarke Clues, Compiled andPublished by Harry D. Roberts 29500 Heathercliff Road, 168 Malibu, CA 90265.
    Micajah Clark, Sr., was the 5th child of Christopher and Penelope(Bolling)Clark. Like his father, he was a large land owner and gave land to each of his 12 children. He was well educated, as were all his childrfen. He was a surveyor and located two tracts of land in Bedford Co. for his friend,Thomas Jefferson. He liked this land around the Peaks of Otters so much, he bought three tracts which he gave to his sons, Christopher, Robert and one other. A grandson said he built a small church near his home that was open to all sects every Sunday. If no minister came, he would conduct a service. He was called the "Quaker Preacher". Most of the children joined the Society of Friends but he did not join. When asked why he didn't join some denomination, he replied that he did not agree with any one of them entirely in doctrine or church government; that there was "good in all, but none all good" and he would trust in the Mercy of his Savior and try to live up to his creed which was:"Do all the good you can, avoid all the evil you can, trust and believe in God.Man knows nothing."

    BIOGRAPHY: Alexander Brown, in "Cabells and TheirKin' says the Clarks were the first settlers of Albemarle, once part of Hanover, afterwards Louisa and the records of the period in which it was one of the most prominent familes (1748-1763) were lost--disappearing at the time of Tarleton's raid and supposed to have been destroyed by the British troops who took possession of the Court House. Descendants have for many years hunted for Micajah's Bible as they have for the Great Bible of his father. It went to his namesake, Micajah, Jr., but cannot be traced. The list of the children of Macajah Clark, Sr. and wife Judith Adams, was taken from the family Bible in 1832 by Samuel T. Moorman. In his own hand writing he states: "This memorandum I copied from the old family Bible of Micajah Clark.Also referred to "History of Albemarle Co." by Woods for information.

