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  • ID: I1874
  • Name: Thomas Heninger
  • Surname: Heninger
  • Given Name: Thomas
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 10 Jun 1810 in Burkes Garden, Tazewell, Virginia
  • Death: 25 Jan 1896 in Ogden, Weber, Utah
  • Burial: Jan 1896 Ogden, Weber, Utah - City Cemetery
  • Ancestral File #: AFN:1HX4-92
  • LDS Baptism: 17 Oct 1967 Temple: SLAKE
  • Endowment: 16 Jun 1873 Temple: EHOUS
  • _UID: B2C7842B8D19D5119D63B95AC7D1181B9259
  • Sealing Child: 29 Apr 1942 Temple: ALBER
  • Note:
    !NAME: Thomas Heninger

    !NAME: Thomas Heninger - Source L.D.S., (AFN:[1HX4-92)

    !DATA: Thomas Heninger - Source - The Thomas Family History Organization which was headed (in/part) by Harry Delbert Thomas until his death in 1986.

    !MARRIAGE: (1) Ann THOMAS - L.D.S., (ANF:1HX4-B7), December 27, 1837 North Fork, Smyth, Virginia. (2) Louisa Ann BARTLETT - L.D.S., (AFN:BBH0-FS)

    !CENSUS: 1840 Tazewell County, Virginia census.
    Thomas Heninger
    one male child 5 years and under. - Samuel Thomas Heninger
    one male 20 & under 30. - Thomas Heninger
    one female child 5 years and under. - Martha Jane Heninger
    one female 20 & under 30. - Anna "Ann" (Thomas) Heninger

    !CENSUS: 1850 Tazewell County, Virginia census. Enumerated 10th Day of August 1850.
    Thos Heniger Age, 40. (m) Farmer. 4,000 Virginia.
    Ann [Heniger] Age, 36 (f) Virginia.
    Saml [Heniger] Age, 10. (m) Virginia.
    Martha J. [Heniger] Age, 9. (f) Virginia.
    Wm E. [Heniger] Age, 7. (m) Virginia.
    Lavina [Heniger] Age, 5. (f) Virginia.
    Jno T. [Heniger] Age, 1. (m) Virginia.
    Betsy [Heniger] Age, 63. (f) Virginia.

    !CENSUS: 1850 SLAVE SCHEDULE: Information found in the National Archives, Slave Schedule, Slave inhabitants in the Western District in the County of Tazewell State of Virginia, Enumerated by me, on the 25th Day of August 1850. Wm O___ Ass't Marshal. Also found in The L.D.S., Family History Library file film number # 0444983. 1850 Slave Schedule reads as follows:
    Tho Heniger 1 Slave Age, 37. (f) Black.
    ----------------- 1 Slave Age, 28. (m) Black.
    ----------------- 1 Slave Age, 25. (m) Black.
    ----------------- 1 Slave Age, 23. (f) Black.
    ----------------- 1 Slave Age, 3. (f) Black.
    ----------------- 1 Slave Age, 1. (m) Black.
    ----------------- 1 Slave Age, 7/12 (f) Black.

    !CENSUS 1860 SLAVE SCHEDULE: Information found in the National Archives, Slave Schedule. Slave Inhabitants in the Eastern & Western District in the county of Tazewell State of Virginia, Enumerated by me, on the 6th, 7th & 9th Day of July, 1860. Alexander ____ Ass't Marshal. Also found in The L.D.S., Family History Library file film number # 805397. 1860 Slave Schedule reads as follows:
    Thos Heniger 1 Slave Age, 35. (m) Black.
    -------------------1 Slave Age, 30. (f) Black.
    -------------------1 Slave Age, 11. (m) Black.
    -------------------1 Slave Age, 10. (m) Black.
    -------------------1 Slave Age, 9. (f) Black.
    -------------------1 Slave Age, 7. (f) Black.
    -------------------1 Slave Age, 7. (m) Black.
    -------------------1 Slave Age, 6. (f) Black.
    -------------------1 Slave Age, 6/12 (m) Black.

    !CENSUS: 1860 Tazewell County, Virginia. Post Office Burkes Garden & Tumbling Creek.
    Thomas Henniger Age, 50 (m) Virginia. Farmer. $9,200/9,100
    Ann [Henniger] Age, 45. (f) Virginia.
    Samuel [Henniger] Age, 21. (m) Virginia. Farmer.
    Martha J. Henniger Age, 19. (f) Virginia.
    Ellis [Henniger] Age, 18. (m) Farmer.
    Luvena [Henniger] Age, 15. (f) Virginia.
    John T. [Henniger] Age, 11. (m) Virginia.
    Harrel [Henniger] Age, 7. (m) Virginia.
    Darthula [Henniger] Age, 5. (f) Virginia.
    Josephine [Henniger] Age, 4/12 (f) Virginia.

