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  • ID: I3927
  • Name: James STEELY
  • Surname: Steely
  • Given Name: James
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1780/1790
  • Death: AFT 1845 in prob Crawford, GA
  • _UID: 82C77BF4833A0D46A6BCC00E935992188E2E
  • Note:
    James Stuby / Steely showed up at Richard Dean's estate settlement in Muscogee County, GA an d collected his wife's part. He may have been living close by because he showed up fairly so on to receive the individual parts of the settlement. I propose that he was living in Crawfo rd Co, GA, where he appeared on the 1840 census.

    NOTE: for years my father thought that Richard Dean's daughter had married a Stuby because th at is how my father read the name on the estate papers in Muscogee Co, GA. I looked all ove r the South for a Stuby, unable to find one. When I finally sat down and studied Richard's e state document, I realized that the name was Steely, not Stuby. After that, I found him on v arious census.
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    Marriage 1 Mary? DEAN b: 1780/1790 in NC or GA
      1. Has Children Bryant W. STEELY b: 26 Dec 1810 in GA
      2. Has No Children Charles M STEELY
      3. Has Children Sarah E STEELY b: 1810 in prob Baldwin, GA
      4. Has Children James L STEELY b: 27 Aug 1816 in GA
      5. Has Children William R STEELY b: ABT 1818
      6. Has Children Elijah M D STEELY b: 1818 in GA
      7. Has Children Martha L STEELY b: ABT 1820 in Laurens Co, Ga
      8. Has No Children Mary J STEELY b: 1824 in GA

      1. Title: Crawford County Georgia Marriages A-B 1823-1960
        Publication: File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by
        Margie Daniels and Lewis Andrews
        BAZEMORE, Blount H. STEELY, Sarah E. 12-28-1829
        STEELEY, Bryan W. MITCHELL, Francis 06-21-1832 A-1
        STEELY, Bryant W. DELK, T. Francis 09-02-1838 A-2
        STEELY, Charles M. JAMES, Martha A. 09-25-1840
        Georgia Marriages Crawford County Delk, Frances - Steely, Bryant M. Marriage Date: 02 Sep 183 8
        Georgia Marriages Crawford County Bateman, Blount H. - Steely, Sarah E. Marriage Date: 28 De c 1829
        Georgia Marriages Crawford County Jones, Mary A. - Steely, Charles M. Marriage Date: 02 Sep 1 840
        Georgia Marriages Laurens County Coats, Piety - Steely, William R. Marriage Date: 21 Dec 184 3
        Georgia Marriages Pike County Hill, Eulive - Martin, Steely Marriage Date: 11 Nov 1831
        Georgia Marriages Pike County Pennell, Sarah - Steely, Benjamin Marriage Date: 02 Dec 1832
        Georgia Marriages Upson County Brown, Arpey - Steeley, John R. Marriage Date: 08 Nov 1841
        CRAWFORD COUNTY, GA 1828 - 1866
        Text: Contributed by: Tina Clark Horton to Central Georgia
        Genealogical Society Quarterly; Volume 10 Number 2
        Used with permission.

        Transcribed for the Internet by Jackie Horton.

        Visit the Society's page: to see their numerous publications.

        January 1828 - Doors opened for members; Jesse Taylor
        rec?d by exp. to baptism. Met on Sabbath following at the
        water, when a door was opened and Benjamin White and
        Willis Lock were rec?d and baptism for all the same time.
        The ordinance was administered with the above.

        February 1828 - Bro. Beall - Doors opened, Bro. Wm
        Rushing, Sister Elizabeth Phillips, Sister Mary Lockhart
        were rec?d by letter. Church went into choice of a
        preacher to supply them when Bro. Zachariah Gordon was
        chosen for the term of one year. Elizabeth Montford was
        rec?d for baptism.

        Mar 1828 - Bro. Gordon - Doors opened, Bro. Elizha Muncus
        rec?d by letter; Elizabeth Brook and Mary Heard by exp.
        The church proceeded to choose their clerk and deacon
        when Bro. White was chosen clerk - Bro. Rushing, deacon.
        The church took up the case of Bro. Beall ordination. The
        church agreed to send to Ebenezer, Bethlehem, and Mount
        Carmel for their ministerial aid. Bro. White April 1828.
        Bro. Gordon was appointed to present a decorum to the
        church at the next meeting for her inspection. Sister
        Catherine Stokes rec?d by letter. On the Sabbath
        following, met at the water when doors were opened and
        Martha Ann Elizabeth Pickett was rec?d by exp. And Bro.
        Toby, a man of color, property of Levi Stokes rec?d by

        April 1828 - Bro. Gordon - Doors opened and Elizabeth
        Calhoun was rec?d by exp. Also Peggy, a woman of color,
        property of Theodric Montford, Jane, woman of color,
        property of Zachariah Booth. The business of the
        ordination of Bro. Beall and Bro. Rushing was laid over
        until Fri before the 4th Sabbath in May next. The church
        had agreed to send to Ebenezer, Mr. Carmel and Bethlehem
        for their aid. Bro. White to Ebenezer, Muncus and McGee
        to Mr. Carmel, and Gordon to Bethlehem. Bro. White was
        to furnish the church in the morning with a subscription
        to raise money for church purposes.

        May 1828 - Bro. Beall - Doors opened and Major, a man of
        color, property of A. Gray, Elizabeth Carstaphen rec?d by
        exp. Bro. Rushing requested permission of the church to
        withdraw as deacon, agreed. Church to go into choice of
        deacon in June. Bro. White appointed Treasury. The
        ordination of Bro. Beall laid over until July. The amount
        of money rec?d on the 24th of May was $5.25---at other
        serv. Was $.75-on the day following was $2.50.

        June 1828 - Bro Gordon - Doors opened when Lucas Price,
        Zachariah Booth, Sarah Smith, Elizabeth Brantley, Lydia,
        a woman of color, property of Michal Denkins, rec?d by
        exp. On the day following at the water Martha Booth rec?d
        by exp. The church sent to Ebenezer, Providence, and Mt.
        Carmel for their aid, and to assist in the ordination of
        Bro. Beall, Bro. Kelly, to bear letter to Providence,
        Bro. McGee to Mt. Carmel, Bro. Cox to Ebenezer. The
        church agreed to build another house to the end of the
        present church the same size of the old one. Church has
        appointed Bro. Price Booth, Taylor V. Robert and Daniel
        Hicks Trustees for the same.

        July 1828 - Bro. Gordon - Doors opened and Seaborn B.
        Pickett, Milly, woman of color, property of Robert Brooks
        St. rec?d by exp. A decorum was read and rec?d by the
        church and church agreed that the above decorum be made
        quietly and often if need be. Bro. White to furnish the
        church with a tablecloth and towels for the use of the
        church. Also request another meeting by the presbytery to
        ordain Bro. Beall. Brethren Hoy Hooten, James Steely and
        Z.H. Gordon of the church agreed to build a meeting house
        near the Baptizing place, the size to be 30 feet by 40
        feet on the Sabbath following meeting at the water when
        Sister Nelly White and Sister Nancy Hicks were rec?d by

        August 1828 - Bro. Beall - Doors opened - none rec?d.
        Bro. Beall and Booth were appointed bearers of the letter
        to the association. A committee to decide difficultys
        were chosen; Bros. Booth, Taylor, Price, Pickett and
        Kelly. Choice of Treas. Bro. Cox.

        September 1828 - Bro. H. Hooten - Doors opened and
        Elizabeth Williams rec?d by exp. A new committee
        appointed to inquire into a difficulty existing in the
        church. Bros. Booth, Rushing, Taylor, Cox, and Beall. To
        view the different places nominated for the building of a
        new meeting house-Bros Rushing, Cox, Pickett, D. Hicks &
        Thos. Stokes were appointed. Church agrees that Bro.
        Beall administer the ordinances of Baptism in the

        October 1828 - Bro. Z. Gordon-Doors opened-none. Bro. B.
        White was found guilty of falsifying his word in 2
        instances. Case laid over. Report from building committee
        was heard. Bro. Beall chosen as deacon.

        November 1828 - Bro. Z. Gordon- Doors opened and
        Elizabeth Brook, Elijah Reynolds were rec?d by exp. Bro.
        White came forward and made satisfactory acknowledgments
        to the charges. They acquitted him of said charges and
        restored him to full fellowship. Sister Elizabeth Brook
        joined at regular session last June but was omitted.

        January 1829 - Bro. Z. Gordon - Doors opened-none. Bro
        Rushing and Bro. J. Cox and Beall applied for letters of
        dismission for children and families. A day of fasting
        and prayer voted for Fri before 4th Sabbath in July and
        to go the choice of preacher and deacon. A letter from
        Providence for ministerial aid was granted. Moved that
        the clerk be Treas. Until a deacon be chosen. Moved that
        Bro. Beall be authorized to aid in the absence of Bro.
        Wm. Rushing on Wed if wanted.

        February 1829 - Bro. Kelly - Rec?d the report of
        yesterday which was the day appointed to go into the
        choice of a preacher and deacon and clerk. Bro Steely was
        made choice as preacher, Bro Kelly for deacon, Bro White
        for clerk. Resolved that Bro White write a letter to Bro
        Steely and Bro McGee to bear it--send to churches-
        Ebenezer, Providence, Mt Carmel for aid to assist in
        ordination of a deacon. Bro Muncus at Ebenezer, White to
        Mt Carmel, McGee to Providence.

        March 1829 - Bro Hooten - Doors opened and Bro Wm. Ltune
        rec?d by letter. Moved and seconded that a title be
        procured for the spot of ground with the meeting house at
        Elim when Bro Booth and Bro McGee were appointed for that

        April 1829 - (blurred) Church agreed that Sister _____
        have a letter of dismission from this church in full
        fellowship. A committee be appointed to inquire into talk
        that is in circulation against a member. Bro Muncus &
        McGee were appointed a charge against Bro White for
        getting very mad and attempting to fight and making use
        of his guns which is an unlawful weapon. Acknowledged to
        by Bro White______and more than sorry for it.

        May 1829 - __________ Met for the purpose of choice of
        preacher for present year. Opened by singing and prayer
        by Bro Kelly, followed by Bro McGee. The choice of
        preacher was Bro Beall unanimously. Bro Booth to write
        letter to Bro Beall and Bro Kelly to bear it. Church in
        conference on Sat before 4th Sun in May. Bro Beall moved
        and seconded that the case of the deed and title for Elim
        Church be taken up. Moved and seconded that the deed for
        the spot of ground and house be taken in the name of the
        Baptist Church Elim and deposited in the hands of the
        Deacon or Deacons for safe keeping. Moved and seconded
        that Bro. Locke case be dismissed. Moved and seconded
        that Bro White?s case be taken up. Moved and seconded
        that the committee report to the church all evidence
        about Bro White?s case. Bro Muncus and Bro Kelly to
        report, and a vote to be taken on Bro White?s case. When
        there being a majority the church agreed to reconsider
        the move & the case laid over till next conference.

        June 1829 - Bro Beall - Doors opened and Bro Isaac
        Childers, Sister Mary Kating, Cynitha Muncus were rec?d
        by exp. Moved that the latter clause of the 9th section
        of the decorum be altered by striky out Moderator. At the
        request of Bro White the church excluded his membership
        from the church. Bro Booth to write a letter of
        dismission for Bro Lock and wife.

        July 1829 - Bro Beall - Doors opened-none. Bro Booth to
        write a letter of dismission for Bro Taylor.

        August 1829 - Bro Beall - Bro Booth chosen as clerk.
        Appointed Bro Price & Reynolds to bear letter to
        Ebenezer, Childre & Pickett to Providence, Booth & Tune
        to Antioch. $1.50 to be sent for minutes. Bro Price was
        chosen for a term of 12 months to care for the church and
        to receive $5.00 for the services.

        October 1829 - Bro Hooten - Bro McGee being dissatisfied
        with the church in the expulsion of a member, applied for
        a letter of dismission.

        November 1829 - Bro Steely - Doors opened- Mary, woman of
        color, property of R. Howe rec?d by letter and Mary Green
        rec?d by exp. Bro Levin McGee came forward and made a
        gospel acknowledgement in accordance and was reinstated
        to full fellowship. Sister Sarah Smith was granted a
        letter of dismission.

        December 1829 - Bro _______. The Church met to go into a
        choice for preacher, when Bro John Ross was unanimously

        December 1829 - Bro Hooten - Doors opened- Lewis Tanner
        was rec?d by exp. Church agreeds to write a letter to Bro
        Ross for the purpose of procuring his services for the
        year 1830. Request for Bro Booth to attend our next
        meeting and Bro Pickett got up and made acknowledgment
        for drinking too much and was forgiven. Sister Elizabeth
        Brook applied for a letter of dismission from the church
        but object to owing to a difficulty existing. Letter

        January 1830 - Bro Kelly - Doors opened and Nancy, woman
        of color, property of Saml. Calhoun was rec?d by exp.
        Bros. Childres and Reynolds applied for letters of

        February 1830 - Bro Horsley - Doors opened- A man of
        color, Sandy, property of D. Terrell, Jr. and Mary Leary
        were rec?d by exp.

        March 1830 - Bro Steely - Doors opened. Church went into
        choice of preacher and Bro Steely was chosen and came
        forward and accepted the call. Henny, a woman of color,
        property of Sister Ann Finny was rec?d by exp. Bro White
        was rec?d by recantation. Bro White was then chosen
        clerk. Bro Pickett wished to know the mind of the church
        respecting Bro Booth and his case of Bro Pickett charges
        Bro Booth of swearing falsely on some interrogation
        against D. Terrell, Jr. Case laid over. Bro Booth to be
        cited to attend our next conference on the above. The
        church has agreed to communion at next meeting. Sister
        Learry?s case for support to be taken up also.