    BIOGRAPHY: Micajah Clark Sr. (1718 - 1808) and Judith Adams (1716 - bef 1802)
    By Linda Sparks Starr December 2001
    Micajah (pronounced My cage ah) was born Sept. 16th, 1718 per
    the family Bible of Micajah Clark Jr. as transcribed by Samuel Moorman in 1832. Although listed as Green Springs in many publications, Micajah's birthplace is more properly noted as St. Paul's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia. Hanover County was not created until 1720 and settlement did not extend to Green Springs, in present Louisa County, until several years later. According to the Bible, Micajah married Judith Adams who was born Oct. 1716. From other records we know her parents were living in `that part of Henrico County than became Goochland Co.' in 1727. Thus her birthplace is recorded as Henrico County, VA. Proof of her parents, Robert and Mourning (said to be Lewis) Adams, as well as Micajah being the son of Christopher and Penelope (Johnson) Clark comes from their father's wills and various land deeds covered below. The Bible transcription doesn't provide a marriage date for Micajah and Judith, but we estimate their marriage as `circa 1736' based on birth of oldest child April 1737. The place of marriage is `guessed' as either Hanover or Goochland County, based solely on residence of their parents.
    They were living in Hanover County when son Christopher was
    born April 20, 1737 for three weeks later Micajah `of Hanover County'
    purchased 130 acres from James Defaux. Recorded in Goochland County
    Deed Book 3, page 12 [2], this land lay in the area that became
    Albemarle County in 1744. Micajah paid L8 for the tract bounded by
    Machunk Creek, Judith's father Robert Adams and the then Hanover
    County line. Witnesses to the deed were his father, Xpher Clark, his
    brother-in-law Benja. Jonson and Mathew Whitell. That same May Micajah witnessed the sale of 400 acres in Goochland Co. by his brother-in-law Charles Lynch of James Parish. [3]
    With the loss of Hanover County records, coupled with loss of
    St. Martin's Parish vestry records, we can't say with any certainty
    just where Micajah and Judith were living when the next five children
    were born. It isn't unreasonable to suggest they resided `in that part of Hanover County that became Louisa County' near Christopher and Penelope Clark. However, Micajah's name is conspicuously absent from Fredericksville Parish Vestry records until 1747 while his father and brother Edward appear in vestry records from the beginning. Judith's father died in 1740 leaving several minor children. They might have moved nearer the Adams family in Goochland County to help Mourning with Judith's younger siblings. Except for the above purchase deed and his signature as a witness to another deed, Micajah's name is equally absent from Goochland County court records. Also, they could have remained in `that part of Hanover County that remained in Hanover County' after the boundary line between it and Louisa Co. was drawn in 1742. But J. P. Bell [4] says they were `of Louisa County' within his transcription of the Cedar Creek Meeting birth register. (This isn't proof of anything for his notation of county residence of parents appears to be his personal comment rather than part of the official record.) Even so, there is one other possibility. Although Fredericksville Parish was created the same time as Louisa County and covered most of the same area, a small part of eastern Louisa County did fall into St. Martin's Parish. Therefore, they possibly lived in the St. Martin's Parish area of Louisa County.
    Taking all the above into account, listing only "Virginia" as
    the birthplace for the next five children might be wiser. However, I
    personally list "St. Paul's Parish, Hanover County, Virginia" as birth place for these children -- Robert born Aug. 13, 1738; Moring (sic) born April 6th, 1740 and Micajah Jr. born Feb. 27th, 1741. The
    birthplace for son John, born Dec. 26th, 1743, and Edward, whose
    Dec. 17th, 1745 birth is also recorded in Cedar Creek records, is
    possibly Louisa County.
    And thus we narrow the time of their move to the foothills of
    the Sugarloaf Mountains in Albemarle County to "sometime after
    December 1745 but before March 1747" when Micajah first appears in
    parish and county records. Thus children documented as born in
    "Fredericksville Parish, Albemarle Co. VA" include -- Penelope born
    Oct. 7th, 1747; Judith born Dec 2d, 1749; Bouldin (sic) born Dec. 4th
    1751; Betty (sic) born Jan 14, 1754; James born Jan 16th, 1757 and
    William born Sept. 4th, 1760.
    Albemarle Co. was created from the western parts of both
    Louisa and Goochland County in 1744. Robert Adam's 1738 Goochland
    Co. will [5] left 800 acres "at the foot of Sugar Loaf Mountain,
    equally divided" between daughters Judith Clark and Mary Moreman [wife of Charles Jr.]. Robert died in 1740 and this tract fell in the newly created Albemarle County. Micajah paid two pounds for his first land patent, dated June 16, 1744, which covered both sides of the Machunk Creek on the North side of the Rivanna River, adjacent land lately surveyed for Robert Adams and Benjamin Wheeler.[6] A patent to John Lewis shows Micajah owned land "in a Glade adjacent John Scott" and a patent to John Anthony indicates Micajah owned land on Hudson's Creek. The Albemarle County Survey Book shows a survey for him for 400 acres on My Chunk Creek, April 1747. [7]
    There are several published references to Micajah as a
    surveyor, specifically for his friend Thomas Jefferson. However, none
    come with documentation, and research in Albemarle County Surveyor's
    Book, No. 1, 1756-1790 only proves he didn't work professionally in
    that county. A thorough search of Bedford Court records has not been

    BIOGRAPHY: Micajah's and Judith's eldest son Christopher married Mildred
    Terrell in 1757. Micajah's gift to the couple was the 500 acre
    Christopher Clark home site in Louisa County. The February 19, 1759
    deed was witnessed by Micajah's brother-in-law Thomas Moreman,
    Judith's brother-in-law Charles Moorman, and their daughter, Mourning
    Clark. [16] This is the only tract Micajah owned in Louisa County.

    BIOGRAPHY: October 24, 1759 Charles Lewis and Hillis (sic) Moreman were
    ordered to "procession all the lands from the lower end of the Parish
    Line twixt the Rivana River and the Old Parish line up to the Road
    from Hendersons Ford and so on to the Old Parish line aforesaid." Then
    Micajah and William Terrel were ordered to "procession from the last
    mentioned place to the Road leading from the Secretarys ford Leading
    to Orange as farr as the County line on the west side the Little
    Mountains." [17] Those living in the precinct between the Rivana River
    and Old Parish line included: "John Hendersons, Samuel Henderson,
    Robert Sharp, Wm Carrils, Manes Burgers, William Spears, John Forses,
    John Robinsons, Giles Allegres, Micajah Clarks, Matthew Allegres,
    James Haggards. the other tracts of land which lay within the bounds
    of the order of Vestry we could not procession for want of the
    proprietor thereof shewing us the line with the sickness of our
    Familys. (signed) Charles Lewis Junr., Achilles Moreman." Those living
    in the latter precinct included: "Wm Hammocks lines, Benjamin Clark,
    John Clark, Richard Meriwether, Jefferson, Thomas Smith, Edwin
    Hickman, Stiths, part done. part not found John Harvie, Charles
    Moreman, Archa Macdaniel, James Defore and our one and the rest som
    Cuddent and som woddent shour thare lines. March 18th, 1760. (signed)
    Micajah Clark, William Daniel Fitch."[18] Of those named above,
    Achillis Moorman married Judith Clark's sister and Matthew Allegree
    married Achilles' daughter. Charles Moorman is Achilles' brother, and
    is also married to another of Judith's sisters. Benjamin and John
    Clark are brothers and John is the father of Gen. George and explorer