    !CENSUS: 1870 Tazewell County, Virginia. 18th Day of August 1870. P.O. Burkes Garden
    Thomas Henegar Age, 60. (m) (w) Virginia. Farmer. $20,000/$1,500.
    Ann [Henegar] Age, 56. (f) (w) Virginia. Keeping House.
    Taylor [Henegar] Age, 27. (m) (w) Virginia. At Home.
    Harold [Henegar] Age, 18. (m) (w) Virginia. At Home.
    Dithula [Henegar] Age, 15. (f) (w) Virginia. At Home.
    Josephine [Henegar] Age, 11. (f) (w) At Home.

    !CENSUS: 1880 Ogden City, 2 Ward, Weber County, Utah census. Stamped Page Number, 440-D. Enumerated on the 11 Jun 1880.
    Heninger....Thomas (w)(m) Age, 70. Married. Farmer. Born Virginia. Father born Maryland. Mother born Virginia.
    [Heninger] Aann (w)(f) Age, 65. Wife. Married. Keeping House. Born Virginia. Father born Virginia. Mother born Virginia.
    [Heninger] Rese (w)(m) Age, 10. Son. Single. At School. Born Virginia. Father born Virginia. Mother born Virginia.
    Marks....Isedore (w)(m) Age, 36. ___. Married. Clothing Store. Born Germany. Father born Germany. Mother born Germany.
    [Marks] Selina (w)(f) Age, 24. Wife. Married. Keeping House. Born Massachusetts. Father born Massachusetts. Mother born Massachusetts.
    [Marks] Juleitte (w)(f) Age, 5. Daughter. Single. Born Nevada. Father born Germany. Mother born Massachusetts.
    Pugh Florance (w)(f) Age, 15. Servant. Single. Servant. Born Wales. Father born Wales. Mother born Wales.

    !BIOGRAPHY:- Source, Harry Delbert Thomas: Our first known ancestors in America were John Thomas and Mary Robinett, John Thomas was born in 1733. Their places of birth are not known. A Story circulated a few years ago that John Thomas was a great grandson of the orphan, John Thomas, who came to Plymouth Colony at the age of 14 as a protage of Governor Winthrop. There is no documentary evidence that this story is true. It is also assumed that Mary Robinett was a descendant of Alan Robinett, who came to Pennsylvania at the time of its settlement by William Penn. Mary's grave stone indicates that she was the daughter of a Samuel Robinett which was a common name among the descendants of Alan Robinett. Apparently both John Thomas and Mary (Robinett) Thomas lived at one time in the area near Philadelphia or possibly, Louden County, Virginia. The first verifiable statistic is that they were married in 1761 in Augusta County, Virginia. John Thomas and Mary (Robinett) Thomas acquired quite a large tract of land along both sides of the South Fork of the Holston River in 1773. This was part of the St Clairs land grant, and is still known as St Clairs [or Sinclairs] Bottom. This area was included in Washington County, Virginia when that county was organized in 1775 or 1776. When John Thomas died in 1821 this land was divided between the oldest son, Thomas Thomas, and the heirs of the deceased younger son, Abijah Thomas. Our direct ancestor, John Thomas, of Tazewell County, Virginia was one of these heirs. John Thomas and his cousin, Joseph Thomas had married sisters, daughters of Haynes Lawrence Morgan and Elizabeth Shelton. This family had moved from their ancestral home in Pittsylvania County to Rowan County, North Carolina. Haynes Lawrence Morgan had died in Rowan County, North Carolina a few years after the family had moved there. John Thomas and Joseph Thomas brought their new wives and their mother, Elizabeth Shelton Morgan, from Rowan County to Sinclairs Bottom on horseback. The girls were granddaughters of Haynes Morgan and Vincent Shelton, two prominent Revolutionary leaders. Col. Haynes Morgan had been in charge of the Virginia militia during the Revolution. About 1837 John Thomas' younger sister, Anna Thomas, had married Thomas Heninger, a man from Tazewell County, Virginia, and had moved to that county. This may have been one of the reason why John Thomas decided to sell his property in Sinclairs Bottom and to buy land being developed in Burke's Garden in Tazewell County, Virginia. John Thomas and Elizabeth Shelton (Morgan) Thomas had four or five children when the move was made to Burke's Garden in 1841 - 1842. John Thomas acquired about two thousand acres of the fine flat land in the northwest part of Burke's Garden. He built a large two-story house, several other buildings, and became quite a prosperous farmer. He brought the first mechanical grain reaper to Burke's Garden - similar to an ordinary mowing machine with a table behind the sickle. Two men with wooden rakes followed the machine, raked the grain off the table, and boud it into bundles. One very large building built by John Thomas is still standing. It was apparently built without the use of nails. The large beams are fastened by means of wooden pegs. This building was used as a tannery, a carding and spinning mill, a blacksmith shop, and for practically every other purpose essential to a self-sustaining home, largely free from dependance upon others. When the Civil war began in 1861, six of the seven sons of John Thomas and Elizabeth Shelton (Morgan) Thomas enlisted in the Confederate army. The youngest son, David Taylor Thomas, was too young to go. Their only son-in-law, Francis White Kelly, also joined the army. He attained the rank of Captain. Elizabeth Shelton (Morgan) Thomas is said to have remarked, "I have six sons in the Confederate army, and I would to God I had six more to send." She was a real Virginia aristocrat with a military background. Two of the sons, Haynes Morgan Thomas and William Monroe Thomas died in the service. Abijah Montgomery Thomas was released from the army after a short term and returned home as a confirmed alcoholic. He died in 1863 at a resort in White Sulphur Springs where he had been sent by his parents for treatment. A fourth son, Vincent Henry Thomas, was taken prisoner and spent several years in a Union prison. He was badly broken in health when finally released at the end of the war. He never married. The other two sons, John Lafayette Thomas and Samuel McReynolds Thomas served in the army until the end of the war and returned home without serious injury. John Lafayette Thomas married before the war began. After his release he moved to Washington County, near Meadowview, where he reared a large family. He was a lumberman and builder. Vincent Henry Thomas, Samuel McReynolds Thomas and David Taylor Thomas remained in Burke's Garden for several years. Vincent Henry Thomas and Samuel McReynolds Thomas worked together as saw-mill men and builders. Vincent Henry Thomas finally moved to Oklahoma where he lived until his death about 1910. Samuel died in Burke's Garden in 1892 and is buried there. At the age of 18 David Taylor Thomas had married his 15 year old sweetheart, Dicia Barding. We know very little about his life or occupation in Virginia. He moved to Oklahoma and on to Texas sometime after 1890, The only daughter of John Thomas and Elizabeth Shelton (Morgan) Thomas, Letitia Payne (Thomas) Kelly died in 1863, and the father, John Thomas, died in 1864. Elizabeth Shelton (Morgan) Thomas assisted by a caretaker couple, maintained her home in the large house until her death in 1897. The John Thomas estate passed into other hands after her death and is now owned by the Moore Cattle Company of Charlottesville, Virginia.

