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  • ID: I1
  • Name: George Sperynge
  • _FOOT: Visitation of London 1633, George Spering of London, gent, married 1
  • _FOOT: Will, Alice Hanberie or Hanburie, Widow of Saint Andrews Undershaft, 2 3
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1558 in St Andrew Undershaft, London
  • Burial: 1611 St Andrew Undershaft, London
  • Occupation: Goldsmith BET 1596 AND 1611 London
  • _FOOT: Will, Alice Hanberie or Hanburie, Widow of Saint Andrews Undershaft, 2 3
  • Death: 15 JUL 1611 in St Andrew Undershaft, London 4
  • Burial: 15 JUL 1611 St Andrew Undershaft, London 5
  • Occupation: Merchant 1595 6
  • Note:
    birth date and birth place based on son nycolas birth in 1562 in st. andrew, london. estimated george as 30 in 1582 and wife 20.

    London Subsidy Roll 384
    PRO E179/146/384 cf 380, 398

    2nd Subsidy granted 1597 assessment date 1 October 1599


    Lymestrete warde

    This Indenture ...

    < Ly>mestrete

    St Andrewes & St Peters p{ar}ishes

    < Robert> < Lee> Ald{e}r{m}an assessoR 80
    < Gregorye> Younge in landes 20
    < S{i}r Robert> < W>rothe knighte in landes 40
    < Iohane> < Phillipp>es wydowe in landes 10
    Iohn < More> Alderman assessoR 80
    Math< ew> < D>olman 50 Colman???
    Ed< ward> < R>iche in landes 20
    H< enry> < Cle>therowe 100
    I< ohn> < Ray>mond in landes < ...>
    Ed< mond> Bressey 20
    Iohn Barfoote in landes 10
    Mres Dorothye Offeley widow in landes 20
    George Speringe < ...>
    Will{ia}m Chambers < ...>
    Hughe B< ullocke> < ...>
    Xpofer Thatcher in landes 10
    Iohn Canute 20
    Thomas Cockayne 10
    Thomas fferrys 10
    Roberte Cooley 5
    Henrye Heywood 3
    Abraham Cartwrig< ht> all here damaged
    Iohn < S>tewarde
    < Iohn> < Broug>hton
    I< ...> < ...>
    Iohn < Prywell>
    Dauid Pow< ell>
    < ...>< ...>
    < ...>< ...>
    < ...>< ...>
    Iohn Me< rryke> 5 [< 13s 4d]
    Iohn Penn< ingeton> __ [< 21s 4d]
    Nicholas < Speringe> 10 [< 26s 8d]
    Roberte < Cooper> 3 [< 8s]
    Liv< ia> Whit< e> 6 [< 16s]
    Peter < Towers> 6 [< 16s]
    Henry How< ...> 3 [< 8s]
    Roberte Hill 6 [< 16s]
    Thomas ffitche 6 [=16s]
    Allen Woodman 3 [=8s] < means inferred



    Will{ia}m Robynson
    Walter Vnett
    Iohn Morgan
    Guye Godolphyn
    Thomas Gellybrand
    Lancellott Thompson
    Thomas Honyman
    Roger Cockyn
    Michael Palmer


    names 2

    Straungers p{er} poll

    Oxford Place


    St Marye Axe




    SumMa totalis

    All wch sayde .,..


    The Stationers in landes 5

    All whiche saide ...



    St Andrew Undershaft
    Leadenhall Street Monument to John Stow <monumentjohnstow.htm>

    Earliest mention was during the 12th century when it was referred to as St Andrew ad Sanctum Trinitatem. In 1268 it was St Andrew juxta Alegate and in 1482 St Andrew atte Shafte upon Cornhull. Stow, who attended the church and was buried there, write At the north-west corner of this ward [Aldgate], in the said high street, standeth the fair and beautiful parish church of St Andrew the Apostle; with an addition, to be know from other churches of that name, of the knape or undershaft; and so called St Andrew Undershaft.
    Geoffrey Chaucer, who was appointed Controller of the Customs in 1374 and was granted a lease on a dwelling over Aldgate, also wrote of the church.
    Right well aloft, and high ye beare your heade,
    The weather cocke, with flying, as ye would kill,
    When ye be stuffed, bet of wine then brede,
    Then looke ye, whan your wombe doth fill,
    As ye would beare the great shaft of Cornehill,
    Lord, so merrily crowdeth then your croke,
    That all the streets may heare your body cloke."
    The church gained its name from the Maypole, or shaft, that was erected each May Day. The shaft, taller than the steeple, was erected in the middle of Leadenhall Street before the south door of the church. In 1517 the London apprentices rioted and the pole was left in its storage place, under the eaves of thatched cottages in Shaft Alley. This day became to be known as Evil May Day and from that day the shaft was never used. The church fell into disrepair and in 1520 Sir Stephen Jennings, Lord Mayor in 1508, paid for the rebuilding. When he died in 1523 the work was continued by William Fitzwilliams. In 1549 Sir Stephen, the curate of of St Katherine Cree, denounced the maypole as a heathen idol. The crowd removed the shaft from its storage place, cut it into pieces and burnt it. A while later a Popish riot occurred in Essex and the bailiff of Romford was hung, close to the well in Aldgate, in site of John Stow's house. While on the ladder he expressed that he knew not why he was being executed, "unless it was because he had told Sir Stephen that there was heavy news in the country and many men were up in Essex." Sir Stephen sneaked out of London soon after never to be heard of again.
    Stow died and was buried in the church in 1605. He wife erected a marble monument to him. The current font was made by Nicholas Stone and installed in the church in 1631. The church was only one of four in the City to escape the Great Fire. In 1669 the steeple was in poor repair and according to parish records they were about repairing it. Work on the steeple was undertaken in 1704. The organ, by Renatus Harris, was installed in 1696. In 1830 the building was repaired. The tower was given pinnacles and an octagonal lantern. The mullions on the chelesetory windows were restored. The church was repaired again between 1875-6 by A W Blomfield and Ewan Christian. In 883 the upper part of the tower was reconstructed by T Chatfield Clarke. The pinnacles were replaced and a turret was added at the north-west.
    In 1905 the Merchant Taylor Company replaced the marble monument with one of terra-cotta. It shows John Stow dressed in the robes of a liveryman of the Merchant Taylors. Each year close to the anniversary of his death a memorial services is held, attended by the Lord mayor and Sheriffs. After the service a new quill pen is placed in the hand of Stow's effigy by the Lord Mayor. According to Maitland the body of Stow was removed in 1732 to make place for another.
    In more recent times the church has been damaged twice. The first in 1992 when a bomb exploded outside the Baltic Exchange and again in 1993 when a bomb exploded in Bishopsgate. Since then the church has been fully restored. All that is left of the church and burial yard is a small garden on the north side of the church which can be entered from St Mary Axe. A few gravestones remain.
    1704: Edward Strong Junior - mason; Richard Jennings - carpenter; John Smallwell - joiner.