    BIOGRAPHY: Although the birth of their first children were recorded in
    Cedar Creek Quaker records, I believe Micajah's appointment as
    Collector for the Parish in 1762 indicates he was back 'in good
    standing' with the Anglican Church. November 21, 1763 the vestry was
    charged 2834 lbs tobacco for his pay. [19]

    BIOGRAPHY: The 1763 Parish records indicates, Micajah and [his son]
    Christopher Clark wrote on the back of the written order to observe
    processioning: "We have processioned all the lands below the
    Mountains." [20] Lucky for us, other observers were more
    expansive. March 1768, Robert Sharp turned in the report that he "&
    William Barton have possessioned (sic) the lands of Col. Charles Lewis
    & William Carrol, Thomas Powers, Micajah Clark, Giles Allegro & part
    of my own. John Ford was absent."[21]

    BIOGRAPHY: Micajah was again appointed the Parish Collector and Ordered
    to give bond at the vestry meeting held Dec'r 13, 1770. November 1771
    the vestry was charged for 570 lbs of tobacco as reimbursement "To
    Micajah Clark Gent. for 18 Insolvents @ 35 lbs. after a deduction of
    Two supernumeries" [22] The same vestry laid the parish levy to "The
    Collector for collecting 46375 lbs Tobo at 6 p. Ct -- 2782 lbs."
    November 14th, 1771 Micajah was again appointed the parish Collector
    and ordered to give bond for security. The co-signer(s) of his bond is
    not shown in these parish records but might appear in the County Order
    Books which haven't been checked. The next year Micajah was
    reimbursed 1365 lbs Tobacco for payment to 35 insolvents, and received
    a 'salary' of 2392 lbs tobacco for his efforts. The Parish Collector
    is not named in the 1773 meeting records; William Martin was appointed
    Collector at the March 1774 vestry meeting.

    BIOGRAPHY: At the November 14, 1771 vestry, it was "Order'd that
    Doct. Thomas Walker, John Walker, Nichs. Meriwether, John Forsie &
    Christopher Clark do procession the lands from the north line of
    Doctr. Thomas Walkers to the north line of Micajah Clark from the Top
    of the Little Mountain to Louisa line. Ordered that Micajah Clark,
    William Daniel Fitch, Micajah Clark Junr. Benja Burger, Achilles
    Morrman do procession all the lands from the north line of Micajah
    Clark to the Three notch Road & from the Top of the little Mountain to
    Louisa line." [23] Of these, Christopher and Micajah Jr. are sons of
    Micajah Sr. and Judith.

    BIOGRAPHY: Three Albemarle County tracts that Micajah patented in 1759
    actually lay in the area that became Amherst County in 1758. Micajah
    sold the 400 acre tract on the north fork of Maple Creek adjacent the
    Stones to Neill McCann Oct 1771 for 50 pounds, [24] thus realizing a
    net gain of 48 pounds less any improvements and taxes he paid in the
    interim. He sold the combined 600 acres on the West side of Tobacco
    Row Mountain to Caleb Watts April 1772. Micajah paid 2 pounds, 20
    shillings for these two tracts; Caleb paid160 pounds.[25]