        April 1830 - Bro Steely - Rec?d Bro. Willoby Wrichard and
        Phillis, woman of color, property of Sister Martha
        Lockhart were rec?d by exp. Bros. Price, Muncus, & Kelly,
        White, Tanner were appointed to inquire & report at next
        meeting on charges against Bro. Booth. The decorium to
        reconsidered at next meeting.

        May 1830 - Bro Steely - Bro Booths case to lay over until
        next conference. Communion tomorrow and then attend to
        foot-washing which was done accordingly.

        June 1830 - Bro Steely - Help being present from 4 Sister
        Churches to decide Bro Booths case: He was found not
        guilty of the above charges.

        September 1830 - Bro Steely - Doors opened and Sally,
        woman of color, property of Robert Howe was rec?d by exp.
        Let out the keeping and cleansing of the meeting house to
        Ephraim Heard and wife for the term of 12 months. The sum
        to be paid was $6.00. To be scoured three times and swept
        before every conference.

        October 23, 1830 - Doors opened and church agreed to
        decorum and agreed to elect a clerk at next conference.

        November 1830 - Bro Wm. Tune to exercise the gift of
        prayer and public exhortation in the bounds of said
        church. Granted letters of dismission to the following-
        Willoby Wilchard, Elijah and Cynthia Muncus. Conference

        December 20, 1830 - Bro Henry Pinkston rec?d by letter.
        Bro James Steely was selected to serve as preacher and he
        consented. Granted letters of dismission to Giles Kelly,
        Nancy and Martha Kelly and Mary Keaton.

        January 28, 1831 - Opened door for members and none
        rec?d. Letters of dismission for Martha Lockhart, Henny &
        Phillis, women of color, property of Martha Lockhart,
        Seaborn B. Pickett and Martha Pickett. Conference closed.

        February 1831 - Doors opened and none rec?d. Agreed to
        request from Antioch for help from Bro Lucus Price and
        Lewis Tanner to aid in the restoration of Bro Henry
        Bealle to the ministry if found expedient.

        March 1831 - Doors opened and home rec?d. The church
        being destitute of a preacher at present appointed Bro
        Levin McGee Moderator.

        April 23, 1831 - Bro H. Hooten - Doors opened and none
        rec?d. Resolved that we send to Ebenzer and Providence
        for Ministerial aid.

        April 24, 1831 - Doors opened and Bro Cyrus, man of
        color, property of Wm Northern was rec?d by letter.

        May 21, 1831 - Bro Henry Pinkerston was duly elected as
        deacon. Bro Hooten and Steely ordained him to the office
        of deacon.

        June 25, 1831 - The church of Elim met agreeable to
        decorum. Doors opened and none rec?d. Conference closed
        without business.

        July 23, 1831 - Doors opened and none rec?d. Elected Bro
        B. White, Lewis Tanner delegates, to next association and
        Pinkerson as alternate. Bro. White elected clerk. Milly,
        woman of color, property of Jordan Brooks applied for
        letter of dismission and was objected to by Bro Simon and
        case was laid over.

        August 27, 1831 - Doors opened and Elizabeth Price was
        rec?d by exp. Sister Milly, woman of color, renewed her
        application for letter and still objected to on account
        of some unknown report and Bro White to write to Bro
        Gordon concerning the matter.

        September 23, 1831 - Doors opened - none rec?d. Sister
        May Kean applied for letter of dismission, granted.

        October 22, 1831 - Doors opened-none rec?d. Bro Tune
        elected as deacon. Sent to Antioch, Ebenezer, Providence
        for aid. Bros. McGee, Pinkerston, appointed delegates.
        Levin McGee appointed to keep church in good order for
        the term of 3 months. Bro White is to search for the deed
        for this church and present it to the next conference,
        which was done.

        November 21, 1831 - Bro Steely - Doors opened- none
        rec?d. The ordination of Bro Tune laid over. Bro
        Pinkerton has this day rec?d the deed to the spot of
        ground that the church is upon. The church as agreed to
        raise a fund at next conference to defray expenses of
        said church. Church to go into the choice of preacher at
        next meeting.

        December 25, 1831 - Bro Ross - Doors opened- none rec?d.
        The church chose Bro John Ross unanimously for the next
        year. Bro Tanner paid Sister Heard for keeping house one
        dollar. Bal. due five dollars.

        January 21, 1832 - Bro Ross - Doors opened- none rec?d.
        Received Sister Sarah Smith on voucher of her letter
        being lost. Agreed to let out the house to lowest bidder
        at next conference.

        March 24, 1832 - Bro Steely - Opened a door for members,
        none rec?d. Bro Pinketon applied for letter of dismission
        also William Tune and his wife, Elizabeth, granted. Rec?d
        from Bro Pinketon $2.50 on a church fund. Bro White rec?d
        the towels and table cloths and funds of the church.

        April 21, 1832 - Bro White - Opened a door for members
        and Sister Lydia, woman of color, property of David
        Terrell, Jr. was rec?d by exp. Bro Tune being accused of
        intoxication was taken up when the brother came forward
        and confessed his guilt and made acknowledgement
        necessary and was forgiven and gave him a letter of
        dismission together with his wife.

        May 21, 1832 - Bro Steely - Doors opened and Mary Jackson
        and Olive Cook were rec?d by exp. to Baptism. The church
        agrees to alter her time of holding meeting on the fourth
        to the second in each month.

        July 7, 1832 - Bro Ross - Doors opened- none rec?d. Bro
        White is to furnish the church with wine at the next
        conference for communion.

        11 Aug 1832 Bro. Ross Bro. White & Bro. Turner elected
        delegates to association.

        9 Nov 1832 Bro McGee

        Dec 1832 Bro McGee; Sisters May McGee, Olive Cook, Nancy
        Hicks, Elizabeth Price, and Elizabeth Philips appointed
        to inquire into any matter about female members

        14 Dec 1832 Bro White; Bro Ross selected as preacher;
        Sister Martha Jackson applied for and was granted letter
        of dismission.

        21 Jan 1833 Bro McGee; Called for report on Sister
        Leary?s case, being charged of being pregnant. She did
        not appear at meeting.

        9 Feb 1833 Bro Ross; Sister Mary Leary found guilty of
        being pregnant; therefore was excommunicated.

        23 Mar 1833 Bro. Ross; Sister Frances Roach rec?d by

        27 Apr 1833 Bro ____; Bro Benj. White chosen as deacon.
        Chosen to go for ministerial aid-Bro. Wm. Green & Lewis
        Tanner to Providence, Lucus Price, Levin McGee to
        Ebenezer and to assist in Bro White?s ordination.

        May 1833 Bro. Ross; Bro White ordained as deacon by Bros.
        John Ross and James Steely.

        23 Jun 1833 Bro. Ross; Elizabeth Wallace received by

        21 Jul 1833 Bro White; Bro. Lewis Tanner and B. White
        chosen as delegates to the association.

        24 Aug 1833 Bor White; No members received.

        23 Nov 1833 Bro Ross; Sister Elizabeth Calhoun applied
        for and was granted letter of dismission for self and
        servant, Nancy.

        Dec 1833 Bro McGee; Bro John Ross chosen as preacher for
        next year. Bro. White to write letter to his church
        requesting his services.

        25 Jan 1834 Bro Ross; Bro Shadrack Meeks & wife Jane
        Meeks, Bro David Clark & wife Feriba were received by
        letter. Sister Frances Roach granted letter of
        dismission. BroRoss said could not serve as a supply
        ____. Bro. B. White made acknowledgement for disorderly
        conduct at Barney W. Smithsons.

        22 Feb 1834 Bro Ross; Benjamin White?s case-satisfied by
        acknowledgement and was forgiven.

        22 Mar 1834 Bro Ross; Bro. Isaac Standford received by

        21 Apr 1834 Bro Beall; Sister Lucy Irvin received by

        24 May 1834 Bro Ross; Sister Patsy, woman of color,
        property of H.L. Corbin, rec?d by letter.

        21 Jun 1834 Bro Ross; No members received.

        21 Jul 1834 Bro Steely; Choice of delegates to the
        associations when Bro. B. White and Clark with Tanner as

        29 Jul 1834 Bro Steely; Sister Sarah Tanner received by

        29 Jul 1834 Bro Steely; Sister Sarah Tanner received by

        24 Aug 1834 Bro Ross; No members received.

        21 Sep 1834 Bro White; No members received.

        22 Oct 1834 Bro Ross; Epsy Summerlin rec?d by experience;
        Bro David Clark granted letter of dismission for himself
        and wife, Feriba.

        26 Dec 1834 _______; Bro John Ross chosen as preacher.

        24 Jan 1835 Bro B. White; Bro White to write letter to
        Bro. Isaac Standford requesting him to attend next
        conference and to show cause why he has not attended the
        meetings. Bro. A.B. Cook, (Clerk pro-tem)


        Apr 1835 ______; Took up case of Bro Toby; committee
        reported satisfaction, which was received by the church.

        22 May 1835 Bro Ross; Bro Toby, man of color, property of
        Wm Tobinson charged by Bro Shadrac Meek as denying his
        own statements and a committee appointed to talk to Bro.
        Toby and Bro Meek and try to adjust the matter.
        Appointed were Bros White, McGee, and Cravey to bear the
        letters. The difficulty was settled. Bro Toby applied for
        and was granted letter of dismission. Bro Meek and Cravey
        applied, but it was laid over to next meeting. Note:
        Proceedings of the meetings have been shortened; however,
        all participants and persons mentioned are included.

        27 Jun 1835 Bro Ross; The ordination of J.J. Carson as
        deacon took place with J. Ross, James Steely, Wm Bowden
        assisting. Bro Shadrac Meek and wife, Jane, were granted
        letters of dismission, with Bro Lewis Cravey writing the

        25 Jul 1835 Bro Beall; J.J. Carson and B. White were
        chosen as representatives to the association. Bro. J.J.
        Carson was appointed treasurer of the church.

        21 Aug 1835 Bro Ross; Church in conference.

        22 Aug 1835 Bro Ross; Sister Margaret Cook was received
        by letter.

        Sep 1835 Bro William Bowdon; Bro White, Carson and McGee
        were appointed to prepare a decorum for the church.

        Oct 1835 Bro Ross; J.J. Carson was appointed to raise a
        subscription for the use of Bro Ross

        21 Nov 1835 Bro J.J. Carson; Bro Shadroc Meek and his
        wife, Jane, were received by letter. Sister Cook made
        acknowledgement for making an attempt to take her own
        life; the matter was discussed and laid over. Bro. Price
        and a committee were appointed to labor with Sister
        Cook?s case. Sister Carson and children were to report at
        next conference. Sister Margaret Cook applied for and was
        granted a letter of dismission.

        26 Dec 1835 Bro Carson; Sister Cook?s case taken up and
        she was forgiven.


        The Church held monthly meetings during the year. Serving
        as Moderators were Bro Ross in February, April, May,
        June, October, and December; Bro William Bowden in
        January and September; Bro McGee in March; Bro James
        Steely in August; and Bro White in November. The
        following actions were taken: Lewis Tanner was cited for
        getting drunk-Bro White, McGee and Carson were appointed
        to labor with Bro. Tanner; the church agreed to move to a
        place on the road leading from Calhouns Ferry to
        Knoxville, not far from the bridge on the Aleahatcheo
        (Ulcohatchee); Issac Standford was granted a letter of
        dismission; White, Carson, McGee, Childers, R. Hicks, and
        Esq. Heard were appointed to raise subscriptions and
        alter to the building of church meeting house; Bro
        Tanner?s case discussed, charges proven, and he was
        excommunicated; Delegates elected to the association
        were: J.J. Carson, B. White, and I. Childers; Bro. S.
        Meek and wife requested and were granted letters of
        dismission; Bro Lewis Cravey cited for being drunk and
        upon his acknowledgement, was forgiven; Sister Elizabeth
        Pope, Elizabeth Price, and Sister Nancy Hicks and her
        servant, Simon, applied for and received letters of


        Bro Ross served as Moderator January through May. Others
        serving as Moderators were: Bro J.J. Carson in July and
        August 25th; Bro H. Hooten on August 26th; Bro J.
        Perryman in September and October; and Bro J.W. Durham in
        November. Actions taken during the year were: Sister
        Adaline Corbin, Bro S. Meek and his wife, Sister Emeline
        S. Corbin, Sister May McMullin and her mother (Sister
        Davis), and Sister Elizabeth James were received into
        Church by letter; Thos. Davis received by experience to
        baptize; Bro Lewis Cravey and his wife, Sarah, applied
        for and were granted letters of dismissions; Bro J.J.
        Carson and B. White appointed to bear letter of
        correspondence with Antioch; the Church received a letter
        of correspondence from Antioch by the hands of Bro
        Hatcher and Gaultney; Bro White stated a difficulty
        existed between himself and Bro A. B. Cook, being his
        reason for appointing Bro J. Carson to go with Bro White
        to try and adjust the difficulty, which was done and
        satisfaction obtained; appointed J.J. Carson to attend to
        the matter of selling the old house belonging to the
        Church; in August, Bro. James Perryman was chosen as
        supply preacher for balance of 1837 and 1838, with Bro.
        White to bear a letter to him requesting his services;
        Bro Thomas Davis was chared, proven guilty and
        excommunicated for getting drunk and swearing; the Church
        agreed to raise a subscription for the support of Bro
        Ross family.