    Church Name Earliest Latest Destroyed Architect Status
    St Andrew Undershaft (St Andrew the Apostle) 12th century In use
    Location Parish records located Baptism Marriage Burial
    Corner of St Mary Axe and Leadenhall Street Guildhall Library 1558 to 1901 1558 to 1837 1558 to 1849
    Ward Parish joined with Notes
    Aldgate St Mary Axe in 1560 St Katherine Cree [1954]


    1582 London Subsidy Roll Lime Street Ward
    Location: City of London <place.asp?placeid=6>
    Sponsor: London Record Society
    Publication: Two Tudor subsidy rolls for the city of London <source.asp?pubid=160>
    Year published: 1993
    Supporting documents: Abbreviations <report.asp?compid=36092>
    Pages: 269-271
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    Contents References to speringe, Speringe
    LYME STREETE WARDE Table (row 28), Table (row 65),


    362. [r.43] LYME STREETE WARDE
    [Petty collectors: Mathewe Dolman, haberdasher, and Gregory Yonge, grocer.]
    £ s. d
    Sir Nicholas Woodroff knight, Commyssioner (£270) [x - Mddx. £5] 13 10
    Gregory Yonge (£50) 50
    Lawrence Gough (£50) 50
    Wylliam Phillipps in landes and fees (£20) [ass. 20s. in Mddx.] 26 8
    Doctor Penny in fees (£10) 13 4
    Wylliam Wrothe (£80) [x - Herts. 17s. 4d.] 4
    Wylliam Mylward (£50) 50
    Hughe Offeley (£120) 6
    Edmond Bressy (£60) 3
    Thomas Starkye, Alderman (£220) 11
    Mathewe Dolman (£50) 50
    Henry Gylmyn in fees (£20) 26 8
    Peter Haughton (£50) 50
    Henry Bradbridge in landes (£20) [x - Sussex 13s. 4d.] 26 8
    Raphe Sares (£3) 3
    David Powell (£3) 3
    Wylliam Tyboll (£5) 5
    Richard Lockson (£5) 5
    Robert Mascall (£5) [ass. 5s. in Cripplegate ward] 5
    Wylliam Hartridge (£5) 5
    Wylliam Fowler (£6) 6
    George Speringe (£3) 3
    [Blank] Richardes (£3) 3
    Wydowe Perpoynte (£3) 3
    Wylliam Phillipps, taylor (£3) 3
    John Copland (£3) 3
    Richard Hadlowe (£3) 3
    George Dove (£4) 4
    John Whyte (£6) 6
    John Stowe (£3) 3
    Peter Towers (£3) 3
    Thomas Fytche (£3) 3
    John Weste (£3) 3
    Thomas Danyell (£3) 3
    Wylliam Pearch (£10) 10
    Wylliam Handbury (£15) 15
    Edward Cox (£5) 5
    Mathewe Fleer (£10) 10
    Rowland Richardson (£3) 3
    Robert Wright (£3) 3
    Lawrence Otwell (£20) 20
    363. John Wielde (£5) 5
    John Rooper (£3) 3
    Thomas Warbee (£3) 3
    Robert Cox (£3) 3
    John Reymond (£5) [x - Q 6s. 8d.] 5
    Robert Donkerley (£3) 3
    Richard Baynes (£5) 5
    Richard Bonde (£3) 3
    Thomas Playne (£3) 3
    Robert Kyngslonde (£5) 5
    Christofer Thatcher (£10) 10
    Jane Dutton (£10) [x - Essex 5s.] 10
    John Stanfeild (£5) 5
    Lancellott Ottorborne (£3) 3
    John Carowe (£5) 5
    Edmond Rowley (£5) 5
    Nicholas Speringe (£10) 10
    Peter Buskell (£100) [b - Antwerp mer.] 10
    Adrian de Porter (£60) [b - Antwerp mer.] 6
    John Pedericons and Katheryn his wyfe per poll 8
    Cornelius Johnson & Henry Johnson his man per poll 8
    Troiolus de Crete and Sara his wyfe, Magdalen his daughter, Katheryn Falkener a servante per poll 16
    In Peter de Bosquells howse, Jane his wyfe, Tanekyn Mason, Mary Ballenger, Lambert Joye, Nicholas Hobloyn per poll 20
    In Adryan de Porters howse, Francys his wyfe, Haunce van Seelde, Cely Lapson per poll 12
    In Robert Kingslons howse, James Fox per poll 4
    In John Langleys howse, Helyn Cornelis per poll 4
    [Endorsed] Summa 82 6 4

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  • Note:
    The Visitation of London in 1633 has the Coat of Arms and outlines the family tree of George Speringe, goldsmith (referred to as George I for simplicity). It is Rebecca Carter, the wife of his son, George II, that links this family with Ireland - her will was proved in 1680 in the Prerogative Court in Dublin. Further information about the family tree may be available from the Chief Herald, particularly from earlier and later Visitations and I am in the process of getting this.

    We also know from various wills that George I had several other children, and a brother Nicholas. These wills are useful in identifying the people in the tree and provide crude dates for births, marriages, etc. This information was then supplemented with more specific data from various other sources to flesh out the tree. These included the International Genealogical Index (IGI) via the LDS familysearch website, Boyd's Marriage Index and Index of Inhabitants of London (via, and scanned versions of the original parish registers (from

    George married Elizabeth Hanbury (Handberry) and they had 13 children, 3 of whom died in childhood. Both George senior and his brother Nicholas were goldsmiths. George worked closely with John Stowe, the most famous chronicler of London prior to the fire of 1666. Nicholas died in 1608, George in 1611, and Elizabeth in 1644. All are buried in St Andrew Undershaft.

    Father: ? Sperynge b: ABT 1520

    Marriage 1 Elizabeth Hanbury b: 04 JAN 1561 in St Andrew Undershaft, London
    • Married: 25 JUL 1580 in St Andrew Undershaft, London 7 8
    1. Has No Children Nycolas Sperynge b: 19 MAR 1583 in St Andrew Undershaft, London
    2. Has No Children Helin Sperynge b: 31 JUL 1589 in St Andrew Undershaft, London
    3. Has No Children George Spering b: 07 JUL 1594 in St Andrew Undershaft, London
    4. Has Children George Spering b: 15 NOV 1601 in St Andrew Undershaft, London
    5. Has Children Elizabeth Spering b: 18 APR 1587 in St Andrew Undershaft, London
    6. Has Children Anne Spering b: 31 MAY 1585 in St Andrew Undershaft, London
    7. Has No Children Henry Spering b: 16 NOV 1595 in St Andrew Undershaft, London
    8. Has No Children Hanbery Spering b: 13 JUN 1588 in St Andrew Undershaft, London
    9. Has No Children Marie (Mary) Sperynge b: 07 NOV 1591 in St Andrew Undershaft, London
    10. Has No Children William Spering b: 27 MAR 1597 in St Andrew Undershaft, London
    11. Has Children Suzan Spering b: 28 JAN 1593 in St Andrew Undershaft, London
    12. Has Children Sara Spering b: 30 AUG 1590 in St Andrew Undershaft, London
    13. Has Children Alys Spering b: 21 JUN 1581 in St Andrew Undershaft, London