    BIOGRAPHY: Ann Thomas had consumption. She bore eight children and was hardly out of bed the whole time. Her Negro Mamie wet nursed these babies. Ann is also said to have smoked a corn cob pipe. From original research by Zina Heninger Palmer Burr the following information was found: Fern Heninger, daughter of John Taylor Heninger, stated to Zina that her grandmother Ann Thomas was interested in the message of the missionaries and Thomas Heninger (her husband) told her to leave them alone, but she went to the meetings in Tazewell. She came with her father and mother to Ogden. [The above statement is in question, and the author probably ment, she came with her father-in-law and her mother-in-law to Ogden, Utah] It was not long after when a lonesome Thomas Heninger followed her to Zion. In notes by Zina the following was found: From her earliest childhood Ann Thomas Heninger was retiring in her disposition. She became a member of the Campbellite chuch but was unable to reconcile the doctrines of that church with her understanding of the Bible. When Jedediah M. Grant, a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, came to her area she listened to him and then exclaimed in her heart, "That is the voice of the true Shepherd!" She was baptized at once on 3 January 1842. Others of her family were baptized at the same time, some later, William and Elizabeth Greever Heninger, her father and mother-in -law, and their son Philip. Ann's own children except for Samuel, the oldest, were eventually all baptized so she set a good example for them. Zina says that Ann Thomas Heninger wore a short stylish cape and carried her Book of Mormon hidden from sight beneath it. It is said that she was the first in that part of the state to be baptized into this new religion or church.[...] [...]The following comes from Rae Stephens Jones Olsen, great granddaughter of Ann Thomas Heninger, through her daughter Zilpha: Jedediah M. Grant was the first Mormon Missionary Ann Thomas Heninger had ever heard and her son Ellis Heninger was of a very religious nature too, and he was taken up with the doctrines that he heard the missionaries speak and the two together were diligent in attending the meetings and reading the Mormon literature. Later in her life because of her poor health, he would sit and read to her by the hours from these Mormon books. Just before he was baptized he met with a very sudden death. It was a terrific blow to her as he was the only one who went with her to attend the Mormon meetings, as her husband was very much opposed to this new found religion. Ann Thomas Heninger looked upon the Elders as servants of God and always took a delight in making them comfortable. She held an open house to all of them and was a mother to them in very deed. One of her othre sons by the name of John Taylor Heninger was very religious and was always interested in kindred names for Genealogy for Temple work, They had gone as far as they could find anything recorded in books and libraries. They were sitting and talking one day saying that was as far as they could go, when all of a sudden her mind was enlightened and names came to her as fast as he could write them down. Ann Thomas Heninger never turned strangers away. She often fed from six to eight tramps a day. Her motto was "never turn strangers away as you may entertain angels." She was very delighted when her husband was impressed with the gospel upon hearing Elder Lewis, who was a professor, and was soon converted and he with his wife and the rest of his family with the exception of one son, Samuel, were baptized and soon after sold their plantations and gave his slaves a certain portion of his property and left for Utah. This was dectated to Rae Stephens by Zilpha Heninger daughter to Ann Thomas Heninger. [...] [...] In June of 1870 the census was taken in Virginia and listed Thomas age 60 a farmer worth $20,000. Wife Ann age 56, Taylor age 21, Harrel age 18, Dithula age 15, Josephine age 11. Samuel age 30 was listed in a fifferent house with Peter Litz age 67. Martha Jane had married Samuel Mitchell Witten on 13 November 1860 and had left her home. William Ellis had fought in the Civil war and had been shot while swimming or bathing. His military service records dated his death as 29 July 1861. William Ellis was 1st Sergeant of Company C, 50th Regiment Infantry. (from National Archives, Washington DC) Lavina C had left home to marry Thomas Mitchell Pritchett 22 February 1868 so was not listed on this census with her family.[...] [...] This was a time of great devotion to the Gospel for Ann and Thomas Heninger. They served in every capacity to which they were called. At this time the leaders of their church were calling the most righteous leaders of their church men, whom they felt could honorably fulfill this callling, to take a second wife. Thomas Heninger accepted this call, and with the blessing of his beloved wife, Ann Thomas Heninger, he was sealed for time in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City on 28 March 1878 to Louisa Anne Claypool. Their families had known each other in Burkes Garden from whence she had emigrated. She had been born in Burkes Garden 22 April 1850 to Miles and Sarah Gose Claypool, prominent families of that area. She had previously married David Augusta Bartlett who had died seven years before when Louisa Anne had been but twenty years old. Thomas and Louisa Anne (Claypool) Bartlett Heninger had one son, Thomas Ward Heninger born 5 Feburary 1879 in Ogden, Utah... Source Information from the book, HENINGER HERITAGE, by Norma Palmer Blankenagel. Pages, 111 - 155.