        The Church held monthly business meetings during the year
        with Bro Perryman serving as Moderator each meeting
        except as follows: Bro J.W. Durham in April; Bro White in
        July, and Bro William Ross in November. Actions taken
        during the year were: Sister Mary Waller and Elizabeth
        Williford were received by letter; Sister Sarah Collins,
        Miss Eliza Irvin, Miss Mary Hickey, and Sister Priscilla,
        woman of color, property of James Morris, St, were
        received by experience to Baptism; delegates chosen to
        attend the conference at Benevolence, Crawford County,
        were J.J. Carson B. White, and alternate S. Meeks;
        subscription was raised for Bro James Perryman?s services
        in the ministry; Brethren White and J.J. Carson were
        chosen as representatives to the Rehoboth Association; in
        November, Bro Perryman was unanimously chosen as
        preacher; Sister Elizabeth Williford applied for and was
        granted a letter of dismission; J.J. Carson was chosen as
        clerk; Bro Perryman agreed to supply as a preacher for


        Bro Perryman served as Moderator for the year?s monthly
        business meetings except as follows: Bro A.T. Holmes and
        Bro J.B. Devound in July; Bro Austin Ellis in October;
        and Bro Henry Davis in November. The following actions
        were taken: Bro James Morris, Bro Joseph Parker, and
        Sister Margaret Cook were received into Church by letter;
        Sister Seney,, woman of color and property of Robert
        Howe, Bro William Woods, Eliza Wallace, Sister Mary
        Woods, Henry L. and Napoleon B. Corben, Bro Henry Davis
        and Sarah (his wife), Eliza, woman of color and property
        of C.W. Raines, E.B. Wallace, Joseph J. Carstarphen, and
        Bro Casewell Cook were received into the Church by
        experience and baptism; Church agreed to have prayer
        meetings at the Church on Sabbath evenings at 4:00
        o?clock; appointed Bro Carson and Meeks to attend general
        meeting at Lebanon, Crawford Co, Georgia; received Thomas
        Davis by recantation and his pledging himself that he
        would drink no more strong drink or liquors; Brethren J.
        Carson, Jenry Davis and J. Morris were chosen as
        delegates to the association; Brethren and Sister Levin
        McGee and wife Mary D, William Green and Mary Green, his
        wife, and Sarah Tanner applied for and received letters
        of dismission; Bro. J.J. Carson served as Clerk in 1839;
        Bro Perryman was unanimously chosen as preacher for year
        1840 and he accepted.


        Bro Perryman served as Moderator for the monthly business
        meetings except as follows: Bro William Jones in March;
        Bro Jno Hughs in July; and Bro Henry Davis in September;
        and Bro S.M. Durham in December. Actions taken during the
        year were: Sarah Harp, and Harriet Smith were received by
        experience and baptism; letters of dismission were
        applied for and granted during the year to Bro Caswell
        Cook and wife, Bro B. White and wife, Nelly, Sister Mary
        Waller (applied through Bro L. McGee), Sister Mary
        Hickey, Sister Elizabeth Montford, Bro Thomas Davis and
        wife, Mary, and Ann Davis; chosen to replace Bro B. White
        as deacon was Bro Henry Davis; Sister Mary Waller renewed
        her petition for a letter through Bro James Morris which
        was granted; sent to Harmony and Antioch for help to
        ordain Bro Davis in March, with Bro Morris and Mis
        (Meeds?) to bear the letter to Harmony, and Bro H.L.
        Corbin and J.J. Carson to Antioch; Presbytry Bro H.
        Beall, W. Ansley, J.W. Durham, and James Perryman
        proceeded to the ordination with prayer by Bro. Durham,
        examination of church by Bro Ansley, Durham and Perryman,
        ordination prayer and charge by said Bro Beall; J.J.
        Carson transcribed proceedings of the church in a new
        book procured by the church and a committee of H.L.
        Corbin, H. Davis and J.J. Carson examined said book and
        were satisfied; delegates chosen to the association were
        Bro H. Davis and J.J. Carson, and H.L. Corbin in case of
        failure; received a request from Knoxville church through
        Bro Wm Wellons to help to settle a matter of difficulty
        in said church, and Bro H. Davis, Henry L. Corbin, S.
        Meeks, and J.J. Carson were appointed to that work;
        appointed H. Davis and J.J. Carson delegates to the
        general meeting at Knoxville; Bro Perryman was chosen as
        preacher for 1841.


        Moderators for the year?s conferences were: Bro James
        Perryman in January and March; Bro Henry Davis in
        February, August, November, and December; Bro S.M. Durham
        in April; Bro Robert Flemming in June. Members received
        by letter were: Sister Sarah Hobbs, Sister Caroline
        Childers, and Sister Mary Murcherson. Bro David G. Cooper
        was received by experience. Letters of dismission were
        granted to: Sister Elizabeth Wallace, and Sister Nancy
        Hambrick. Other actions taken during the year were:
        William Woods was requested to attend the conference for
        non attendance and other causes with N. B. Corbin and
        Joseph J. Carson to serve on that committee; William
        Woods was charged with contempt of church, unchristian
        conduct, and fighting; Bro H.L. Corbin, H. Davis, and S.
        Meeks were appointed to labor with Bro Woods; Bro William
        Woods case was taken up in May when he made
        acknowledgements which were satisfactory; Bro Joe Carson
        and Henry L. Corbin were chosen as delegates to
        conference with Henry L. Corbin in case of failure; Bro
        Henry L. Corbin and J. J. Carson were appointed to attend
        the general meeting at Mount Zion, Crawford County, GA in
        October; Bro James Perryman was unanimously chosen for
        preacher for 1842, with the exception of one vote.


        Moderators for the year?s conferences were: Bro Perryman
        in January, May and July; Bro H. Davis in February,
        April, June, and September; Bro H. Bell in March; Bro
        Sanders W. Durham in August. Members received by letter
        were: Sister Harrieite L. Brantley, Jonah Pierson and
        wife. Members received by experience and baptism were:
        Miss Libby Rowe; Elizer Southall; Martin L. Harp; Edmund
        Killabrew and wife, Ann Killabrew; Mary M. Kickirson;
        Isabella Murchison; William B. White and wife, Alley
        White; Lewis Glissen; Catherine Murchison; John G.
        Carson; John Pierson; Ann Moody; Mary Corbin; Wiley
        McGee;Susanna Boyt; Theodosia Jarrall; Tom, man of color
        and property of Thomas G. Smith, Wesley Rickerson; Elvira
        Rickerson; Elendor Murchison; John England, Nelson, man
        of color and property of Jas J. Carson; Elizer McGee; Jas
        J. Wellons; Mary J. Herd; Judy, woman of color and
        property of Colin Murchison; Alexander D. W. Bateman;
        Jacob Hobbs; Elizabeth Hicks; Mary Pierson; Peter, man of
        color and property of William M. Brown; Mary, woman of
        color and property of Thomas C. Carstarphen; Kindred
        Boyt; Jerrushia Rickerson; Rachael Laurence; Ishmael
        Moody; and Sarah Ervin. Letters of dismission were
        granted to Sister Harriett L. Brantley; Liddia, woman of
        color and property of David Terrell; Bro Lewis Glissen
        and wife, Theodosia Glissen; and Bro John England. Bro
        David G. Cooper was excluded from the church upon the
        charge against him (charge not shown). A charge of having
        used profane language and leaving the church in disorder
        was made against Bro A.D. W. Bateman, with Bro Woods,
        Hicks and Childers being appointed to inquire into his
        case. In October Bro A.D. W. Bateman was further charged
        with making off with a horse that was not his own, and he
        was excluded from the church. Bros H.L. Corbin, M.L.
        Harp, and W.B. White were delegates to the general
        meeting held in Knoxville Community in November. Brother
        James Perryman was unanimously chosen as pastor for the
        year 1843.


        Those recorded as moderators for the monthly conferences
        were: Bro James Perryman in January, June, July; Bro H.
        Davis in March; Bro B. Sanders Durham in April; Bro Jesse
        Wood in May. (Moderators were not recorded for some of
        the conferences.) Received into the church by letter
        were: Bro Julis C. Lockhart and Bro Samuel Kelly.
        Letters of dismission were granted to: Bro Joseph J.
        Carstarphen, Bro John Wellons, Bro Shaderack Meek and
        wife, Bro William Wood and wife, Bro Simon Millirons,
        Sister Eliza Southall, Bro Edmun Killebrew and wife, Bro
        Josiah Pierson and wife and daughter, and Sister Eliza
        James. Those persons received by experience and baptism
        were: Sister Lucinda Rickerson; Bro Simion Millirons;
        Sister Winsid Pain; Sister Polly, woman of color and
        property of H. L. Corbin; Issac, man of color and
        property of Timothy Brazel; Reter, woman of color and
        property of Green P. Harp. Other conference actions taken
        during the year were: Bro N. B. Corbin was appointed as
        clerk to fill the vacancy of Bro J.J. Carson, removed;
        Bros J.J. Carson and Henry L. Corbin with Henry Davis in
        case of failure were chosen as delegates to the
        association; and Bro James Perryman was unanimously
        chosen as preacher for 1844.


        The only moderators listed for the 1844 church
        conferences were Bro Gardner in March and Bro Davis in
        November. Members received into the church by letter
        were: Bro Lewis Glisson and his wife, Theodosia; Sister
        Nancy Pitman; Bro Joseph Carstarphen; Sister Nancy
        Fitchpatrick; Black Sister named Easter, property of W.B.
        White. Letters of dismission were granted to: Sister
        Elizabeth Hicks; Sister Elizabeth Philips; Bro and Sister
        Wiley McGee; and Sister Sarah ____; Sister Mary Corbin;
        Bro Joseph Parker. Actions during the year were: Sister
        Sibby Pearson was charged with fornication; Sisters
        Carson, Corbin and Hobbs were appointed to inquire into
        the particulars; the church excluded Sister Pearson,
        having lost confidence in her; a charge was preferred
        against Bro S. Meeks, E. Killebrew, J. Pearson, and
        Sister Meek, Pearson, Killebrew, Sister Woods, and Sister
        Polly Pearson for truce breaking; Bro Childers, Davis and
        Carson were appointed t
      3. Title: Data on Steely
        Text: MUSCOGEE COUNTY GA Bible Record - Steely,

        File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by
        Kevin Steely

        Elijah M.D. Steely married Jane (Stevens?) Columbus, GA

        [Children of Elijah and Jane Steely]
        Sarah Ann Elizabeth Steely born April 28th 1842
        James Polk Steely: born August 28th 1843
        Frances Moselle Steely born Nov 18th 1846
        John Henry Clay Steely born Jan 7th 1845.

        Henry Clay Steely married Mitilda (Haire) Steely
        [Their children]
        Lizzie Steely born Oct 1st 1871
        Jim Steely born Oct 20 1873
        Johnie Steely born Nov 30 1875
        All of Columbus Georgia.

        James Polk Steely & Mary Elizabeth (Culpepper) Steely. Muscogee county GA.

        The mother
        Mary Elizabeth Culpepper was born June 24,1849

        Fannie Weston Steely was born August 7, 1869
        William Gadson Steely was born Sept 8,1873
        Clay Malingen Steely was born July 6,1874
        James Wesley Steely was born July 30,1876
        Charles Christfur Steely was born August 19,1878

        Here are some marriages in the Bible:

        Henry Clay Steely married Matilda Haire, 1871,Muscogee county.
        (see below letter confirming Matilda's birth date)

        Sarah Ann Elizabeth Steely married John B. Fannen Apr 1, 1856
        Frances Mozella Steely married Henry R. Smith Oct 11,1864

        Elijah Steely and Jane Stevens were both members of Liberty Baptist Church, Columbus GA (The y Were Here; South West Georgia Genealogical Journal)

        Columbus GA, April 1885
        My Dear sister i take my pen hand to drop you a few lines to let you "no" that we got your le tter a few days "a go"and was glad to hear from you and to hear that you all was well this le aves us all well at this time we have not much to "right" this next time we will have more. " hear" is your age Matilda Haire was "bornd" the 17 of July 1851 you are 34 years So good by " right" soon as you get this. Henriette Haire.

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        electronic pages cannot be reproduced in any format for profit or other
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        1850 Muscogee Census
        349 STEELY Mrs. Jane 26
        349 STEELY Sarah A. E. 9
        349 STEELY James Polk 6
        349 STEELY Henry Clay 6
        349 STEELY Frances M. 1 Female
        Stewart County Georgia - Biography - Rev. Bryant W. Steeley 1810 - 1858
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        Charlene Parker" <> Oct 2002

        Bryant W. Steeley came into the Bethel Association in 1852 and resided at Lumpkin, Stewart Co unty, Georgia and began the pastorate of churches in this Association. We are unable to rec ord his birth
        or the exact date of his death. Other than that he died in the year 1858, after giving six y ears of his life to the ministry within the bounds of the Bethel Association. He did not en joy the advantages
        of a literary education, but he was emminently useful on account of his piety, humility, an d devotion to the works assigned to him by the Head of the church. His life was such as t o gain the full confidence of his brethren, and all who knew him. In his death he expresse d his entire confidence and resignation to that Saviour who died to redeem him, feeling tha t for him to die was gain. Oh! That we who survive him may, like him, be sustained by th e Master until our change shall come.

        Stewart County Georgia - Biography - Rev. Charles S. Gaulden 1812 - 1884
        "He served as deacon of the Lumpkin church for a number of years, and was called by it and th e Summer Hill Church, in the same county, to ordination in 1855. He was pastor of the latte r church and Shady
        Grove; Pleasant Grove, after the death of Rev. W. R. Steely; and of the Lumpkin church afte r the removal of Rev. E. W. Warren to Macon."