    1. Title: Visitation of London 1633
      Text: George Spering of London, gent, married Elizabeth daughter of William Hanbury of London
      children Nicholas, George (m Rebecca Carter), William, Sarah (m Robert Ventriss), Alice (m John Pennington), Mary (m John Inkepen), & Susan (m John Sherman)
      (see attached jpeg file)
      also at
      Elizabeth daughter of William Hanbury of London (see attached jeg file) also at
    2. Title: Will
      Text: Alice Hanberie or Hanburie, Widow of Saint Andrews Undershaft, City of London, 22 March 1596 (transcript in Notes)

      The will also mentions other possible relatives of Alice Hanbury, namely Henry Granngesdon, John Granngesdon, James Lawrence and Henry Lane, and her "cousins" John Skynner of Sudbury in the county of Suffolk, gent, and Thomas Cook, citizen and haberdasher of London.City of London, 22 March 1596 at (see pdf attached)
      Note: From

      Description Will of Alice Hanberie or Hanburie, Widow of Saint Andrews Undershaft, City of London
      Date 22 March 1596
      Catalogue reference PROB 11/87
      Dept Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
      Series Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers
      Piece Name of Register: Drake Quire Numbers: 1 - 52
      Image contains 1 will of many for the catalogue reference


      Will of Alice Hanbury

      In the name of God, Amen. The third day of December Anno Domini,
      one thousand five hundred ninety five and in the thirtyeighth
      year of the reign of our sovereign lady, Elizabeth, by the
      grace of God, Queen of England, France and Ireland, defender of
      the fai th, etc. I, Al ice Hanburie, of the Parish of Saint Andrews
      Undershaft in the City of London, widow, being sick in body
      but of perfect mind and remembrance, thanks be unto God, therefore
      do make and ordain my testament and last will in manner and
      form following. That is to say: Fi rst, I bequeath my soul unto
      Almighty God, hoping most assuredl y to be saved and to inherit
      life everlasting in the day of the general resurrection and
      judgment by the only merit and passion of our Lord and Saviour,
      Jesus Christ. And my body, I will to be buried within the Church
      of Saint Andrews Undershaft, aforesaid, by the good discretion of
      my Executor. Item:- I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Speering,
      my daughter, the wife of George Speering of London, goldsmith,
      all that part and all those chambers and rooms of my capital
      messuage or mansion house wherein I do now dwell and which now
      being in my own occupation and been situate and lying in the
      said Parish of Saint Andrews Undershaft in the said city. To
      have and to hold the same unto her, the said Elizabeth, my
      daughter, and her assigns for and during the natural life of
      her, the same Elizabeth. And immediately from and after her
      decease to remain, go and be unto Anne Speeringe and Elizabeth
      Speeringe two of the daughters of the said Elizaberh, my daugrter,
      and to their heirs and assigns forever to be equally parted
      between them. Item, I give and bequeath unto the said Elizabeth
      Speering, my daughter and her assigns all that part and all those
      chambers, backhouse and r00ms of my said capital messuage where
      now been or 1 d Le weI e in lhe tenure, f arm or occupa tj on of
      (blank) Fanpe? or his assigns as they been now severed and divided
      and been situate and lying in the city and parish aforesaid.
      To have and to hold the same unto her, the said Elizabeth, my
      daughter, and her assigns for and during her natural life and
      after her decease to remain,go and be unto Henry Speering the
      youngest son of the same Elizabeth and to the heirs and assigns
      of the same Henry Speringe forever. Item, I give and bequeath
      unto Alice Speringe one other of the daughters of the said
      Elizabeth, my daughter, and to the heirs and assigns of the same
      Alice foreve. all that my tenement and mansion house wherein one
      Master (blank) Robinson now dwelleth, situate and being in the
      City and parish aforesaid with all the chambers and rooms tbereunto,
      appertaining and belonging as they beE-TI now severed and
      di·,ided and been in the te'1ure or occupation of the same (blank)
      o inson and h's assigns. Item, I give and bequeath unto the
      s< -i Elizabeth Speril'~e, my daughter all that my tenement.
      "hambers a'1d '-oome; with th",ir appurten8nces s'tuate and being iT).
      thE" Se. ic' ""o.ri.s"l of st. A lcr loiS Tj-1U'-~ }l_aft l,'J1,i-:;} pow he 0-- or 1 ... tp.
      weT'€, l.~( seve""c teP'l rpc. n OCrUpq+": r,n of 'Ri("~ar(~ Cr_al11hE"rl]
      carperter, ~~d Ag~eR V~nf~rr widow, or of ~ither 0f t~~D ~o 11~~e
      and to ho!~ tllP rame unto her the said Elizabeth and ter as~igns
      fo,.- and dl'ring her natural life. The remainder thereof ::'mmediately
      from and after her decease unto Susan Speering, one ot~er
      of th" da'ighters of the said Elizabeth my daugl,+pr and to the
      heirs and assigns of the same Susan forever. Item:- r give and
      bequeat '''lto t1,E' said El iz<. bE'th my daug'" e1'" all thosE' my two
      tenements. chambprs and rooms wi<-h tl1.eir appurtenances situate
      and being 'n tbr said parish whicb now been or late WE're jn the
      several tenures and or occupations of John Printall, freen a10n
      j'1""1c1 lawyer Jiumfyey Sawyer and oT either of thpm 'TIo l)avf?o and to
      hold the same unto her the said Elizabeth my daughter and her
      ~~jg~~ --f4">o1"- ~n·1 !l-n-.i----r'g thF- n?-t:.,~ ~ -ql 1 ifp..- r:f +!'-_C' ~~~~ ~l'!zabcth.
      The remainder the <,of i'ltil\ediat( ~y rrom and after her de"easp unte
      Mary S1' 'eringe onn other of t.l e daughtf)rs of t.~)e ';aio;) Elizabeth
      and to the heirs and assigns of t.he same Mary forever. rte~:- I
      give and bequeoth unto the said Elizabeth Speeringe my daughter
      a'l that my tenement, chambers and rooms with the appurtenunces
      situat~ and lying in the said Par:sh of Saint Andrews which now
      are or late were, in the tenure ~. o~c~pation of George Browne.