    In 1774 Micajah Sr. was called upon to administer his son,
    Micajah Jr.'s, estate.[26] September 8, 1779 Micajah Sr. and Judith
    sold the land Robert Adams willed Judith to son Boling for 1000 pounds
    Virginia currency. [27] The tract was now bounded by James Marke,
    William Daniel Fitch, James Defor, Micajah Clark Jr. dec'd and Micajah
    Sr. Witnesses to the deed were sons John, James and William Clark,
    son-in-law Jonathan Landers and Micajah Defor. [Deed Book 7, p. 356-7]
    Clarks living in the same tax district in 1782 include: Christopher
    and Christopher Jr., Micajah, Micajah Jr. and soon-to-be step-father
    to Micajah Jr's children,Jacob Oglesby. Micajah Sr. is charged with 2
    'free males over 21' -- himself and son William. He has 15 slaves,
    Christopher (Sr) 10 and Jacob Oglesby 4. Micajah Sr. also owned 24
    cattle and 13 horses -- his tax bill came to 10 pounds, 2
    shillings. [28] The elder Christopher is Micajah and Judith's son;
    Christopher Jr. (taxed on himself and 2 horses) is son of Christopher
    (Sr) and Milly (Terrell). The above Micajah Jr. was taxed on 1 `free
    white male over 21', 6 cattle and 1 horse. This could be the household
    of Micajah Jr. deceased, whose son, Thomas Martin, fits the age
    category. But this Micajah Jr. could as easily be the 24 year old son
    of Christopher Sr. and Milly (Terrell) who married Penelope Gatewood.

    BIOGRAPHY: November 1783 the vestry ordered "Doctor Thomas Walker, John
    Walker, Francis Kinlock, Chiles Terrell, James Quarles & Christopher
    Clark do possession the lands from the Northern line of Doctr. Thomas
    Walker to the North line of Micajah Clarke from the Top of the Little
    Mountain to Louisa line. Ordered that Micajah Clark, William Daniel
    Fitch, James Huckstep, Benjamin Defoe, Doctr. George Gilmer, do
    posession all the lands from the North Line of Micajah Clarke to the
    Three Notched Road from the Top of the little Mountains to Louisa
    line." [29] The returns of the neutral observers add a few more
    neighbors: "... we have pocessioned (sic) lands of John Walker,
    Between him & his Father, Doctor Thomas Walker ... & Francis Kinlock
    ... & James Quarles ... & Peter Coperland ... John Walker ... & Chiles
    Terrel & the old grant line along the Mountain from the above
    mentioned line to Micajah Clark north line and the line between
    William Meriwether & Chiles Terrell & between Meriwether & Christopher
    Clark & between sd Clark and Joseph Brand ... south East line is not
    processioned for want of sum persons to shue the line & Daniel Harris
    line, north of the old County line ... 30 MAR 1784 (signed) Thomas
    Walker, Chiles Terrell, James Quarles, Christopher Clark. We Micajah
    Clark, William D. Fitch, James Huckstep & Benjaman Defoor hath
    ... pocession'd all the lines Except a few: a line between Gilmore &
    Lewis, between Harris & Marks, Jefferson & Marks & small of
    Jefferson's line formily Hickmond. Randolph's Mountain line, a part of
    Martin Keys, Whitlocks lines formily Bartons; Jesse Clarks lines,
    lying between Hickstep & The land of Micajah Clark dec'd. 1st APR
    1784. (signed) Micajah Clark, James Huckstep, William D. Fitch,
    Benjamin Defoor." [30]

    BIOGRAPHY: July 23, 1784 Micajah and Judith sold 100 acres to their
    grandson Thomas Martin Clark, [31] eldest son of Micajah
    Jr. deceased. [Deed Book 8, p. 149-50] October 9, 1788 they sold him
    an adjoining tract which proves the relationship: "...being the Same
    [tract] that the Said Thomas Martin Clark Claims under his late Father
    Micaj Clark Junr deceased ... & also including ... which the Said
    Thomas M. Clark had of his Grand father Micaj Clark Senr ..." [Deed
    Book 9, p. 487] And then April 1, 1793 they sold 458 acres to son
    William [32] for 300 pounds Virginia currency. [Deed Book 10,
    p. 523-4]This last deed proves Judith was still alive in 1793; thus
    Micajah Sr. isn't the Micajah who married Lurana Johnson in 1770 as is
    widely published. That Micajah (1749-1838), son of Bowling and
    Winefred, was nephew of this Micajah. We don't know when Judith
    died. Some say she died in Georgia while visiting their children. I
    think it's clear from son James' omission of her name in his will
    [33], that she was deceased by November 1802. He gives "to my Honored
    and aged Father Micajah Clark Senr ... ten pounds annually so long as
    he liveth for his support and in lue of property received by me and my
    doors to remain open to receive him as one of the family if he choose
    to come etc." Micajah apparently disposed of all his property before
    death for a will or other probate papers was not found in the
    Albemarle Courthouse.