        Georgia Marriages Crawford County Delk, Frances - Steely, Bryant M. Marriage Date: 02 Sep 183 8
        Georgia Marriages Crawford County Bateman, Blount H. - Steely, Sarah E. Marriage Date: 28 De c 1829
        Georgia Marriages Crawford County Jones, Mary A. - Steely, Charles M. Marriage Date: 02 Sep 1 840
        Georgia Marriages Laurens County Coats, Piety - Steely, William R. Marriage Date: 21 Dec 184 3
        Georgia Marriages Pike County Hill, Eulive - Martin, Steely Marriage Date: 11 Nov 1831
        Georgia Marriages Pike County Pennell, Sarah - Steely, Benjamin Marriage Date: 02 Dec 1832
        Georgia Marriages Upson County Brown, Arpey - Steeley, John R. Marriage Date: 08 Nov 1841

        1820 Baldwin Co. Ga page 36
        James Steely 4m 0/10, 1m 26/45; 2f 0/10, 1f 26/45

        1840 Muscogee Co. Ga page 315
        B. W. Steely 1 male 20/30; 1 female 0/5, 1f 10/15, 1f 30/40
        1840 Crawford Co. page 365
        James Steely 1m 15/20, 1m 50/60; 1 f 15/20, 1 f 50/60

        1850 Stewart Co. GA page 53
        203- Bryant Steely 40 Ga Baptist Clergyman
        Frances 43 Ga
        Mary 15 GA
        Martha 10 Ga
        A. F. 5 Ga female

        STEELY, FRANCES State: GA Year: 1860 County: Stewart County Record Type: Federal Populatio n Schedule
        Township: Lumpkin P.O. Page: 328 Database: GA 1860 Federal Census Index

        CENSUS YR: 1850 STATE: Georgia COUNTY: Wilkinson REEL NO: M432-87 SHEET NO: 363A
        REFERENCE: Enumerated on 11 September, 1850 by Joel Deese; PAGE NO: 724

        11 357 357 Downs Amandy 32 F G a X
        12 357 357 Downs George 12 M Ga
        13 357 357 Steely John R. 7 M Ga
        14 357 357 Steely Mary 5 F Ga
        15 357 357 Steely Sary Ann H. 3 F Ga

        WILKINSON COUNTY, GA -HISTORY - Davidson's History of Wilkinson County
        Part 4

        Copyright. All rights reserved.

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        Archives by: Nolan Stuckey

        Table of Contents page:
        Georgia Table of Contents:


        Arranged by Mrs. J.W. Hooks

        AYCOCK, MARY - John Evans

        ADAMS, NANCY - Nathaniel Shepherd

        ADAMS, MARY - Sanders Armest

        ADAMS, SALEY - Peter Leathers

        ADAMS, MARTHA - Drewing Loyds

        ADAMS, SARA ANN - Josiah Stevens

        ARNETT, ELIZABETH - Kinmon Dixon

        ADES, NANCY - W.W. Collins

        ADKINS, CATHERINE F. - John N. Vanlandingham

        ADKINS, PENELOPE - John Vanlandingham

        ARRINGTON, DELANA - William L. Bloodworth

        ALLDAY, MARY - Tilmon Barlow

        ALLEN, SUSAN - Abraham Pitts

        ANDREW, ANN - Washington Collins

        ASHLEY, ELIZABETH - James Bloodworth

        ATKINSON, SOPHIA - John Meredith

        AYCOCK, MARY - Abraham Stevens

        ALLEN, NANCY - Wiley Weaver

        AMERSON, MARIA - John M. Beck

        ARD, SARAH F. - Wagner Eyland

        ARNOLD, SOPHIA - Alexander Passmore

        AVEY, ELIZABETH - James Howell

        BAKER, RUTH - Franklin Bragg

        BAILE, SUSAN - Robert Noles

        BALES, LAMANDA - John Lowery

        BALES, ARTIMISSA - William Lavender

        BALES, ARTIMISSA - William Cato

        BALLARD, MARTINSSY - Daniel McCook

        BARBEE, CUZZY - Joseph Meadows

        BARBER, MELISSA - Thomas Davis

        BARBER, AISLEY - Needham Falk

        BARFIELD, SARAH - Ira Bell

        BARFIELD, MARTHA - Daniel Webb

        BARLOW, MARY ANN - Jeremiah Ward

        BARLOW, RHODY - James Hoover

        BARNES, ELIZABETH E. - John A.G. Lewis

        BARNET, ANNA - Jacob Johnson

        BARNES, JURISHA - James Stevens

        BASKIN, MARY - David M.C. McMurren

        BATCHELOR, SABRINA - Thomas Lester

        BAGGS, ELIZABETH - Charles Stewart

        BAILEY, MARY - Jesse Crumbly

        BALES, NANCY - David Wheeler

        BALES, LYDIA - Samuel Bloodworth

        BALLARD, EVALINE - Matthew Jones

        BARBEE, ANNA - Richard Taylor

        BARBER, MATILDA - Nathaniel Shepherd

        BARBER, JULIAN - Robert F. Fruney

        BARFIELD, SILVIA - Brice Ragan

        BARFIELD, ELIZABETH - Absolom Cobb

        BARLOW, PARNELIA - Coleman Keen

        BARLOW, EADY - James Deck

        BARLOW, MALINDA C. - John Etheridge

        BARNET, SARAH - John Jones

        BARNET, MAGGY L. - Thomas Hooks

        BARRON, SARAH - Elisha Tinney

        BATCHELOR, REBECCA - Jackson Fountain

        BEALL, EPSY - James Andrews

        BEALL, ARG - Samuel Peace

        BEALL, MISSOURI - Thomas Beall

        BEALL, MASEY - William F. Boggs

        BEALL, SARAH - James Logan

        BEALL, ELIZABETH - John Gibson

        BEAN, CELIA - Seaborn Pearse

        BECK, EPSY - Charles Hooks

        BECK, ARRA - John McQuaig

        BECK, MARY - James Temples

        BECK, ELSAD ANN M. - Jackson Amerson

        BELL, MARY - Solomon Ward

        BELLFLOWER, ANN - Aaron Davis

        BERRY, SARAH - Micajah Davenport

        BILLINGS, MARY - John W. Lord

        BLACKBURN, NANCY - John Hathorn

        BLOODWORTH, ELIZABETH - Thomas G. Dicks

        BLOODWORTH, MRS. MARY E. - John R. Fuller

        BLOODWORTH, EDNA ANN - John E. Beck

        BEALL, ELIZA - John Hickman

        BEALL, EPHRY B. - Icullier Z. Buchotter

        BEALL, MARY E. - Edward B. Barrett

        BEALL, PATSEY - Thomas Smith

        BECK, ELIZA - Wiley G. Weaver

        BECK, TAMSEY - Wiley G. Weaver

        BECK, ANN - David Harrington

        BECK, MARY ANN - William W. Weaver

        BELL, ELIZABETH - Major Collins

        BELL, SARAH ANN - John Fountain

        BENNING, JANE I. - Joseph Boone

        BILLINGS, JANE - John Weaver


        BISHOP, SARAH - William Ross

        BLOODWORTH, MARY - Henry Hoover

        BLOODWORTH, MARY - Elijah Ballad

        BLOODWORTH, JANE - Robert Charters

        BLOODWORTH, MARTHA - William I.Shepherd

        BLOODWORTH, SORIPHTON - Jesse Rustin

        BLOODWORTH, ZANA - D.M. Beck

        BLOODWORTH, REBECKAH - Martin A. Bedford


        BLOODWORTH, CATHERINE A. - D. Augustus Pennington

        BLOODWORTH, ELIOT - Allen B. James

        BOALS, MARY - Martin G. Phillips

        BOLL, HARRIET - James Ward

        BOON, MARTHA - Wiley Meredith

        BOYINGTON, MARY - John McMullen

        BRACEWELL, ARTINESSA - William I. Vann

        BRADLEY, SARAH - William Davidson

        BRADY, ELIZA - John Hurston

        BRADY, MARGERY - James Ballard

        BRAGG, ANNA - Samuel Cannon

        BRAGG, MARY M. - Thomas Gibson

        BRANAN, ALZADA - Larkin Parker

        BLOODWORTH, MARTHA E. - Adam Gresham

        BLOODWORTH, MARGARET - Joel Leslie


        BLOODWORTH, FRANCES E. - W.A. Kirkland

        BLOODWORTH, MARY - James Dicks

        BLOW, MARTHA M.R. - Joseph C. Edwards

        BOGGS, SARY - Isaieth Dykes

        BOON, MARY ANN - Henry Davis

        BOSTWICK, L.S.R. - Josiah H. Jones

        BOYINGTON, MARTHA - Constantine B. Anderson

        BRADLEY, SARAH - James Goodman

        BRADY, MARY JANE - John B.A. Bloodworth

        BRADY, HARRIET - John McGowin

        BRADY, MARTHA - James Ballard

        BRAGG, GRACY - Richard L. Rivers

        BRANAN, ALMITA - Thomas Temples

        BRANAN, SARA - J.E. Holland

        BRANAN, ELIZABETH - Burrel Holder

        BRANAN, WINNEY - Othnil McCook

        BRANAN, ELIZABETH - Harris Etheridge

        BRANAN, SARAH - Love Herndon

        BRANAN, FRANCES - Joseph Ethridge

        BRAZIEL, ELIZABETH - Aaron Carr

        BREWER, SARAH - John Johnson

        BREWER, MARTHA - Jesse Waters

        BREWER, ELIZABETH - Irwin Lambert

        BREWER, MATILDA - William R. Ryle

        BREWER, BETHINA - Frederick Barfield

        BRIGHT, LYDIA - Chisley Pervis

        BROOKS, MARY W. - John R. Beall

        BROOKS, SARAH - Henry Ward

        BROWN, REBECCA M.A. - William Brown

        BROWN, LYDIA - James Garrott

        BROWN, SARA F. - W.F. Hoover

        BROWN, ANN - Benjamin Clark

        BRUNER, ELIZABETH - Francis John

        BRANAN, KISSANDRA - Jacob Gainey

        BRANAN, SARAH J. - James A. Lindsey

        BRANAN, R. - R.D. McCullars

        BRANAN, CATHERINE - Richard S. Smith

        BRAWN, MARY - Jesse Carrol

        BREWER, SARAH - Isaac Fort

        BREWER, MARTHA - Thaddeus Ward

        BREWER, OLIVE - Washington Taylor

        BREWER, MARTHA - John Brooks

        BREWER, MAY - Andrew Wynn

        BRIDGES, NANCY - William W. Collins

        BREEDLOVE, ELIZA A. - Jesse A.W. Peacock

        BROOKS, MARGARET M. - John S. Batson

        BROWN, SARAH - John M. McDonald

        BROWN, NANCY - John E. McConnel

        BROWN, MELVINA JANE - John McNeal

        BROWN, MARY - William Brown

        BROWN, M.J. - J.G. Carswell

        BRYANT, TABITHA - William I. Sears

        BUCKHOLTS, MARY - James Butler

        BULLOCK, MARIAH - Allen Brooks

        BULLOCK, ELIZABETH - Samuel Rutherford

        BULLOCK, MARY - John G.R. Hogan

        BURKE, ELIZABETH - Samuel Meredith

        BUSH, ELIZABETH N.- William L. Wladen

        BUSH, SARAH - Joseph Boatwright

        BUSH, EMELINE P. - Samuel A. Ussery

        BUSH, ZILPHA - James N. Hall

        BUSTIN, CAROLINE - Benjamin I. Howard

        BUTLER, NANCY - Christopher Smith

        BUTLER, JANE - James M. Knight

        BUTLER, POLLY - James Smith

        BUTLER, TERESA - William Cummings

        BUDD, ELIZABETH - William Fountain


        BULLOCK, LYDIA - Jesse Martin

        BULLOCK, MATILDA - Henry McCullars

        BURKE, SARAH - Wiley Philips

        BURNEY, MALINDA E. - Mack Early Boatwright

        BURNEY, MALINDA E. - Mack Early Boatwright

        BUSH, CYNTHA - Newton Bullock

        BUSH, SUSANNAH J. - Eldridge E. Kemp

        BUSH, ELIZABETH - Morgan Kemp

        BUTLER, MRS. MARY - Daniel Thomas

        BUTLER, EMELINA - James Adams

        BUTLER, MAHALA - Simon Stuckey

        BUTLER, SARA ANN - -nfield Levington

        CALHOUN, SARAH ANN - James W. Gray

        CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH - Jesse Pearse

        CANNON, PHEBA ANN - James Pearse

        CANNON, LEAH I., - Joel I Loften

        CANNON, KEYSIAH - J.L. Hancock

        CALHOUN, MARY JANE E. - James W. Gray

        CANIDAY, MARY - Benjamin Porter

        CANNON, LUCRETIA - Wiley Fordham

        CANNON, FRANCES ANN - Thomas Dixon

        CANNON, ARGENT - Etheland Ogburn

        CANNON, V.I. - George W. Payne

        CANNON, MRS. CATHERINE - John Edmunson

        CARRIOT, MARTHA - Coarnellius Brady

        CARROLL, MARTARET - Robert Freeman

        CARR, ELIZABETH - John W. Manderson

        CARR, MARY ANN - Sabriel Jones

        CARR, MANDA - James E. Butler

        CARR, MARY LUCINDAY - John W. Meadows

        CARR, SUSANNAH - James M. Langford

        CARR, MARGARET - James Bloodworth

        CATO, ELIZABETH - Willis Stapleton

        CAWLEY, ELIZABETH - John Freeman

        CHANDLER, SARAH - Richard Horn

        CANDLER, DICCY - Bartley Stevens

        CHANDLER, ERINDA - Elijah Cook

        CHAMBERS, ELIZABETH - Calvin Dean

        CHAMBERS, REBECCA - Jackson W. Ussery

        CHAMBERS, REBECCA - William Garrett

        CHAMBERS, SABRINA - James Fountain

        CANNON, MILBRA - Jackson Ryles

        HARDIE, RUTHE - Cornelius Batcheller

        CARROLL, MARY E. - John Spears

        CARROLL, TABITHA - William A. Batson

        CARR, BETSY ANN - Allan Dykes

        CARR, SAPHONA - William R. Parker

        CARR, SARAH ANN - James W. Cross

        CARR, MARY ANN - Robert Johnson

        CARR, ELIZABETH - Samuel Meredith

        CARSWELL, SARAH J., - John Baurke

        CAULEY, LISHA - John Bailey

        CERREN, POSHANS - Elbert Daumany

        CHANDLER, SAFRONA - William Ussery

        CHANDLER, ELIZABETH - David Avery

        CHANDLER, JANE - Stephen Sutton

        CHAMBERS, MARTHA - John D. Freeman

        CHAMBERS, POLLY - Rodie Johnson

        CHAMBERS, JULIA - William K. Methvin

        CHAMBERS, AMERICA - George Lord

        CHAPMAN, ELIZABETH - John F. Ryle

        CHERRY, DELINA - William Merchant

        CHEWING, ELIZA - John Smith

        CHILLEY, MARTHA - Zachariah Collins

        CHUMING, MATILDA - Oliver W. P. Ashley

        CHRISTWELL, HANETH - John Rains

        CLARK, SUSANNAH - Daniel Jones

        CLAY, SALLIE - T.J. Jordan

        CLEMENS, POLLY - Thomas Philips

        COBB, MARY - John C. Leslie

        COBB, ELIZABETH - Joseph Ellis

        COBB, NANCY - Wiley Smith

        COLLINS, CORNELIA - Anderson A. Williams

        COLLINS, SUSAN J. - Elbert Rutherford

        COLLINS, CALEY - William Carrington

        COLLINS, NARCISSA - John Kemp

        CONE, JUDY - John Crumbly

        COOK, ELIZAR - Stephens Passmore

        COOK, TABYTHA - Daniel Avery

        CHERRY, PAYSEY - Daniel Hooks

        CHERRY, RENA - Lovet Jenkins

        CHESTER, SARAH A. - William Daniel

        CHILES, ELIZABETH - John Marshall

        CHRISTINE, ANN - William Smallwood

        CLARK, RHODY A. - Dennis Grayham

        CLAY, LUCINDA - Harrison Etheridge

        CLAY, MARTHA - Steven J. Lord

        COATS, NANCY - Josiah Dominy

        COBB, SARAH ANN ELIZABETH - Levi Mathews

        COBB, RHODA - Washington Butler

        COLLINS, PRISCILLA - Franklin Rutherford


        COLLINS, MARY - Tilmon Barlow

        COLLINS, MARY J. - James Cherry

        COLLINS, NANCY - James Vaughn

        COLLY, NANCY - Cader Price

        CONE, JUDY - Eliazer Crumley

        COOK, SEALY - Jesse Leslie

        COOK, ELIFAIR J. - John M. Salter

        COOK, PATSY - Nicholas Lewis

        COOP, REBECCA - Samuel Ridgill

        COOPER, REBECCA - Franklin Boon

        COPELAN, REBECCA - Miles Smith

        COX, MARY - John Sanders

        CRAFT, FRANCIS - Moses Daniel

        CRAWFORD, ELIZABETH - Talbot Bell

        CRISSWELL, ANNA - Green Dupriest

        CROSS, MARY - John Patterson

        CRUMBY, REBECCA F. - Daniel Ussery

        CRUMBLY, NANCY - Obediah Wynn

        CRUMPTON, ELASIA - Thomas McMurren

        CRUTCHFIELD, SARAH ANN - Cebron Waters

        CULPEPPER, ELIZABETH, William Ryles

        CURREY, CELY - Tibisha Lasseter

        COOK, M.E. - James F. Pruit

        COOPER, PEGGY - Joseph Taylor

        COOPER, SUSAN ANN - James Bullock

        COWART, SARAH - Beverly Christopher

        CRAFT, MARTHA - M.V. Eason

        CRAFT, BEADY - Martin L. Clanch

        CRISON, FRANCES - James Kemp

        CRISWELL, POLLY - Robert Peters

        CROSS, SAVEL - Roland I. Sanders

        CRUMBLY, CYNTHA - John B. Ussery

        CRUMBLY, BETSY - James Howell

        CRUMPTON, SARAH - Jesse Dunn

        CRUTCHFIELD, ANN, - James Waters

        CURRY, PENNEY - Henry Lasseter

        DANCY, FRANCES - William Rolls

        DAUGHMANY, ANN ELIZABETH - William Mathis

        DAVIS, ELIZA N. - Thomas M. Freeman

        DAVIS, MARTHA - Rias Swails

        DABAGE, MISSOURI - Coarnelius Bachelor

        DANIEL, NANCY - David Ennis

        DAVIS, MRS. SARAH - John Williams

        DAVIS, BETSY - Elias Barnes

        DAVIS, MEPONRI OCTAVIA - Harvey M. Freeman

        DAVIS, NANCY - James Welch

        DAVIS, RACHAEL - James Dean

        DAVIS, MARTHA - James C. Bowers

        DAVIDSON, MARY - Lionel Lee

        DAVIDSON, SARAH A. - A.A. Collins

        DAVIDSON, ELIZABETH - Bryant Roberts

        DARMAN, LUCINDA - James Welch

        DAVIDSON, LAVINA - Richard Porter

        DAY, CAROLINE M. - James B. Jones

        DEAN, LAMANDA - James F. Goodman

        DEAN, ELIZABETH M. - John N.E. Davis

        DEAN, SARAH - Jackson Stuckey

        DEANS, SIZASNAH - Sevi Charistopher

        DEESE, ELIZABETH - John Stephens

        DEASON, JANE - John Bush

        DEASON, NANCY - William Smith

        DENNARD, ELLIFAIR - Clayton Beall

        DELK, ZILPHREY - Robert Gauley

        DICKS, NANCY - John Mathews

        DAVIS, CAROLINE - John W. Dicks

        DAVIS, JANE - William B. Colly

        DAVIS, VICY - John Dixon

        DAVIDSON, WINNEY - Richard Porter

        DAVIDSON, ELIZABETH - William L. Collins

        DAVIDSON, AGATHA - Charles Tripp

        DAVIDSON, WINNY - Eli Sears

        DAVIDSON, LYDIA - Absolem Jordan

        DAY, ELIZABETH - Charles Boyington

        DEAN, NANCY - Robert H. Goodman

        DEAN, MARTHA E. - James Freeman

        DEAN, ELIZABETH - William Vanlandingham

        DEESE, MARY - Jimpsey Thompson

        DEESE, EPSY - John A. Robinson

        DEASON, JEMIMA - Lawrence Smith

        DEES, JOEL - Williamson Crawford

        DELK, LUCY - Noel Pittman

        DELK, LUCRETIA - Alamarine Marshall

        DISMUKE, POLLY - Ellis Mahon

        DIXON, ANN - Jamees Ventrees

        DIXON, MARTHA - Jesse Ussery

        DIXON, POLLY - Allen Chambers

        DIXON, MARTHA - John F. Evans

        DIXON, NANCY - Mason Hartley

        DOKE, JENNY - John Spence

        DOMINI, ANNA - Robert Fordham

        DORMANY, AILSY - Greenbury Daniel


        DORMINY, MALINDA - John J. Bird

        DOWNING, SARAH ANN - Arcellus Leslie

        DUNN, MARTHA - William Fuller

        DUPREE, NANCY - William Gray

        DUPREE, ANN - William Breedlove

        DUPREE, MARY - Joseph Davidson

        DUPREE, NANCY - William Bowen

        DUPREE, MARY D. - Alexander Rawls

        DUPREE, CYNTHA - George W. Bishop

        DUSH, BECKY EMILY - Isaac Jones

        DYKES, WINNA - Larkin S. McConnell

        DIXON, LOUISA - Cjhampion Butler

        DIXON, ANNA - Peter Ussery

        DIXON, ELIZABETH A. - Wright Sheffield

        DIXON, SUSANNA - Abraham I. Fairchild

        DIXON, MARY E. - Hansford Hall

        DOKE, SARAH - Jesse Procter

        DON, MARY - John Cone

        DORMINY, MARY ANN - Jeremiah Fordham

        DOUGHTRY, MARY - John Belflower

        DUNCAN, MARGARET ANN - William Howell

        DUPREE, MARY - William D. Cony

        DUPREE, ELSEY - Joshua Walker

        DUPREE, SARAH - James Billue

        DUPREE, ELLEN H. - Matthew J. Carswell

        DUPREE, NANCY - John W. Bishop

        DUPREE, SARAH I. - William A. Cannon

        DUPRIEST, CHARITY - William Sawer

        DYER, REBECCA - James W. Cumbiss

        DYKES, E.M. - T.F. Brewer

        EADY, MARY - Samuel Pitman

        EADY, ELIZABETH - William Thompson

        EADY, MARTHA - Daniel Pittman

        EADY, HARRIET - William Colsaw

        EADY, ELIZA - Cran Davis

        EASTER, MARTHA ANN - Robert Warren

        ECOM, MARIAH - Marshall King

        ELLINGTON, RACHAEL B. - John Freeman

        ELLIS, RACHEL M. - Robert Greer

        ELLIS, SALLY - John Knight

        ELLIS, BETSY ANN - Griffin Smith

        ELLIS, NANCY - James Smith

        ETHERIDGE, MARY ANN - John Hancock

        ETHERIDGE, ELIZABETH - Jesse Maccy

        ETHERIDGE, TABYTHA - Archibald Hooks

        ETHERIDGE, NANCY - Leroy Fleetwood

        ETHERIDGE, MAY ELIZABETH - William Thompson

        ETHERIDGE, ELLY - Thomas Cass

        ETHERIDGE, MARIETTA - Wingfield S. Pierce

        ETHERIDGE, NICY - Samuel Andrews

        ETHERIDGE, LUCINDA - Jonathon C. Pearson

        ETHERIDGE, HEATHA - John Pearse

        ETHERIDGE, SARAH ANN - Thomas I. Cooper

        ETHERIDGE, NANCY - John Noles

        ETHERIDGE, MARGARET - John McCarroll

        ETHERIDGE, HOPY - Harmond Jackson

        ETHERIDGE, AMELIA - George W. Tarpley

        ETHERIDGE, DAMARIUS - John Wheeler

        ETHERIDGE, MARTHA - James Branan

        ETHERIDGE, SARAH - John T. Branan

        ETHERIDGE, AMELIA - John Hooks

        ETHRIDGE, NANCY - Amos Bentley

        ETHRIDGE, CEALY - John Berkett

        EVERS, SARAH ANN - James Smith

        EXUM, MATILDA - Elbert Collins

        EXUM, FRANCES - Joseph Davidson

        FAIRCLOTH, NICY - Edward Simpson

        FANN, FRANCES - John McCracking

        FARMER, ELIZABETH - William Holder

        FARMER, ANJALINE - David Humphreys

        FARMER, HARRIET - Jesse Holder

        FARMER, CAROLINE - William W. Goldin

        FAULK, LYDIA - William Payne

        FINNEY, SARAH - Benjamin Lewis

        FLEETWOOD, AMELIA A. - John D. Hicks

        FORD, SAVANNAH - Allen Albritton

        FORD, MARY - David Tindol

        FORDHAM, MARY ANN - Joseph E. Dominy

        FORDHAM, OLEN - Thomas Dupree

        FORDHAM, MARTHA - C.P. Rawls

        FORDHAM, JANE - Simeon Ellington

        FORDHAM, ALSEY - James Daniel

        FORDHAM, ELSY - Daniel Dawsey

        FORT, MARTHA - William Ward

        FORT, SUSAN - William M. Dennard

        FORT, REBECCA - Jack Brooks

        FOUNTAIN, LUCY ANN - Richard Hatfield

        FOUNTAIN, SARAH - James Ward

        FOUNTAIN, SABRINA - John Bachelor

        FOURTAIN, ELIFAIR - Harry Cook


        FOUNTAIN, CESSEAT (KEZIAH) - Enoch Garrett

        FOUNTAIN, SARAH E. - Joseph Hern

        FOUNTAIN, SARAH - Arthur Sanders

        FOUNTAIN, POLLY - John Nalus

        FRAZAR, WINIFRED - James Paul

        FRAZER, MARY - Robert Rozier

        FRAZIER, ELIZA F. - Nathaniel Gibson

        FRAZURE, LOUISA - James Cherry

        FREED, AMELIA - Alexander Baum

        FREEMAN, CIVILITY - Hiliard McGowin

        FREEMAN, MARY AMANDA - John H. Freeman

        FREEMAN, LOUISA - Josiah Wynn

        FREEMAN, MARTHA - Joseph Hatfield

        FREEMAN, MARY - Willis Chambers

        FREEMAN, HARRIOT N. - James I. Rigby

        FREEMAN, LUCY - William Pickerin

        FREEMAN, CHANA - John J. Stanton

        FREEMAN, CELIA - Samuel M. Nesmith

        FREEMAN, NANCY ANN - Samuel Player

        FRENCH, LIDIA - Dewly Jordan

        FRIBBLE, EPSY - Wiley Vaughn

        FROST, JANNETTE - Joseph Boyed

        FULLER, TABITHA - Washington J. Golden

        GAFFORD, LUCINDA - John Castelow

        GAINEY, SUSAN - Lewis M. Ethridge

        GAINEY, CAROLINE - Jackson J. Leslie

        GAINEY, TABITHA J. - John I. Shepherd

        GAINEY, RACHEL - James Meadows

        GAINEY, CATHERINE N. - Jonathan Rivers

        GANEY, MARY - William S. Fountain

        GARDNER, EMILY - Franklin Branon

        GARDNER, ELIZABETH B. - William Davis

        GARRETT, NANCY - Anthony Lavender

        GARRETT, EASTER M. - Thomas W. Pennington

        GARRETT, ISABEL - William Chambers

        GARRETT, MARTHA E. - A.J. Kingery

        GARRETT, ZILLA - John Lavender

        GARRIOTT, MARTHA - Cornellius Bradley

        GARRISON, MARY - Young Mann

        GARROTT, MARY - William Cook

        GARROTT, MARY - George Knight

        GARROTT, NANCY - Julius W. Evins

        GAY, ELIZABETH - John Fragin

        GIBSON, PRISCILLA - Charles Iva

        GILBERT, AMERLIA - William Gilbert

        GILBERT, SERINA - William Tarpley

        GILLIAN, I.F. - Robert Hardie

        GILMORE, RACHEL - Boldwin Gray

        GLODIN, GEORGIANNA ELIZABETH - Thomas Bloodworth

        GLOVER, AMANDA M. - John C. Little

        GLOVER, NANCY - James Roberts

        GODDY, MARY - John King

        GODWIN, ELIZABETH - Amos Smith

        GODWIN, MARGARET - Thomas Smith

        GOLDEN, SARAH EMILE - Elijah Ballard

        GOLDEN, ELLEN - James Patterson

        GOLDIN, CANILLA - William Jones

        GOODMAN, WINIFRED - David Robinson

        GOODMAN, SARAH - Henry Pickle

        GOODMAN, CATHERINE - Nathan W. Isler

        GOODMAN, MARY - Micajah Pickle

        GOODMAN, ELIZABETH - Jesse C. Webb

        GOODMAN, RENA - Etherlred Webb

        GOODMAN, MARY - Joseph M. Burke

        GRANADE, ELIZA - E.J. Holland

        GRANADE, FRANCIS J. - William Councel

        GRAY, AURELA F. - Alfred V. McCardal

        GRAY, MARY - Jeremiah Brooks

        GRAY, JANE - William Aycock

        GRAY, RACHEL - Steven Gilmore

        GREEN, MARTHA - Aaron Dixon

        GREEN, MARTHA - Jeremiah C. Dickinson

        GREEN, MILLEY ANN - Wiley L. Cannon

        GREEN, JANE - John G. Cannon

        GRENADE, CATHERINE - William F. Mackey

        GRIFFITH, NANCY - Thomas Norwood

        GRUBS, SUSAN - James N. Lord

        GULEY, SARAH - William Lindsey

        GUNN, ELIZABETH - Jackson Stapleton

        GUNN, CHARITY - George Knaves.