      bricklayer, n:ld his assigns. To havf' and to hold the same unto
      her the sam .. Elizabeth for and d'iring l1er natur:31 life 'I'pe
      remainder t'>ereof immedjately frrll' .:md afLer her decease unto
      Sara Speringe one other of the daughters of the said Flizabeth
      my davgr,· er and to the nei rs and assign,; of the same Sara forever,
      provided always and my mind, will and true intent is that if
      any of tIe aforenamed children of the aforesaid Elizabeth my
      daughter to whom any legacy, gift or devise is given, devi[cd or
      beql,eathed by this my will and testament shall happen to die
      unmarried before his or her age of twenty and one year'; that
      t'>en imllledic·tely from and after his or h~r dpcease who shall so
      happen to die all and singu1~r those houses, tenements, cbamb~rs,
      rooms, gifts, legacies, devises and bequeaths which been by this
      my will given, devised or bequeathed to such child or children
      so dying Hn(ler the sai d agE' of one and twenty years unmarried
      S'lo) 1. then.and.-f..r:.o!ILLhen.c.eforth .a.lL.whoU y LeIIlain . go and be unto
      a"1d (lmongs J ':l11 c l:h ,. th£' (1 ilr1rpD G'hov(> narnpc1 of my sa~_d d,-" 19nter
      who shall survivE apc' b", "ler dyinc, and to the IHir'" an"
      ~ssigns of the "'a'lle "Lrvivira cl'.ildren and child for ever part
      cm.d part alike. Item:- I give, forgive and bequeath unto all and
      every these persons and person whosoever which being of my
      kindred blood or affinity eit~e. by birth, marriage or otherwise
      all and singular, those goods, money, debts and other t.h;~gs
      whatsoever which I already have or at anytime or time" dur~ng my
      natural life I shall give or deliver or that I have or srall
      cause or assent to be taken or de i vered by 0)"" to any of them,
      .... 0 or for thpir own use or uses, or to or for the use or uses of
      any other person or persons except all and singular thos~ d~ht.s
      ,.nel Sl l' or mon~y only which being or shall be owing or due urt.o
      'lie. by or fOrom, any of them by their or any of the; r bond" or
      ~ ' lls obl~gatorr sea~ed w'th their s~als. And I will api my +"ue
      ~ntcrt aoc' mind is that they or any of them Rhal l not by any
      W.:l:" ( T!)~lt' bE' 8,1e' ;mplntE'c' mollified or trouble" by ."y
      executor of tbis my last will nor ~y a~y oth-r perso~ or perS,)~:;
      for o~ by reason of ary a: th~ saC1e goods, money, debts or
      other things by them or any of them so had or taken by my delivery,
      consent or assent as is aforesaid, nor for or by reason of
      any part or parcpl of the same. Item:- I give and bequeath unto
      Joan Granngesdon, widow, the late wife of G n e~do my
      brother and to her assigns for and during the natural life of thp
      same Joan, one annuity or yearly rent or sum of twenty shillings
      of lawful English. money by the year, and unto Grann sdon
      the daughter of my brother JoHn Grannge~doD I do likewise
      give and bequeath one other annuity o~ yearly relt or sum of
      twenty shill ' ~gs by the year of the like lawful money which said
      annuitips, rents and sums my 'uind and will is that they 'ihall be
      yearly pai~ unto the said JOHn and Godleigh sevprally a~d to
      their assigns during e i the~ of tl1eir lives at the Feast of the
      Ann1lnciation of our Lady the Virgin and Saint Michael the Archangel
      by even portions. And I do also give and bequeath unto the
      poor, impotent, lame and aged people of the Parish of stansted
      near unto Kin£,<;down in the Co'mty of Kent to be yearl y paid unto
      ""e "hurchwarde"c; of the same p,rish and their surcessors and
      assigns to th? 'lse of the same pOOT people from and aft"r the
      decease of the said Joan Granngesdon and Godleigh Granngesdon at
      the I ike Feast of the Annunciatiol. of our Lady, the V· rg ' n, and
      saint Michael, tbe Archangel, yearly by even portions forever.
      One other annuity or yearly rent or yearly sum of forty .>}-illings
      of lawful English money to continue forever. And to the end and
      i nt<:'nt that tl~ .. said several annuities, rents and yearly SUMS
      May l;iF the better assured to be unto the said Joan, Godleigh
      ~nd churchwardens their successors and assigns to the ~ses
      aforesaid according to my mind and true intent herein de~lared.
      I do tp""efore give and beq'e'lth unto the aforesaid
      Speeringe my so~-in-law and for h's heirs forever a" those my
      e _. . . , chambers, and rooms wi th the appurtenances si tua te
      and lying in the said Pari sb of st. Andrews Undershaft which now
      been Qr late were in the tenure or occupation of John nalton,
      upor and under condition that h~ the sa~e George Sp~~ringe, his
      heir~ an~ ass~g~s 51a11 w-ll an~ tr~~y ~~y 0r C,~Dr La ~e pai~
      'he said annuit~esT rents, at y~arl! surr~ Jnto Lhe said Jo~n and
      Godleigh and their assigns during their and either of their lives
      and to the said churchwardens, their successors and assigns from
      and after the decease of the said Joan and Codleigh according
      cnto my will, mind and true intent herein above declared or shall
      otherwise 'awfully and suf~iciently convey and a~s~re [orne other
      tEf'ell'enr or lands for the tru cO"l.ti' ' payment the!"eof according~
      y and i r hp the same Geo-gc Speer5Dge, his heirs ~ld a~~igns
      or eI, y or thce
      , shall refuse or mab, defaul t to pay the said rents
      o· money or Iny part thereof and do not lawfully and sufficiently
      ~sq&rD som. other tenement or 'anda of as good va'ue for the
      true payment therPQf accorJing to th's my will being reasonRbly
      required +0 payor perform the same. Then ~ will and my mind is
      yet th"'" sa'll€' ~·eDernE"rt, chambers and YOOm.~ wif-v t"rt~ir i1'1' lrte,
      aDces now or late, in the tenur" cr occupation of the said John
      alton shall tbc'1 ?.ll wholly go, bE, and r ... mai.'1 'lIto Henry
      gesdo ann Gran gesdor , James Law enoe ancl Henr}' Lane
      l-eoirs aY"J assigTts forever "lpon trvC}t- <P1C confidence- aDd teo Lre
      O\~-. .l e"."d pl"pO:;e :'lY(' ·"n-+·e'lt !-errLf'.QFY" specif;"",:d 'T"Hl~ i r tn