    Burial Information: HENINGER, THOMAS
    Birth: 6/10/1810
    Death: 1/25/1896
    Burial: 1/25/1896
    Place of Birth: VIRGINIA
    Place of Death: OGDEN, UT
    Cause of Death: HEART DIESEASE
    Grave Location: Ogden City Cemetery - F-7-24-1E
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    Father: William Heninger b: 14 May 1774 in Woodsboro, Frederick, Maryland
    Mother: Elizabeth Ann Griver b: 1779/1781 in , Washington, Virginia

    Marriage 1 Anna Thomas b: 21 Jun 1816 in , Washington, Virginia
    • Married: 27 Dec 1837 in North Fork, Smyth, Virginia
    • Sealing Spouse: 16 Jun 1873 in EHOUS
    1. Has Children Samuel Thomas Heninger b: ABT 1838 in Burks Garden, Tazewll, Virginia
    2. Has Children Martha Jane Heninger b: 14 May 1840 in Burkes Garden, Tazewell, Virginia
    3. Has No Children William Ellis Heninger b: 6 Jun 1842 in Burks Garden, Tazewll, Virginia
    4. Has Children Lavenia Chadwick Heninger b: 17 Aug 1845 in Burks Garden, Tazewll, Virginia
    5. Has Children John Taylor Heninger b: 19 May 1849 in Burks Garden, Tazewell, Virginia
    6. Has Children Harold Peery Heninger b: 13 Feb 1852 in Burkes Garden, Tazewell, Virginia
    7. Has Children Lovisa Darthula Ann Heninger b: 2 Nov 1854 in Burkes Garden, Tazewell, Virginia
    8. Has Children Zilpha Josephine Heninger b: 15 Mar 1860 in Burkes Garden, Tazewell, Virginia

    Marriage 2 Louisa Ann Claypool b: 22 Apr 1850 in Burkes Garden, Tazewell, Virginia
    • Married: 28 Mar 1878 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
    1. Has No Children Thomas Ward Heninger b: 5 Feb 1879 in Ogden, Weber, Utah

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