        HALL, SUSAN F. - Seaborn E. Jones

        HALL, MARY E. - William O'Bannon

        HALL, MARY - Hyram Swiney

        HALL, ELIZABETH - William Mathews

        HALL, PARMELIA - Levi Ezill

        HALL, JANE - William I. Chambers

        HALL, ELIZA - James M. Bush

        HALL, POLLY - William Baskins

        HALL, NANCY - John Bracton

        HALL, SARAH - Daniel Thomas


        HANCOCK, ELIZA ANN - Jonathan John

        HANCOCK, ELIZABETH - Lewis Smith

        HANCOCK, MARY - Adam Clark

        HANCOCK, MARY - Jonathan Ridley

        HANU, CECELIA - John Valentine

        HARDIE, SARAH JANE - William N. Voluntine

        HARDIE, MARY - Duncan McNeal

        HARDIE, AMILLA A.E.D. - Daniel Bush

        HARDIE, MARTHA - Jesse Holder

        HARDIE, MARTHA J. - Calvin J. Nixon

        HARDIE, LENZAR - Ferny Lavender

        HARDIE, LOTTY - Wiley Vincent

        HARDIN, DEMURRIS - Everett Ridley

        HARDIN, NANCY - Nathan Bridges

        HARRELL, ELIZA - David Welch

        HARTLEY, CLARKY A.E. - Reddick William Bell

        HARTLEY, ANCY - James Barlow

        HARTLEY, MARY A.M - William H. Price

        HARTLEY, FRANCES - Jesse Walters

        HARTLEY, CAROLINE - Coleman Dixon

        HARTLEY, SUSAN A. - Joseph M. Bell

        HARVILLE, MARGARET - Rodurn Crutchfield

        HARVILLE, NANCY - Hukel I.C. Stutz

        HARVILLE, CHARLOTTE - Limon A. Hall

        HARVILLE, KISSIAH - Micajah Paulk

        HASKINS, NANCY - Joseph Chandler

        HATCHER, MARY ANN - Richard Snow

        HATCHER, SARAH ANN - George W. Shenholster

        HATCHER, OBEDIENCE - John Jones

        HATCHER, GEORGE ANN - Nathaniel C. Hughs

        HATCHER, HARRETER - Hiram Pace

        HATCHER, OBEDIENCE - Ezekiel McMichael

        HATCHER, MAHONY - Berry Shepherd

        HATFIELD, JANES ELIZABETH - Townslin Hardin

        HATFIELD, HARIET - Joseph Kinsey

        HATFIELD, FRANCES ANN - Flucher Reed

        HATFIELD, MARTHA - William Slappey

        HATFIELD, BRUNETTER - Edmund Stevens

        HATHCOX, HANNAH - Bartley Barge

        HAWTHORNE, HANNAH - Samuel B. Brewer

        HAYES, NANCY ANN - Lewis Mathews

        HAYS, LAUDISTA - John Rutland

        HAYWOOD, MARY - James Cherry

        HEARN, MATILDA ELIZABETH - William A. Fort

        HEARNDON, SARAH - Sam Bragg

        HEARNDON, ELIZABETH - Bartlett Bell

        HEARNDON, ESTHER - Needham Brown

        HEARNDON, GRACY - Caswell Branon

        HELTON, SARAH I. - William W. Dean

        HELTON, NANCY W. - William B. Shepherd

        HELTON, MARTHA - Heliory E. Hartley

        HELTON, AMANDA E. - William D. Wall

        HENDERSON, MARGARET - Edmond Hatcher

        HERNDON, CLARY - Robert Johnson

        HERNDON, BATHANA - Bryant Jones

        HERRIN, NANCY - Wilson Turner

        HERRING, NANCY - Isaac Jones

        HICKMON, EMELINE - Alexander D. Hall

        HICKMON, CAROLINE - John Barfield

        HICKMON, ELIZABETH - James W. McCook

        HICKMON, APSALAND - Robert J. Cone

        HICKMON, SARAH - Eli Mathis

        HICKS, CAROLINE - Charles G. Giddie

        HICKS, HARRIET - Frederick Beall

        HICKS, C.C. - E.J. Gilbert

        HICKS, PIETY E. - William Beall

        HICKS, LOUISA M. - Edwin Mayo

        HICKS, MARY - William W. Hall

        HICKS, SARAH ANN - Larkin Smith

        HICKS, SEREM - Ephram Dennis

        HINSAL, LEMEL LEGINA - Moses Justice

        HITE, CATY - John F. Davis

        HOCSIN, SUSAN - John Horton

        HOGAN, MILINNA - John D. Vann

        HOGAN, MRS. GILLA - Paskal Branan

        HOGAN, MARY - . . .miul Lavender

        HOGAN, ELVINIA - Lewis Manderson

        HOGAN, SARAH - Richard Porter

        HOLDER, ELIZABETH - James L. Sanders

        HOLDER, NANCY - Valentine Crumley

        HOLDER, NANCY - Claborn Sanders

        HOLDER, EPSY - James Cato

        HOLDER, RACHAEL - Isaac Stephens

        HOLDER, SARAH - Solomon Coulson

        HOLDER, MARY - John Jones

        HOLDER, DORCAS - David C. Taylor

        HOLDER, LOUISA - Hiram Meadows

        HOLLEY, NANCY - William Ridley

        HOLLIMAN, MARTHA J. - Philip Payne

        HOLLY, MARY - Calvin Watson

        HOLLY, MARY - Richard Watson

        HOOKS, PEGGY - Aldridge Collins


        HOOKS, SYNTHA ANN - Willis Bloodworth

        HOOKS, ELIZABETH - William Summerford

        HOOKS, MATILDA - James Taylor

        HOOKS, MARTHA J. - Westly Honeycut

        HOOKS, MARGARET - Reddick Bell

        HOOKS, TABITHA D. - Samuel Kingery

        HOOKS, AMSEY - Mitchell Frazier

        HOOKS, NANCY - Benjamin Bridges

        HOOKS, ELIZABETH - H.P. Harrell

        HOOKS, LOZINA - William Burris

        HOOVER, MARY - John Lavender

        HOOVER, ELIFAIR - Hamilton G. Daniel

        HOOVER, ELIZABETH - Dier Wall

        HOOVER, ELIZABETH - Calvin Edson

        HOOVER, BETSY - Daniel Lavender

        HONEYCUT, MARGAIN - William W. Pearse

        HONEYCUT, CAROLINE - John Hatcher

        HONEYCUT, ROSE ANN - Charles Hooks

        HONEYCUT, FRANCIS - Robert Jonson

        HORN, SAREPTA L. - William R. Vanlandingham

        HORN, MARY - Lester Gordon

        HORN, AURISSA - James W. Vanlandingham

        HORN, ELINDER - Daniel Sanders

        HORTON, CLARISA - Thomas I. Brown

        HOTTON, ELITHIA - William Brown

        HOWARD, MARY - Edwin Thomas

        HOWARD, REBECCA - John Omans

        HOWARD, JULIA - David Barron

        HOWARD, LYDIA - William Hasta

        HOWELL, NARCISSA C. - William J. Duncan

        HOWELL, FRANCIS - Mills Lord

        HOWELL, LUCILLA E. - John B. Weaver

        HOWELL, DRUCILLA - David Howell

        HOWELL, ADELINE - George Butler

        HOWELL, ELIZABETH A. - John Wynn

        HUGHES, ELIZABETH - Samuel Bush

        HUGHS, MARTHA E. - James M. Beall

        HUGHS, GINSEY - James W. Hall

        HUGHS, ISABELL - Urias Paulk

        HUGHS, ELIZABETH - Chartes Powell

        HUSK, ANN - Alfred Coly

        HUTCHINSON, LUCINDA - James Garrett

        ISLER, MARYANN - Joseph Boon

        JACKSON, FAITHY - Meridith Honeycut

        JACKSON, EMANDA - David Smith

        JACKSON, LOUISA J. - Lawrence Clark

        JACKSON, CAROLINE - Sam Ethridge

        JACKSON, ELIZABETH - Allan Rodgers

        JACKSON, MARTHA - Daniel Hooks

        JACKSON, POLLY - Benjamin Barber

        JACKSON, CAROLINE - Freeman Dixon

        JANUARY, ANNY - Solomon Greer

        JAMES, MARTHA - John Deason

        JEANS, FRANCES E. - Adam Allen

        JENKINS, DRUCILLA - Samuel Bragg

        JENKINS, MARTHA - Nathaniel D. Robertson

        JENKINS, SARAH S. - Joseph E. Jackson

        JENKINS, MARY ANN - Miatchell Everidge

        JERKINS, AMANDA - Richard Jones

        JERKINS, AMERICA - Francis J. Collins

        JERKINS, LUCINDA - Franklin Collins

        JESSUP, CATHERINE - Harrison E. Harville

        JOHN, MARTHA - John Eady

        JOHN, ELIZABETH ANN - Steven Lord

        JOHN, SARAH - Robert N. Parker

        JOHN, MARY J. - James Council

        JOHNSON, LACY ANN - Samuel Hatfield

        JOHNSON, GEORGIANN - Elijah Bales

        JOHNSON, SARAH - John Raines

        JOHNSON, ELIZA - Daniel Majors

        JOHNSON, RHODY - John L. Howell

        JOHNSON, CHARITY - Jacob Shepherd

        JOHNSON, MARTHA - E.J. Pruitt

        JAONS, MARY ANN - Wilson Chambers

        JONES, SUSAN - ARobert Barnes

        JONES, NANCY - Andrew Valentine

        JONES, JUDITH - Lewis Clay

        JONES, MARTHA ANN - William J. Smith

        JONES, MARY E. - Bennet King

        JONES, MAHONNA - Samuel Jimmerson

        JONES, SALLY - Edmund Clay

        JONES, ELIZABETH - Bartimus Weeks

        JONES, NANCY - Peyton Clay

        JONES, MALINDA C. - Larkin Powell

        JONES, MARY - James Brown

        JONES, MARGURETT - Edward Powell

        JONES, MARY - John F. Brown

        JONES, CAROLINE - David Walters

        JONES, FANNY - Jacob Lerry

        JONES, ELAFAIR - Thomas Blackburn


        JONES, N.E. - F.M. Meadows

        JONES, SARAH A. - John W. Meadows

        JONES, MARY C. - William Long

        JONES, ELIZABETH - George Sarey

        JONES, ELIZABETH - James Kemp

        JONES, MARY E. - William B. Carr

        JONES, WINNY - Anthony Seals

        JONES, MATILDA - Joseph Martin

        JONES, BETHEL - James Fountain

        JONES, SARAH - Green Thompson

        JONSON, LUCY - John McCarty


        JOHNSON, MARY F. - Jesse Jones

        JORDAN, RISEY A.M. - Stephen I. Hathorne

        JUSTICE, WILEY ANN - William Folk

        JUSTICE, EMILY - Simon H. Smith

        KEEL, NANCY - William Thomas

        KEEL, BETHANA - William Smith

        KEAL, POLLY - Daniel Hall

        KEMP, MARY - Reuben Hatcher

        KEMP, RENA - John Jones

        KEMP, MARY G, - John Davidson

        KEMP, SALLY - William Smith

        KEMP, LUCY - Warren Stokes

        KERLING, SARAH ANN - James Beck

        KING, ELIZABETH - William McDaniel

        KING, AMY - Thos. kAlcot

        KING, CAROLINE - Lawrenser Hardie

        KING, SARAH - John W. Cross

        KING, MARY - Jeremiah
      4. Title: John R Steely., Alabama CSA
        Text: Last Name: Steeley
        Date of Birth:
        Birth Information: USA, Georgia.
        Date of Death:
        Death Information:
        Discharge Date: 1861/12/12
        Discharge Information: On Account Of Disease. Centerville, Va.
        Branch: Infantry.
        Regimental Unit: 15th Alabama Regiment.
        Company Unit: G.
        Co. Unit Name:
        Pension Rec:
        Authority: Historical record roll, dated near Rchmond, Va., 1864/12/31.
        First Name: John MI: R.
        Marital Status: Married.
        Enlistment Date: 1861/07/03
        Enlistment Information: Age 48, Abbeville, Alabama, Private
        Engagements: None
        Engage. con't:
        Remarks: P. O., Clopton, Aalabama.
        Remarks con't:
      5. Title: Census data for James Steely
        Text: Georgia Census, 1790-1890 <>
        about James Steeley
        Name: James Steeley
        State: GA
        County: Montgomery County
        Township: No Township Listed
        Year: 1806
        Record Type: Tax list
        Page: 104
        Database: GA 1792-1819 Tax Lists Index

        1812 Hancock County, Ga. Taxable Property Captain Moffeit's District, source: Some Early Ta x Digests, Ruth Blair, 1926 Eileen B.McAdams copyright 2005
        James Steely - - - - 100 Hancock Buff Reeves - .38

        1818 Tax Digest Buchanans Destrict (115th) Baldwin, ttp:// .htm.
        "Jamis Steely - - - - 100 Baldwin Middleton Robertston Beverdam"

        1820 Baldwin Co. Ga page 36
        James Steely 4m 0/10, 1m 26/45; 2f 0/10, 1f 26/45

        1840 Muscogee Co. Ga page 315
        B. W. Steely 1 male 20/30; 1 female 0/5, 1f 10/15, 1f 30/40
        1840 Crawford Co. page 365
        James Steely 1m 15/20, 1m 50/60; 1 f 15/20, 1 f 50/60

        1870 United States Federal Census
        about Sara Stealy
        Name: Sara Stealy
        Birth Year: abt 1825
        Age in 1870: 45
        Birthplace: Alabama
        Home in 1870: Beat 4, Mobile, Alabama
        Race: White
        Gender: Female
        Value of real estate: View image
        Post Office: Mobile
        Household Members: Name Age
        James Stealy 47
        Sara Stealy 45
        Galand Stealy 25
        James Stealy 21
        Theadore Stealy 23
        Martha Stealy 19
        William Stealy 17
        Ranson Stealy 14
        Simeon Stealy 12
        Sara Stealy 9

        1850 United States Federal Census
        about Bryant Steely
        Name: Bryant Steely
        Age: 40
        Estimated birth year: abt 1810
        Birth Place: Georgia
        Gender: Male
        Home in 1850(City,County,State): Mockinson Gap, Stewart, Georgia
        Family Number: 203
        Household Members: Name Age
        Bryant Steely 40
        Frances Steely 43
        Mary Steely 15
        Martha Steely 10
        A F Steely 5

        1850 United States Federal Census
        about Theadore Steely
        Name: Theadore Steely
        Age: 3
        Estimated birth year: abt 1847
        Birth Place: Georgia
        Gender: Male
        Home in 1850(City,County,State): Pike, Alabama
        Family Number: 111
        Household Members: Name Age
        James S Steely 34
        Sarah Steely 26
        Lilly Steely 5
        Theadore Steely 3
        James Steely 2

        1880 United States Federal Census
        about Simeon L. Steely
        Name: Simeon L. Steely
        Home in 1880: Steeleys Store, Mobile, Alabama
        Age: 20
        Estimated birth year: abt 1860
        Birthplace: Alabama
        Relation to Head of Household: Son
        Father's Name: James L.
        Father's birthplace: Georgia
        Mother's Name: Sarah
        Mother's birthplace: South Carolina
        Neighbors: View others on page
        Occupation: Farm Hand
        Marital Status: Single
        Race: White