      say, t ha t U ei r hei rs and assigns sha 1 1 rece1 ve 'If d take yea r J y
      ~11 the rents arc..1 ~ro['t of ~he same .... enpmpnt, hOll. es i='nd room,
      &nd the repara~ions thereof being of and with the uame [~nt~ and
      profit from ~ime to fi'-st borne and discharged_ Tha+ then
      Lhey and every of them shall yearly employ and bestow all tIl"
      [Psidue of the same rents and profits then left and remaining to
      the uses of thp said Joan and Godleigh during their 'iVP1 and th~
      life o~ the InngPT liver of t~em. And after tlle!r de~-Jse to thp
      'lse aD~ benef; t .,-!= tr:.e poor an.-1 :impotpnt- peop" ~ of stal1~te'~
      ili:oresc'd i t;"le 1';j.;:('1 manner and form as the s:3.'TIe is herein
      ,bovn Jimited to be paid due and performed by tbe a~oro~aid
      Ceorge Speering and his heirs according to my in· nt and mind
      here ir bef ore expressed _ And to the inten + th" t the rE'rt s,
      i.S5U@S ~~l~ ~t~r!t 01 t~p said last rpf)t~~ t ~~'m0nt r~~mhpr~ al-\~
      1 Dons may f C!ll he-r ceforth foy ever continu~ ~'1d l- _ 1 oyp{l to
      ~he uses aforesiil and not to any oth~r use or USPS, ~y mj, ld and
      will is tvat ;.' Up same shall coin or be in or t) the- handE,
      !,ossf'ssion c>t ,-' sin of the said Henry Grannge;-;don, Jol n Grann
      gesdon, ~ames Lawrence and Henry Lane or any of them or t~eir
      heirs by forcE' of this my will_ ~hat then they, their ~pirs and
      assigns or the survivor or survivors of them after t~E' naid
      ~ <':lem, It nnd rooms s~all so come unt.o any of thei r hands, seis' '1
      or posses,,>ion sha l' from t' me to time by deec1 <'n'-] deods of
      [~o~fment or other lawful and sufficient continuances and Bssure~~
      es in thE' 'aw convey and assure the said tenement anJ rooms
      w'th the - r appu·tenances to such other pE'tsons anI fpo~~E'rs BJ
      &~a" be dwelling in stansted aforesaid or near thereabouts ~nd
      lo th?ir 'leiI.:: to the uses thereof l-erein above limiteod n(',~ordi HJ
      t.,., my will and true int",nt herein above declared_ Itpn·: T
      sriv , will end bequeath to the poor and impot .. nt r-.'ple or tIl£'
      -l'~rpsaid Parish of st_ Andrews Undershaft in London onE' a~nu''.
      y, 1',n11al rent or yearly sum of thirteen shillings fou~ ~,'n("e
      ~c lawful money o~ England to be yearly paid unto the chlr('hwar"
      ens of t.he same parish, thei· su('cessors and assigns to and for
      the use and relief of the same poor people at the Feast 0' th~
      Annl:nciation of our Lady the Virgin and Saint Michael the Arcbange'
      by even portions yparl~ for~ver- And to the end nnd int~nt
      1hat +he S"l'"l"\C" c:'"\n:ity ... Y"'1f- 1rd "!Y'~T '3tIT' M?.~'t t1- l-, J' ~
      assur~d to bf paicl to ~~·l ~or ~~p LS~ ard relief of the namE
      I)ooY people forever accord-=T)g t'"'l this my wi 11 I do, tlq;"re-forp,
      Clive and bec_,l .. ath unto the aforesaid George Speringe, my son-inlaw,
      and his heirs, my tenemE'nt and rooms wit!! the i'lppnr'~nance-;
      ~it~ate and lying ir the said Parish of Saint Andrews Undershaf+
      which now been or late were in the tenure or oc('upation of ODe,
      Wi'liam Bridges, a tailor or butcher upon and under condition
      that he the same George, his heirfi and as<'3ns shall WEI' and
      tr'lly consE'nt 2nd payor ('ause to bn consented and paid to the
      f'aid chHrchwi\rden~, ! heir succc>ssors and a~:;~-:~' g to t-l~e IISP; 2..nd
      [O~ lt~ rElief of the said p0cr people in form af resaid yearly
      forp.ver th~ said anrHlity, rf"lt cr yearly Sl.J.!· of f-l)irtE"E"n 1)'-'"
      , -~gs fOJ- pE'nce at the fea~~ aforesaid or within fourteen
      dayr; '1ext )f:te!" ("'very of the sameo fe~sts a",..orJing to thi'" n-y
      w-"1.1 ap(' Tn!" trUE" l.rtent hereip eXpren'1lC" Or shall otherwise
      l"'lwfl'lly "'l "J ~, ffici ently convey -,n.l c > n. 'OTT'''' ot1'e t, ement
      or land of ~J. g~)~yl va" -:le~or the f-YLe and surF- payment thr.reo[
      i. cccrding 1 ~ Ant" r tr f' sam? Geo'-~;e Spper" Tlge, his hei rs and
      ass1gns or any of them sha 11 refuse 0- m'lk", def?ul t t a pay the
      sa'd an'l'L.i >y, rent or yea r 1 y sum of money and do not 1 awful I y
      and suffi cient I y assure and convey somt" otl',er tenement or land
      of as good value for the true and sure yayment of the same
      according to this my wi'l heing 1?wfully and reasonably required
      to pay and perrorll' the same Then I will and my 'Uind is that
      the same teneme lt and rooms wi t'cl t':l .. appurtenancE's ",-ow or late
      , the tenure or occupation of th~ said W~lliam Bridges shall
      upon all who~ly go, be anp rema;n unto John Johnson, clerk, Mr
      (blank) Robinson, Thomas Johnson and (blank) Tarbuck, their heirs
      and assigns ror -'ver npon t-r"uilt and cOllfide1J.ce and to the on1 y
      (Ild uSP, PUrIOf! aT (1 : ltpnt .f..le-l. theYr tl'eir nei-; 3.1d assigns
      sha: 1 receive and Lake yearl y all the rents and profi t of ~ he
      same tenement and rooms with the appurtenances and the reparations
      +hereof being with the same rents and profit from time> to
      tim( f erst bar'll? "md discharged. That then they an1 every of
      them sh .. ll ye .. rly employ and hestow al' the residue of the ;ame
      rents and prof'it then left and remaining to the use a'ld ~or the
      reI; ef of the sa'; d poor and impotent peopl e of the Par~ sb of st.
      Andrews aforesaid in the likenesses and form as tho same is
      herein above l ' mited to be paid by the aforesa'd George> Gpeeringe
      and his heir" according to my mind and intent hereir before
      expressed. Aru to the end and intent t' th·' said rents,
      issue~, and profit of the sai last recited tenement with the
      aODurte"1ance:; may f"'om hencetort,) for ever I~ontlrn:'e and be emp
      ' oye to the uses aforesaid my wind and will is that if the
      same shall come or be in or to the lands, seisin, or possession
      of the said ~oh" Jotnsor, (bl ank, Ro')inson, Thomas Johnson and
      (blank) Tcrbur'" their heirs or assigns or any of tr,em by force
      of this my will. That then they, their hoirs and assigns 01 the
      survivor or survivors of them after the same tenement and rooms