    BIOGRAPHY: Micajah Sr. lived another six years. His death was reported in
    a Richmond paper [34] via this loving tribute written by an unnamed
    friend. This transcription is taken from a badly scratched microfilm
    copy of the article appearing in the Friday, July 29, 1808
    issue. "DEPARTED this life on the 21st inst at his residence in the
    county of Albemarle MICAJAH CLARK, sen. aged 91 years, after a
    lingering ilness of 7 (? could be 2) months which he endured to the
    last, with unceasing patience, and a christian ?Ukefore_ories, altho
    he was from the commencement of this illness, confidently impressed
    with the belief he should never recover. This venerable man, hath had
    the happiness of enjoying a long and well spent life, in good health,
    almost uninterrupted, never having experienced more than one attack
    previous to the one which carried him off. He was, in every respect,
    perfectly uniform and temperate; his benign and humane contenance,
    plainly indicated the purity and benevolence of his heart, and opened
    an avenue to his innermost recesses by which any one might enter. How
    melancholy are the sensations we feel, when meditating on the loss of
    this, our friend, and the friend of mankind -- Philanthropy, humanity,
    morality and benevolence will severely deplore his loss, and shed a
    tear in remembrance of his departed shade. It's needless to recount
    the many amiable qualities which were united in this man; they are
    well known to all who knew him; but to those who knew him not, suffice
    it to say, he was a kind and benevolent neighbor, a humane and tender
    master, and that the poor never passed unheeded by him. The writer of
    these lines, hath from his infancy, known this man, whose loss we
    deplore, and in making the foregoing communication he has done it
    conscientiously. July 26, 1808. A FRIEND.

    BIOGRAPHY: McNaught began her section on Micajah Sr. with the following:
    "He was spoken of as a very pious man. A grandson says he built a
    small church near his home that was open to all sects every Sunday. If
    no minister came, he would conduct a service. He was sometimes called
    the "Quaker preacher", and tho (sic) most of his children joined the
    Society of Friends, which had a large membership at that time in that
    section, the evidence is that he did not join. He was asked why he did
    not join some denomination. He replied that he did not agree with any
    one of them entirely in doctrine or church government; that there was
    'good in all, but none all good' and that he would trust in the Mercy
    of his Savior and try to live up to his creed which was: "Do all the
    good you can, avoid all the evil you can, trust and believe in
    God. Men knows nothing'. [35]

    BIOGRAPHY: [1] p. 136 _James Clark, Mansfield, Christopher Clark and Allied
    Families_ by Virginia "Jennie" McNaught, published c1935. "The list of
    children was taken from the family Bible in 1832 by Samuel
    T. Moorman. In his own hand writing he states: 'This memorandum I
    copied from the old family Bible of Micajah Clark Jr. His widow
    married Mr. Oglesby and left the Bible to her daughter, Miss Oglesby,
    who married Mr. Fagg. When they showed the book to me, they were
    living in Albemarle Co. Va., within two miles of the old settlement of
    Micajah Clark, the father of the first husband of Mrs. Fagg's mother."
    We are fortunate a transcription was among papers inherited by Mary
    Stewart who shares scanned images of the transcription with us. These
    are located under the `Christopher Clark kin' section of CLARK at, then in files Mcbible1 and
    Mcbible2 Scann. Entries from this transcription are used for
    birthdates throughout this sketch.
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    CHILDREN: 1. WILLIAM CLARK - married married Judith Woodson Creedle.
    2. CHRISTOPHER CLARK b. February 20, 1737- married MILLICENT MILDRED TERRELL
    3. ROBERT CLARK - born b. August 13, 1738 and married Susan Henderson, daughter of John Henderson, Sr. and removed to Bedford County and had children: Robert, whom became the first manufacturer of iron in KY; James, who was Governor of KY; Benett, who was father and grandfather of MO congressmen and generals in the Confederate army; and son William, who was Deputy Sheriff and Magistrate.
    4. MOURNING CLARK, b. April 6, 1740 died unmarried
    5. MICAJAH CLARK, Jr b. February 27, 1741 married Mildred Martin and moved to Kentucky.
    6. JOHN CLARK b. December 26, 1743- married Mary Moore.
    7. EDWARD CLARK, b. December 17, 1745 died single
    8. PENELOPE CLARK b. October 7, 1747- married Reuben Rowland. and Jonathan Sanders
    9. JUDITH CLARK b.December 2, 1749- married Samuel or ANDREW Moorman.
    10. BOWLING CLARK b. December 4, 1751- married Elizabeth Cheadle/CREEDLE
    11. ELIZABETH BETTY CLARK, b. January 14, 1754 m. JOSEPH ANTHONY, SR
    12. JAMES CRAVEN CLARK b. January 16, 1757- married Lucy Cheadle/Creedle
    13. JACOB CLARK - birth date unknown.