        Gender: Male
        James L. Steely 63
        Sarah Steely 55
        Ramsom D. Steely 23
        Simeon L. Steely 20
        Azaline Finley 7

        1900 Conecuh, AL, Simeon L Steely
        Name: Simuel L Steely [Simeon L Steely]
        [Simuel L Stuby]
        Home in 1900: Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama
        Age: 40
        Birth Date: Mar 1860
        Birthplace: Alabama
        Race: White
        Ethnicity: American
        Gender: Male
        Relationship to Head of House: Head
        Father's Birthplace: Georgia
        Mother's Name: Sarah
        Mother's Birthplace: South Carolina
        Spouse's name: Julia A
        Marriage Year: 1887
        Marital Status: Married
        Years Married: 13
        Residence : Precincts 7-8 Brooklyn, Jamestown, Conecuh, Alabama
        Occupation: View on Image
        Neighbors: View others on page
        Household Members: Name Age
        Simuel L Steely 40
        Julia A Steely 33
        James W Steely 11
        Carrie V Steely 7
        Robert L Steely 5
        Lilly Steely 2
        Walter G Steely 1
        Sarah Steely 80

        1900 United States Federal Census
        about Ransom D Stuley
        Name: Ransom D Stuley
        [Ransom D Steeley]
        Home in 1900: Sunflower, Washington, Alabama
        Age: 44
        Birth Date: May 1856
        Birthplace: Alabama
        Race: White
        Ethnicity: American
        Gender: Male
        Relationship to Head of House: Head
        Spouse's name: Susan
        Marriage Year: 1883
        Marital Status: Married
        Years Married: 17
        Residence : Precincts 14-15 McIntosh, Sunflower, Washington, Alabama
        Occupation: View on Image
        Neighbors: View others on page
        Household Members: Name Age
        Ransom D Stuley 44
        Susan Stuley 37
        Theodore Stuley 15
        Park Lavert 40
        Amy Lavert 35
        Orlander Pridgett 20
      6. Title: WILKINSON COUNTY, GA -HISTORY - Davidson's History of Wilkinson County
        Part 4
        Text: Tenth Session at Mt. Horeb, Pulaski County, September 7, 1822. Introductory Sermon by James S teely, Vincent A. Tharp, Moderator, John McKenzie Clerk. Received the report of the Board o f Trustees for Indian Reform and unanimously agreed to aid in that laudable design and approp riate $128.00 dollars. Received the Minutes of the General Baptist Association. Took the sam e under consideration and laid it over to the next Association. Received and continued corres pondence with the general Board for Foreign Missions. Appointed a day for fasting and prayer , for the blessings of God upon our sons and daughters. 26 churches, 1019 members. Circular l etter on Renewing Grace by John Ross. The following ministers were present as Delegates. Char les Culpepper, Henry Hand, James Steely, John Ross, John McKenzie, Vincent A. Tharp, Theophil us Pierce, Wm. Hawthorn and two Licentiates, John Leonard and Elijah Hammock.
      7. Title: Taylor County Georgia Church Antioch Missionary Baptist
        Text: Taylor County Georgia Church Antioch Missionary Baptist File contributed for use in USGenWe b Archives by Jackie Hortman Table of Contents page: http://www.usgwarchives.o rg/ga/crawford.htm Georgia Table of Contents: Se e also Membership Rolls ANTIOCH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH as printed in THEY TARRIED IN TAYLO R by Essie Jones Childs Antioch was constituted into a Church Jan 18, 1829 with 13 members an d 3 joining the Church and with the aid of the Brethren HENRY HOOTEN and JAMES STEELY, Minist ers. Many of the first members belonged to the Family of Ichabod Cox and came from Jones Coun ty. Some of his family members are as follows: ICHABOD COX, 1769-1861, was Justice of the Pea ce of Jones County 1810-1817, State Senator from Talbot County, in 1828, the first one. He wa s the son of Cary Cox, R.S., 1746-1814, married Mary Horne. Ichabod married May Rowan born 17 75 died 1843, she is buried at Antioch. Children: 1. Nancy b. 1793 m. Moses, s/o Evan Harve y m. Charity Powell 2. Mary (Polly), 1794-1868, m. 1810 to William Powell who died War of 181 2. Issue: Miranda m. 1831 Talbot to Lewis J. Mathis & Caroline Patience m. her cousin, Georg e C. Powell. Mary (Polly) Cox m. 2nd Wm. Rushin 3. James Rowan Cox b. 1799 m. Mary Carson & f ounded Southern Female College at LaGrange, GA which was later moved to College Park and call ed Cox College 4. Lemuel b. 1801 m. 1821 to Caroline Fickling si/o Christopher F. Fickling? B . 1801, father of Wm. H. Fickling 5. Temple Mariah m. Early Thompson 6. (Clarrisa) Cinthia m . 1821 Jones Co. to James Hooten (s/o Rev. Henry?) 7. Tabitha m. Allen Walker 8. William m. S arah Hall 9. Mary Ann m. Jesse Horn 10. Temperance m. James Harvey & L. White 11. Cary wa s a preacher 12. Malinda, 1806-1883, married Rev. Zachariah Gordon b. 1796, son of Chapman Go rdon. Zach H. became a preacher around 1826 and at that time and later, he lived in Upson abo ut 2 miles from the Flint River and Antioch. He served a church there and 3 others at the sam e time for 14 years as he held services one weekend a month. Soon after he started preaching , when the Baptists were greatly divided on the question of Missions, he, with Rev. Jacob Kin g, formed the first missionary society in Upson Co. There are many records in the Antioch Min utes where members are excommunicated for joining a church of another faith and order-probabl y a church that did not believe in Missions as Antioch did. In 1841 Rev. Gordon ?did great go od in the Cherokee Indian Country.? He and Melinda had 3 sons and 1 daughter. Eugene C. becam e a preacher and John Brown Gordon, 1832-1904, was the 35th governor of Georgia, 3 times a U S senator and volunteered in 1861 in the Southern Army where he rose to the rank of Lt. Gen , and commanded one wing of Lee?s Army at the end of the Civil War. He had married Fannie, da ughter of Gen. H.A. Anderson. She stayed near to him during the War and saved his life by he r careful nursing after he was badly wounded at the Battle of Sharpsburg. Gen Gordon won inte rnational fame as a soldier. He was a very great statesman while serving as governor and sena tor. When he was a small boy in knee pants, he visited Antioch Church with his mother, Malind a Cox Gordon and his grandparents, Ichabod and Mary Rowan Cox. ------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On January 28 , 1829 in what was then Talbot County the Brethren James Steely and Henry Hooten came forwar d by Church authority and constituted the following members a Church of Jesus Christ: Rev. He nry Bell Lemuel Cox (s/o Ichabod) George Palmer Ichabod Cox & William T. Burk & Mary (Rowan ) Cox (wife of Ichabod) Epsy Ann (Collins) Burk Caroline (Fickling) Cox Martha Palmer (wife o f Lemuel Cox Caroline Powell Judy of Cullor William Rushin (son/i/l of Ichabod Cox) Tom of Cu llor
      8. Title: Wilkinson County Georgia New Providence Baptist Church
        Text: It appears proper to quote from the records of August 12, 1837, the tribute paid by the churc h to its former pastor, Rev. John Ross, who was prominently associated with all the early mov ements of the organized life of Georgia Baptists. "Resolved, That we as a church and as indiv iduals consider the death of the Rev. John Ross, late of Upson County, as a public calamity . That we cherish the recollection of his residence among us and love to think of him as ou r affectionate friend, a kind neighbor, and a faithful and laborious minister of the gospel . Nor will we forget who have had the privilege of sitting under his ministry, the pleasant s mile, the tearful eye, the thrilling voice, which gave evidence of his deep solicitude for th e salvation of those to whom he preached the gospel of his blessed Lord. His favorite theme w as the cross of Christ, and the tidings of a revival, the conversion of sinners, the restorat ion of a backslider, or any mark of the presence of the Lord among his people never failed t o touch his heart. And while he listened to the pleasing communication, the tear would stea l down his cheek, and again and again would we hear the hear the expression which he often us ed: 'Blessed be God Almighty for that". In the public effort of the church to spread teh gosp el and do good to man he stood of the foremost, and long will his zeal and humility and devot edness be remembered by those who labored with him in advancing the cause he so much loved. T ruly it may be said of our dear departed brother that like his Master he went about doing goo d, and seemed to love the work. "Resolved, That we sympathize with his bereaved family an d a copy of this resolution be forwarded to them. Entered according to order of conference. J .V. Chewning, Clerk From New Providence went out Rev. Green B. Hughes and Rev. Daniel Fann t o aid in establishing many town and country churches throughout central and southern Georgia . James and W.R. Steely were early associated with this church also. The mother of Dr. P.A. J essup was a member of New Providence. She was a descendant of John Lee, who died while movin g from Jefferson or Burke Bounty to settle on the lands owned later by the James Knight famil y, located on the north bank of Maiden Creek, where the road from Allentown and Pleasant Plai ns church to Irwinton crosses the Creek. John Lee was father of seven children - Lewis, Needh am, Lovard, John, and Godfrey; and Winnie and Sarah.
      9. Title: Unknown County GaArchives Church Records.....Georgia Baptists Rehoboth Association Copyrigh t Date 1874
        Text: Unknown County GaArchives Church Records.....Georgia Baptists Rehoboth Association Copyrigh t Date 1874 ************************************************ Copyright. All rights reserved . ****** ****************************************** File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by : Joy Fisher January 26, 2005 , 9:53 pm REHOBOTH ASSOCIATION. There had been a division in the Itchaconna Association on th e subject of benevolent institutions, and those churches that were of the liberal party met a t Benevolence church, Crawford county, and constituted the Rehoboth Association, July 27th, 1 838. The names of those churches are as follows: In Upson county, Harmony, Bethesda, Antioc h and Fellowship; in Crawford, Elim, Benevolence and Liberty Grove; Perry church, Houston; Ma con church, Bibb; and Forsyth church, Monroe? ten churches in all. Among the delegates were J acob King, Z. H. Gordon and A. T. Holmes. The visiting ministers present, and approving of th e organization, were Wilson Conner, C. A. Tharp, James Perryman, Robert Fleming, and S. W. Du rham. In the dawn of its existence, the Association recognized its obligation to preach the g ospel to every creature, to circulate the scriptures in all lands, to educate the ministry, a nd to organize Sunday-schools and temperance societies. The following ministers have been emp loyed, first and last, as her domestic missionaries: James Steely, A. Home, Austin Ellis, Jac ob King, J. W. Stephens, A. T. Holmes, C. Peurifoy, H. Garland, M. J. Jackson, E. B. Barrett , W. Thomas, J. Thomas and W. J. Collins. Scarcely a year has intervened since its organizati on but that it has had missionaries in its own bounds or elsewhere preaching to the destitute .
      10. Title: PIKE COUNTY, GA - CHURCHES Flint River Baptist Association 1828
        Text: PIKE COUNTY, GA - CHURCHES Flint River Baptist Association 1828 Copyright. All rights reserve d. This file was contributed for use in the USGenWe b Archives by: John Adams This was printed in Taylor County Tracer Vo l 7 #11, November 2002 - the publication of the Taylor County Historical-Genealogical Society . This was the last year before the Echeco nnee Association was formed. We the committee appointed to designate the bounds of this Flin t River Association, report that Henry, Fayette, Pike, Butts and Monroe counties, with the ex ception of Mount Pisgah church, (which is near the line,) retain the original Constitution; a nd that said Mount Pisgah church, with those in the counties of Upson, Crawford, Bibb, Housto n and all below, form a new Association. We also recommend that the monies we have in hand b e equally divided. STATE OF THE CHURCHES FLINT RIVER ASSOCIATION 1828 CHURCHES & COUNTIES DEL EGATES DIED TOTAL MEMBERSHIP
        53. Providence, Crawford JAMES STEELY, Richard Meador 0 41
      11. Title: 1840 Crawford Co, GA, Slave Census, James Steeley
        Text: James Steeley 1 Poll, 3 slaves, 405 acres, No. 18/14, Dist. 2, 3, Crawford (One gig) 202 1/ 2 acres, No. ?, Dist 1, 3, Crawford 250 acres, No. 23?, Dist. 5, P, Early
      12. Title: data for McCardle family
        Text: My ancestor Richard Dean b. 1760 in Nash Co, NC, had a daughter who married James Steely. Th eir son Elijah D Steely married Jane (poss. Stevens), and Jane was a widow in 1850 with McArd le's in her household in Muscogee Co, GA. Elizabeth McArdle was probably Jane's sister.