      shall so come unto any o~ t~eir hands, seisin, or p03session
      shall from time to time b· ~ee(1s or ff>offmf>nt or other lawful
      conveya!lC ~. t. T)c1 aSSl..'y;t; ees 0t f-ric-i ent in thp Ie w convey and
      13- lr(' t~'ll= 5.;:.;. l- ern~r1· :1Tln OTT";:: ""0 ~ 1"h ot-hi"' IE:" :;ons and
      feoffer~, as ha~ ~ bE p;:)1:ishlOners [.If tl.le ~'~aid r,,"rii~h of St.a
      Andrews Undershaft and their heirs to the uses thereof herein
      above limited and declared according to my wil , mind, and true
      i3tent herein specified. Item:- I give and bequeath unto the
      aforesaid Elizabeth Speeringe, my daughter and her heirs for ever
      1)] those my tenements, chambers and rooms with their and every
      of their appurtenances situa~<: and lyi'lg i, the sa ' d Parish of
      st, Andrew ~ndershaf't which pow been or la+e were, iv +he ~everal
      tenures or occupations of Edward Baylie, QakeYt Thomas r.ymnfreYt
      (,,'"'(+lW0 r k:::r., alld Henry W,....ig .. 'tt b v icklayer, or ]Tl "-t- tE'n1.1re or
      occupati on o[ a.ny 07= th!?:'fT!. A'Jr1 a 11 +he ec;.i.c~l1p o-f my lands,
      tenemelts, goods, }·attel" ?late, 1,ousehold st'~ff, W':lney and
      debts oth, than such of thep as I have or at any time or times
      d'lr ' ng my natnTa' liFe I ehall give aWe-Y, sell, Umit, disposE'
      or deliver or cause to be delivered to a~y at er persor or personq
      to O~ [or apy other ~se, int~p+, rr pL ?ose I will and ~y
      mind and true intent iR that all my dEbts w~i-l' T do owe Er~ my
      ontaiT ~l~ or ~peciI
      .L.~ PC' (,"l,nd I- iE (}. Y JP of ... f. r (' (.' (. n("' ,.. 0' 'l()o l'" lPCl"' •. a y 1 1 J
      touching and corC'E ping '-I e + rt e perro ~T)ar C€' or t~l~~. my 'laid wi l'"
      being tbence ~~rst borDP anJ d:scharg~~ t~~~ t~F ~c~~ ~;i~l
      thereof then laC'," (.,nd remainiDg shall go, remajn, ;:-,d lc unto and
      amongst ''1 .. a Forenam .. 1 Henry Spe~'Ying, A'ice Speerir'g(, A~,le
      Speering .. , El i zabeth Spearinge, Mary Speed nge, Sara Speer inge
      and Sus a 1 SpE'eringe, the -hildren of thF' aforesaid EI' zab .. t 11, my
      daughter, anI ~o their hEirs executors and assigns, to their and
      every of their own use an 1 llf·es to hp eql1ally part~d a~d 'ivi.ded
      amongst them by the good (l~Bcretion of my executor, his ~xer~tors
      or as<;igns, viry unto everyone of them part and pa~t alikE' And
      if any of the hame c1.ildren sha" hoppen to die unmarriec! beforE'
      '1i i or h~Y age or twenty and onp years, that b'<; or Jer part
      thereof so dying to be equally parted and divided and delivere~
      into dnd dnC'jl.,;( r_ '11 -t-" ~ 't" >:'dt:f" , f l;lP g,-'''' " t ' "'I" t~ f~ en '::l~r·-
      viving and o\'-(rl'::vl.Tlg. Ard IT"o:rf"Qvcr or. tl-ds '11V w' l " T do makE"
      ':~d of'ia"n the c rorenampd G~orge Sppr~i~ge my ~rn in-law, my
      full and sale executor requiY'rg and desiring him well and tyvly
      :.0 fulfil <)pcl perform and fu"y to accompli<h the same my will
      and all other my wishes, grants and intents by me in my 'ife
      time, gr'1rte(l, made or intended i~ every point and respect
      according to my mind and tru~ in'enl herein specified and d .. -
      ~'ared Bnd according to my <;1'eeial tru~t and confiderc .. in hiw in
      that behalf reposed. And I 00 als) make and ordain my cousinE,
      and trllsted friend, John Skynner of SuCibury in the county of
      S'lffolk, gent, and Thomas rn.~, ci~i Zf''l and haberda<;her of '.on~
      on, to be the supervisors nd ave seers of my said will desiring
      t~em to be assisting and mindirg unto my said Execltor 'n tte
      trte perfor~vnce of +'1e sa~e, according to my true ;ntent and
      m'~ n':"g herein above declared. An.l [or their pains to 'Cle tC''<eI'
      in tbat behalf, I do g've UI'to either of them forty shiJ' ipg.
      "-1". ~<' to be paid unto ej ther 0 ~ them by my said Execute ~ w' :'1-til
      onE"' mon"'-r- next after my aeC'eaJP. Ard:~ witness that Lhi~ ;.s my
      + ··UP. 1 n.r.:;t wi 11 and testament r have hereu'! 0 pu+ my $ea 1 I tl--e c1c.y
      and year f'y,t above wr'·'e". The mark of Alice Hanbury.
      Sealel, published and delivered ir the presence of the witneSSE'f
      ~n~eun~er ,,,,med, by me John Skynner, by me Richard Skynner, by me
      Thnl""~c:. C'"I()k. Thp mark nf Jnhn N'pwington~ Item: I give ~.nn
      be(.1H_~ath 'l!O - r'H\ ~:'W.!'l9t('lP', rr-" sell Newington S ynnEr (ld
      Martha Dorman my kinfolk~ and qprvc~+s to every of them four
      pounds ,ripeP. And urto ,Jean n .. wington, my kinswoman, sC'rva,'lt
      wit! Christopher Payne of London, baker, I do likewise gjve other
      lot'" pounds which said sevc-ral sums my will and mind i~ t1 E' Si-un-'
      slall be paid unto every of them or heir, assigns by my I'X'"'ltor
      above ru~ed with'n one year next after my decease.
      The words or the Prob?te ere <n Latin.
      11 codicil
      Item: I givE to my son-in-law, Nichola~ Sper'nge, goldsmith,
      m~ t~ree French gi't bowls engraven in the bottom with the picture
      of a bear. Item: I give to my son-in-law, George Speringe,
      lwo great gill goblets with the cover, the third '~hereof I have
      given to his daughter, Ann Speringe.
      p C.C.
      Ncte:- It is difficult to determine so~e of the words because of
      the ~a~dwri ting of the 16th cent'lr~ Other words are no longer
      -'1 use. 'I was confusing to seF> .. cattl .... show up immediately
      bf>fore thf> WOU1 "chatte! Is". "owp.ver, a dictionary expla':'ning
      ',ery old terms indicates that the word "cattle" was used to mear
      moveable objects. The same dictionary indicates that the word
      "chattels" is an out-growth of cattle, meaning moveable. Having
      rEen an old map of London it does become believable that a person
      living in this great modern city during the 16tr century was
      reve~ ve~y far feom· open space, where ;ndeed he may have had a
      few head of cattle. The farm fields were ver~ near to the City
      and wer .. probably the prlmary ~ource of food for the inhabita~ts
      of the metropolis.
    3. Title: Will
      Text: George Speringe, Goldsmith of London, 20 July 1611 (transcript in Notes)
      (see media attached)