    CHILDREN: Briefly, here is the list of children, documented spouses from Micajah Jr's Bible and a general statement of their movements:
    1. Christopher married Mildred Terrell; they moved to the area of
    Wilkes Co., that became Elbert Co. GA where he died circa 1803.
    2. Robert married Susan Henderson early 1760s; they moved to Bedford
    Co. VA and then Clark Co. KY where he died in 1810.
    3. Mourning did not marry Zachariah Moorman May 1757 as is widely
    published. First, there is no evidence for a `Zachariah' who fits
    the description of her husband. And secondly, she witnessed her
    father's February 19, 1759 deed to her brother Christopher as
    `Mourning Clark', proving she wasn't married to a Moorman at that
    time. Some report she died young and Micajah Jr. didn't enter a
    spouse for her. Thus everything points to her as a single woman who
    died sometime after February 1759.
    4. Micajah Jr. married Mildred `Milly" Martin. He died 1774 and she
    married 2nd, Jacob Oglesby.[36]
    5. John married Mary Moore 1767; they moved to the area of Bedford
    that became Campbell Co.Note, his Bible record in the Virginia
    Library gives a 1745 birth year for him. The Cedar Creek birth
    register agrees with Micajah Jr.'s Bible.
    6. Edward died young by all accounts.
    7. Penelope married 1st Reuben Rowland and 2nd Jonathan Landers
    according to Micajah Jr's Bible entries. However, the will of a Henry Roland with wife Penelope sounds suspiciously like her husband. [I haven't checked the original will for possible transcription error.] The will was probated in Bedford Co. Aug 1773. Executors were Ruben Roland and Penelope's brothers Micajah Clark Jr. and Robert Clark. ] Some researchers give her second husband as `Saunders', an easy transcription error for Landers.
    8. Judith married Andrew Moorman, son of Achilles and her aunt
    Elizabeth. [38]
    9. Bolling married Elizabeth Cheadle 1791 and died 4 DEC 1818 in
    Campbell Co. VA
    10. Elizabeth "Betty" m. her cousin, Joseph Anthony Jr. and moved to
    11. James married Lucy Cheadle 1785 and died 6 NOV 1802 in Campbell
    Co. VA. [39]
    12. William married 1st Judith Woodson Cheadle and 2nd Elizabeth
    Allen. [40]
    [36] ]
    [37] page 16, Bedford Co. VA Will Book 1, 1759-1787; Will Book 2
    1787-1803_ by Ann Chilton, 1988. [p. 192 Bedford Will Book 1]
    [I encourage descendants to share their documented findings on their
    line(s) of descent from Micajah and Judith. You can highlight just one generation as this report does, or take descendant lines into other states. Because of privacy of living individuals, I suggest stopping mid-to-late 1800s. This helps those who are still struggling to connect to one of these families; it also gives the rest of us a
    chance to see possible connections we haven't picked up on before. I
    do insist on more than a bare bones gedcom. Linda Sparks Starr.]

    MILITARY: :[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3338, Date of Import: 1 May 1997]!Micajah Clark was a Revolutionary Soldier, as was his son ChristopherClark II.

    SOURCE: A FAMILY HISTORY OF THOMAS MOORE & CLARISSA PILCHER THEIR ANCESTORS AND DESCENDANTS; compiled by Patricia Davidson-Peters; Clark; Compiled by P. Davidson-Peters ? 2000;
    lists her Clark sources as follows:
    (a) Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. 6 by William Wade Hinshaw.
    (b) James Clark of Orange and Culpeper Counties, VA 1737-1789 by Virginia Eliza Hodge McNaught, p. 8.
    (c) History of Albemarle County, VA by Edgar Woods.
    (d) Our Kin by Akerly and L.E. J. Parker, p.673-674.
    (e) The Ancestry of William & John Johnson by Lorand V. Johnson p. 121.
    (f) The Compendium of American Genealogy. IV, p. 218.
    (g) Charles Carroll Moorman & His Ancestors by Brother Ambrose Pages 29 - 31.
    (h) Deeds, Orders, Wills No. 5, York, County, VA p. 22.
    (i) Deeds, Orders, Wills No. 8, York, County, VAp. 313.
    (j) A Journey in Virginia, A History of 300 Years by Polly Ryan, p.36 - 44.
    (k) Marriages of Some Virginia Residents 1607-1800 by Dorothy Ford Wulfeck.
    (l) Campbell Chronicles & Family Sketches by R.H. Early.