      George also refers to "my cosin ELIZABETH BLUETT the wife of ROBERT BLUETT of London, Fishmonger" and "my cosin Jane ?Luras, widdowe"

      Land & Properties bequeathed by George are located as follows:

      to Nicholas
      - STEPNEY


      SHAFTE ALLEY in LONDON whiche I holde by the Lease of the WARDENS and COMMYNALTIE of ROCHESTER BRIDGE in KENT
      Note: from

      Description Will of George Speringe, Goldsmith of London
      Date 20 July 1611
      Catalogue reference PROB 11/118
      Dept Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
      Series Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers
      Piece Name of Register: Wood Quire Numbers: 59 - 108
      Image contains 1 will of many for the catalogue reference


      GEORGE SPERINGE In the name of God amen. The fourteenth Daie of Februarie One
      thousand Sixe Hundred and Tenne and in the eighth yeare of our Sovereigne Lord James
      by the grace of god Kinge of Great Brittayne France and Ireland and Defender of the faith
      &c I GEORGE SPERfNGE of London Gouldsmithe beinge in good and perfect memorie
      (thankes be unto Almightye god) therefore and callinge to minde that all men are mOliall
      and that no man knoweth the time of his visitation And also that I tinde by experience
      That for want of settinge of things in good order much variance and strife hath growne
      thereby The which to prevent and to the intent [ may the better provide for my wife and
      children Doe make and declare this my present Testament conteyninge herein my last
      will in and forme following ffirst and principallie I commende my Soule to
      All11ightie god my Creator and maker and to his sonne Jesus Christ my onlie Redeemere
      and Saviour by whose precious deathe and glorious resurrection I faithfullie believe and
      trust to be saved and have everlastinge life in his glorious kingdome And my bodie I
      desire maybe buried in the parishe churche of Andrew Undersllafte in London soe nye the
      bodie of my late lovinge brother NICHOLAS SPERINGE of London gOlildsmithe as
      concerneth may be and of all and singular my goodes and cllattles plate householde stuffe
      and all other things whatsoeverwhich I am nowe possessed I give the same (my debtes
      beinge first paid and my Funerall discharged in manner and form following First I to my
      lovinge wife ELIZABETH SPERINGE according to the laudable custom of the Cittie of
      London One thirde parte of my goo des Anothere third parte of my goodes I give to and
      amonge my tlu·ee SOWles NICHOLAS SPERINGE WILLIAM SPERINGE and
      GEORGE SPERfNGE and to my twoe daughters MARY SPERINGEi and SUSAN
      SPERINGE so as my two saide daughters MARY and SUSAN be LUunarried and not
      advanced by me before my deathe The other third parte my legacies being performed I do
      give the same in manner following two third parts thereof to be eqllallie devided amonge
      my lovinge wife ELIZABETH SPERfNGE and my three sonnes NICHOLAS
      SPERINGE WILLIAM SPERfNGE and GEORGE SPERINGE The other third parte of
      this last thirde parte belonging unto me I give the same unto MAR YE SPERlNGE and
      SUSAN SPERlNGE my two daLlghters in full satisfaction of all such giftes and legacies
      as were given them by the last wi ll and testament of their grandmother ALICE
      HANBURIE of London widowe deceased soe as my twoe saide daughters MARIE and
      SUSAN be unsatisfied by me for the said legacies given them by their grandmother
      before my deathe
      ITEM I give and bequeathe unto my aaughter ALICE PENNINGTON the wife of JOHN
      PENNINGTON of London mercer in full satisfaction of all her childe portion having
      been advanced by me one li verie pot! si lver and guilt wayinge thirtie and sixe ounces
      ITEM I give and bequeathe unto my daughter ANNE KINGE the wife of JOHN KINGE
      of London mercer in full satisfaction of all her childe portion havinge beene likewise
      advanced by me in marriage one silver salt with a cover parcell gui lte wayinge thirtie and
      Slxe ounces
      ITEM I give and bequeath to ELIZABETH l-IA YWARD the wife of ROBERT
      HA YW ARDI of London gou ldesmithe in full satisfaction of all her chi Ide portion havinge
      likewise been advanced by me in marriage tlu·ee frenche bowles with a cover being silver
      and guilte with a ?Boare ...... in the bottom of everie one of them wayinge fortie sixe
      ITEM I give and bequeath unto SARA VENTRIS my daughter the wife or ROBERT
      VENTRIS of London haberedasherin full satisfaction of all her childe portion havinge
      likewise been advanced by me in marriage three bowles of si lver and parcell guilte
      wayinge fourtie and sixe ounces
      [TEM I give and bequeathe to JOHN PENNINGTON junior GEORGE PENNINGTON
      the children of my daughter ALICE PENNINGTON five pounds to either of them
      children of my daughter ANNE KINGE fi ve poundes either of them
      ITEM I give and bequeathe to n,y cosin ELIZABETH BLUETT the wife of ROBERT
      BLUETT of London Fishmonger five pOLLI1des
      ITEM [ give unto Cosin .lane ? .......... widdowe five poundes
      ITEM I give unto the POORE orthe parishe of ST. ANDREW UNDERSHAFT in
      London forti e shillinges to be bestowed amongst them uppon the day of my buriall
      ITEM I give unto the CHURCHWARDENS and PARSON of the said parishe of
      ST.ANDREW UNDERSHAFTE five ponndes to remmaine as a Stocke for ever to the
      use of the POORE or else to be bestowed on buyinge somethingefor their yearlie reliefe
      by the good discretion of the PARSON and CI-IURCHW ARDENS for the time beinge
      ITEM I give and bequeathe unto the COMPANlE OF GOULDSMITHES in London
      Tenn Poundes to be bestowed uppon a dinner for them uppon the daie of my Burial
      ITEM I give to and amonge tbe POORE AGED PEOPLE as well men as women oftbe
      COMPANYE OF GOULDESMITHS in London fortye shillings to be bestowed upon
      tbem them upon the day of my buriall or at anie tyme after by the good discretion of the
      WARDENS for the tyme being.
      ITEM I give and bequeathe unto the TREASORER and GOVERNORS of the
      r-rOSPIT AL OF BRYDWELL five markes to be bestowed uppon a repaste for them
      uppon the day of my burial!.
      ITEM I give more unto the TREASORER and GOVERNORS of the saide HOSPITAL
      OF BRYDEWELL fortie shillinges to be bestowed uppon the POORE CHILDREN and