    MISCELLANIOUS: The old English law requiring neighbors and two neutral
    observers walk around boundary lines every four years, re-setting
    stones, re-marking trees and generally 'agreeing' on the line --
    called 'Processioning' -- was overseen by the Anglican Church
    Vestry. At the meeting held 24th day of July, 1747 the vestry ordered
    "Chris'r and Micajah Clark do procession Robt. Lewis Gent.,
    Francs. Meriwether, James Powers lands." [8] They reported their
    findings thusly: "In Obediance to within Order we have Processioned
    the Land Herein mentioned as the Law Directs 17th day of first Month
    1747. (signed) Xpher Clark, Micajah Clark". [9] Converted, this is
    March 1748.

    PROPERTY: July 20, 1753 Micajah paid L2 for his patent of 400 acres in
    Albemarle County on Tomahawk and Dreaming Creeks of Black Water,
    adjacent Francis Callaway. [10] John Moore's 1750 patent shows Micajah and his father, Capt. Christopher, owned tracts on Branches of Totier Creek. September 20, 1759 Micajah paid for a total of 1,735 acres spread into five patents.[11] The first, for 437 acres on Branches of Stovalls Creek adjacent Charles Lynch and Thomas Jefferson, cost him 2 pounds, 5 shillings. He paid 1 pound, 15 shillings for 350 acres on Branches of Pedlar River, West side of Tobacco Row Mountain adjacent William Watts and Peter Bay. Then 298 acres `among the Small Branches of the Rivanna above black Water' adjacent William Stith cost 1 pound, 10 shillings. It was then back to the Branches of Pedlar River, West side of Tobacco Row Mountain for 250 acres at a cost to him of 1 pound, 5 shillings. And finally he paid 2 pounds for 400 acres on the north fork of Maple Creek, adjacent Marvel and Margaret Stone.

    PROPERTY: December 15, 1757 Micajah patented 176 acres in Bedford Co. on
    both sides of Dreaming Creek, south side of Fluvanna River adjacent
    Charles Lynch; but instead of the now usual payment in currency, he
    listed four names he 'imported ... to swell within this Colony of
    Virginia' -- James, Mary Ann and Mary Spiers and William Kippas. [15]
  • Change Date: 7 MAY 2004 at 22:21:24

    Father: Christopher CLARK b: 1698
    Mother: Penelope BOLLING b: 1672/1699

    Marriage 1 Judith Lewis ADAMS b: OCT 1716
    • Married: OCT 1735 in Bedford/Amherst CO,VA
    1. Has No Children Christopher CLARK b: 20 APR 1737
    2. Has No Children Robert CLARK b: 13 AUG 1738
    3. Has No Children Morning CLARK b: 6 APR 1740
    4. Has No Children Micajah CLARK b: 27 FEB 1741
    5. Has No Children John CLARK b: 26 DEC 1743
    6. Has No Children Edward CLARK b: 17 DEC 1745
    7. Has Children Penelope CLARK b: 7 OCT 1747 in Albemarle Parish,Virginia
    8. Has No Children Judith CLARK b: 2 DEC 1749
    9. Has No Children Bouldin CLARK b: 4 DEC 1751
    10. Has No Children Betty CLARK b: 14 JAN 1754
    11. Has No Children James CLARK b: 16 JAN 1757
    12. Has No Children William CLARK b: 4 SEP 1760

    1. Title: Scanned images of Samuel T. Moorman's 1832 transcription of Micajah Clark Sr's (1718-1808) Bible. pg 1
      Author: Samuel T. Moorman's 1832 transcription
      Abbrev: Samuel T. Moorman
      Abbrev: Micajah Clark Sr's (1718-1808) Bible.
      Page: Pg 1
      Date: 1832
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