      other POORE PEOPLE harbored there in warme meate uppon the day of my buriall
      ITEM I give unto the POORE and FIRERS [sic] and MATRON of the saide HOSPITAL
      Twentie shillings to be bestowed amongst them by the good distretion of the
      TREASORER for the time beinge.
      ITEM I give and bequeathe unto JOI-IN BARFOOTE of London mercer one ringe of
      goulde of the value of F011ie shill inges
      ITEM I give unto MR JOHN DlXE doctor of divinities one ringe of goulde of the value
      offourtie shillings
      ITEM I give unto THOMAS FITCH of London Scrivenor one ringe of goulde of the
      value of Fortie shi llings
      ITEM 1 give unto JOHN PENNINGTON of London mercer my sonne in lawe one ringe
      of goulde of the value five marks
      [TEM I give until John KINGE of Londoll mercer one ringe of goulde of the value of
      Five marks
      [TEM [ give unto ROBERT I-IA YW ARD lny sonne in lawe one ringe of goulde of the
      value of give markes
      ITEM I give unto the Treasorer of Christs Hospital in London for the rel eife of the poore
      chi ldren there Fortie shillinges soe as they do accompanie my bodie unto the churche
      ITEM I give unto my late servant ROBERT ?MARREn-O of London gouldsmithe
      fortie shillinges
      ITEM I give unto my nowe maidservaant AMY PARR Forti e shillinges soe as she bee
      dwell inge with me at the time of my deathe in regard of her paines she is to take nothinge
      and of her attendance uppon me in tyme of my sickness which it shall please Almightie
      god to visitte me ?nothall
      And as touchinge the disposinge of all and singular my land s and as well as freeholde and
      copieholde landes messuages and tenements whereof I al11 possessed I give and
      bequeathe them in manner following First I give and bequeathe unto CHOLAS
      SPERINGE my sonne AND HIS HElRES FOREVER All those now tenements and
      landes with their appurtenances lIying in the parishes of STANSTEED ASHE in the
      Countie of KENT which I purchased of JOHN YOUNGER [sic] WOODS THE
      YOUNGER and JOHN KNOWE and are now in the occupation of the forenamed JOHN
      ITEM J give and bequeathe the [sic] unto my saide sonne NICHOLAS SPERINGE and
      HIS HEIRS FOREVER All my landes Iyinge in the parish of SPALDfNG in
      ITEM I give and bequeathe unto my sa ide sonne NICHOLAS SPERINGE and HIS
      HEIRS FOREVER (after the death of ELIZABETH my nowe wife All those three
      parcells offreeholde landes Iyinge in the parish of STEPNEY which I purchased of
      ITEM I give and bequeathe unto my saide son NICHOLAS SPERINGE and HIS HEIRS
      FOREVER all those Tenemcntcs and Cottages and landes whatsoever being coppieholde
      and Customarie landes Iyinge in the mannor of ?ST ABENHOATEY alias STEPNEY
      wh ich I purchased and had of the surrender of DAVID WOODDROFFE Esquire and of
      WILLIAM ?GEORGE gentleman
      ITEM J give and bequeathe unto WfLLlAM SPERINGE my son and HIS HEIRS
      FOREVER all that messauge or Tenement with all the appurtenances thereunto
      belonginge being in the pari sh ofST ANDREW UNDERSHAFT in LONDON wherein
      DOMINICKE ?BOWERS marchant stranger now dwellethe in as ample manner as I
      purchased the same of JOHN ?PERCHE late of LONDON mercer and then Inhabitant in
      the towne of SHREWSBURY jn the countie ofSALOPPE and RICHARD FOXE citizen
      and clothworker of LONDON And whereas by one deede bearinge date the fifteenth
      March J 608 uppon good consideration me thereunto ?movinge I have passed over unto
      GEORGE SPERINGE my sonne all ?unid ..... .. of ?Iate Tearne of yea res to come of my
      dwellinge house and foure small tenements or cottages i ~SHAFTE ALLEY in
      l.-ONDON whiche I holde by theLease of the WARDENS and COMMYNALTIE of
      ROCHESTER BRIDGE in KENT I doe hereby ratifie my saide deede unto my above
      named sonne and alsoe give unto him all the painted Clothes that be nowe hanginge
      about my dwellinge howse
      ITEM my minpe is That my Executors hereafter named shall not bestowe about one
      11lmdreth poundes (yf convenientlie they may) uppon my Buriall, besides that money I
      have gi ven awaie before mentioned. And do make and ordaine of this my last will and
      Testament my lovinge wife ELIZABETH SPERINGE and NICHOLAS SPERINGE my
      sonne myne Executors desiringe them to see my two sonnes WILLIAM and GEORGE to
      be brought up in the feare of the Lord And for Overseers I doe nominate and devise
      JOl-IN PENNINGTON and JOl-IN KINGE of LONDON mercers An witness that this is
      my last willi have written it with my owne hand and sette my name and sealle the daie
      and yeare first above written per me GEORGE SPERlNGE
      ITEM I give and bequeathe unto ELIZABETH HA YW ARD daughter of ROBERT
      HA YW ARD of LONDON Cloth smithe Five poundes
      haberdasher the like summe of five poundes per me GEORGE SPERINGE Seaaled and
      delivered in presence of us JOHN DIXE JOHN BARFOOTE THO FITCHE signat
      21Aug161 1
      PROBATUM fuit Testamentum supra scriptum Apud London coram Magistro
      ?EDW ARDO POPE Legum Doctore Surrogato venerabilis etc]
    4. Title: Burial Record
      Text: George Spering, 15 Jul 1611, "late Aldeman's Deputie", St Andrew Undershaft, London
      from original parish register at
    5. Title: www
    6. Title: Will
      Page: William Hanbury, 11 Aug 1595
      Text: Mr. William Hanbury, Citizen and White-Baker of London, by a Surrender bearing Date Aug. 11. 1595. did give unto his Daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Spearing, Wife of Mr. George Spearing Merchant, certain Copyhold Land, lying and being in Stebunheath and Radcliffe, in the County of Middelsex; upon Condition that she, her Heirs or Assigns, shall pay to the Parson and Churchwardens of the said Parish, for the use of the poor People there, 52s. yearly for ever, at the Birth of our Lord God and the Purification of our Lady the Virgin; which (by consent of the Parish) is bestowed among the Poor abroad, on Wednesday Weekly 12d.

      From John Strype's Survey of London Online at
    7. Title: Boyd's Marriage Index 1538-1840
    8. Title: Marriage Record
      Text: George Spering & Eliabeth Hanberry, 25 Jul 1580, St Andrew Undershaft, London
      from original parish register at
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