        Richard Dean's son Micajah Dean went to Florida and had a daughter Mary Ann Dean Rousseau, wh ose son John Louis Rousseau married Abel McArdle's daughter Dora Ann McArdle.

        I believe that all of these McArdles are from the same family. I need help putting them toge ther.

        here are the census so far that I have accumulated today:

        For Abel McArdle:

        1840 United States Federal Census 1840 United States Federal Census
        Name: H G Mccardle
        [A G Mccardle]
        Township: Hazzard
        County: Bibb
        State: Georgia
        Free White Persons - Males - Under 5: 2
        Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9: 1
        Free White Persons - Males - 30 thru 39: 1
        Free White Persons - Females - Under 5: 1
        Free White Persons - Females - 5 thru 9: 1
        Free White Persons - Females - 20 thru 29: 1
        Total - All Persons (Free White, Free Colored, Slaves): 7
        Persons Employed in Agriculture: 1
        Free White Persons - Under 20: 5
        Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 2
        Total Free White Persons: 7
        Total All Persons - Free White, Free Colored, Slaves: 7

        1850 United States Federal Census 1850 United States Federal Census
        Name: A G Mcardle
        Age: 45
        Estimated Birth Year: abt 1805
        Birth Place: Georgia
        Color: See Image
        Gender: Male
        Home in 1850 (City,County,State): Division 2, Santa Rosa, Florida
        Family Number: 62
        Household Members: Name Age
        A G Mcardle 45
        Obedience Mcardle 35
        Thomas Mcardle 17
        James Mcardle 8
        Joseph Mcardle 6
        Augustus Mcardle 4
        Dora Ann Mcardle 3

        1860 United States Federal Census 1860 United States Federal Census
        Name: A G Mcardle
        Age in 1860: 52
        Birth Year: abt 1808
        Birthplace: Georgia
        Home in 1860: Apalachicola, Franklin, Florida
        Gender: Male
        Post Office: Apalachicola
        Value of real estate: View image
        Household Members: Name Age
        A G Mcardle 52
        Olida Mcardle 45
        Lovely Ann Mcardle 27
        James Mcardle 23
        Joseph Mcardle 21
        Augustus Mcardle 19
        Dorn A Mcardle 15

        1870 United States Federal Census 1870 United States Federal Census
        Name: Abel G Mccardle
        Birth Year: abt 1812
        Age in 1870: 58
        Birthplace: Georgia
        Home in 1870: Mandarin, Duval, Florida
        Race: White
        Gender: Male
        Value of real estate: View image
        Household Members: Name Age
        Abel G Mccardle 58
        Mary Mccardle 36
        Augustus Mccardle 26
        Albert G Mccardle 2
        Alice Newton 12
        Melissa Newton 9
        Joseph Johns 45
        Aradelia Johns 7

        1880 United States Federal Census 1880 United States Federal Census
        Name: Abel Mccall
        [Abel G McCardle]
        [Abel Newton]
        Home in 1880: East Jacksonville, Duval, Florida
        Age: 70
        Estimated Birth Year: abt 1810
        Birthplace: Georgia
        Relation to Head of Household: Self (Head)
        Spouse's Name: Mary Mccall
        Father's birthplace: Georgia
        Mother's birthplace: Georgia
        Neighbors: View others on page
        Occupation: Ship Carpenter
        Marital Status: Married
        Race: White
        Gender: Male
        Household Members: Name Age
        Abel Mccall 70
        Mary Mccall 45
        Alice Mccall 20
        Melissa Mccall 18

        For "Pershing" ("Russian" in his FL military records)possibly Rushing McArdle:

        1850 United States Federal Census 1850 United States Federal Census
        Name: Pershing Mccardell
        Age: 39
        Estimated Birth Year: abt 1811
        Birth Place: Georgia
        Gender: Male
        Home in 1850 (City,County,State): Division 93, Wilkinson, Georgia
        Family Number: 688
        Household Members: Name Age
        Pershing Mccardell 39
        Rebecca Mccardell 25
        James J N Mccardell 7
        Martha C Mccardell 5
        Mirabean V Mccardell 5
        John R Mccardell 2
        Louis Mccardell 7

        For "Pershing" ("Russian" in his FL military records)possibly Rushing McArdle:

        1850 United States Federal Census 1850 United States Federal Census
        Name: Pershing Mccardell
        Age: 39
        Estimated Birth Year: abt 1811
        Birth Place: Georgia
        Gender: Male
        Home in 1850 (City,County,State): Division 93, Wilkinson, Georgia
        Family Number: 688
        Household Members: Name Age
        Pershing Mccardell 39
        Rebecca Mccardell 25
        James J N Mccardell 7
        Martha C Mccardell 5
        Mirabean V Mccardell 5
        John R Mccardell 2
        Louis Mccardell 7

        1870 United States Federal Census 1870 United States Federal Census
        Name: Rushing Mccardel
        Birth Year: abt 1811
        Age in 1870: 59
        Birthplace: Georgia
        Home in 1870: Township 1, Geneva, Alabama
        Race: White
        Gender: Male
        Value of real estate: View image
        Household Members: Name Age
        Rushing Mccardel 59
        Rebecca Mccardel 55
        Epsy Mccardel 18
        Rebecca Mccardel 14

        1880 United States Federal Census 1880 United States Federal Census
        Name: Rushen Mccartle
        Home in 1880: Chipola, Henry, Alabama
        Age: 68
        Estimated Birth Year: abt 1812
        Birthplace: Georgia
        Relation to Head of Household: Self (Head)
        Spouse's Name: Rebecka Mccartle
        Father's birthplace: North Carolina
        Mother's birthplace: Georgia
        Neighbors: View others on page
        Occupation: Farmer
        Marital Status: Married
        Race: White
        Gender: Male
        Rushen Mccartle 68
        Rebecka Mccartle 65

        1900 United States Federal Census 1900 United States Federal Census
        Name: John R Mc Cardell
        [John R Mccardell]
        Home in 1900: Cottonwood, Henry, Alabama
        [Henry, Alabama]
        Age: 52
        Birth Date: Apr 1848
        Birthplace: Georgia
        Race: White
        Gender: Male
        Relationship to head-of-house: Head
        Father's Birthplace: Georgia
        Mother's Birthplace: Georgia
        Spouse's Name: Armitry F Mc Cardell
        Marriage year: 1871
        Marital Status: Married
        Years married: 29
        Occupation: View on Image
        Household Members: Name Age
        John R Mc Cardell 52
        Armitry F Mc Cardell 50
        John R Mc Cardell 23
        Willie R Mc Cardell 19
        Joseph B Mc Cardell 16
        Stokley Mc Cardell 15
        Blanche B Mc Cardell 11
        Bud Stringer 19
        Ely Timus 35
        Ben Colson 25
        Jim Borders 9
        Henry Brock 8

        1910 United States Federal Census 1910 United States Federal Census
        Name: John R Mccardel Sur
        [John R Sr Mccardle Sur]
        Age in 1910: 62
        Estimated Birth Year: 1848
        Birthplace: Georgia
        Relation to Head of House: Head
        [Self (Head)]
        Father's Birth Place: Georgia
        Mother's Birth Place: Georgia
        Spouse's Name: Armintria F Mccardel
        Home in 1910: Precinct 6, Houston, Alabama
        Marital Status: Married
        Race: White
        Gender: Male
        Neighbors: View others on page
        Household Members: Name Age
        John R Mccardel Sur 62
        Armintria F Mccardel 59
        Charlie P Harrison 19

        1900 United States Federal Census 1900 United States Federal Census
        Name: Louis E Mc Cardell
        [Louis E Mccardell]
        Home in 1900: Cottonwood, Henry, Alabama
        [Henry, Alabama]
        Age: 51
        Birth Date: Nov 1848
        Birthplace: Georgia
        Race: White
        Gender: Male
        Relationship to head-of-house: Head
        Father's Birthplace: Georgia
        Mother's Birthplace: Georgia
        Spouse's Name: Elizabeth Mc Cardell
        Marriage year: 1879
        Marital Status: Married
        Years married: 21
        Occupation: View on Image
        Household Members: Name Age
        Louis E Mc Cardell 51
        Elizabeth Mc Cardell 45
        Rebecca Mc Cardell 18
        Maggie Mc Cardell 16
        Winerfrey Mc Cardell 13
        Hosea Mc Cardell 10
        Mattie Mc Cardell 8
        Bunion Mc Cardell 6

        For Jane Steely and Elizabeth McCardle families:

        1850 United States Federal Census
        about Jane Stiely
        Name: Jane Stiely
        Age: 26
        Estimated birth year: abt 1824
        Birth Place: Georgia
        Gender: Female
        Home in 1850 (City,County,State): Columbus, Muscogee, Georgia
        Family Number: 376
        Household Members: Name Age
        Jane Stiely 26
        Sarah A E Stiely 9
        James Polk Stiely 6
        Henry Clay Stiely 6
        Frances M Stiely 1
        Eliza McArdle 29
        F M McArdle 14
        William G McArdle 15
        John L McArdle 14
        Berrian M McArdle 21

        1837 Muster Rolls of the Florida Indian Wars, Vo.. 7.
        26 Sept. <x-apple-data-detectors://5> A. McRae, Capt.
        Dean, Mickey, 4
        Dean, Thaddeus R., 4
        Henson, Thos. J., 80 (Obedience McArdle?s brother, Sharon Dean Lee)
        Henson, James, 20 (Obedience McArdle?s brother, Sharon Dean Lee)
        McArdle, A. J. (A. G.?) Yes, this is Abel G McCardle
        Hinson, Samuel, 4
        Numbers following names are the distance in miles from home to plac e of rendezvous.
        Members of this Company mustered at Mineral Springs.
        (Info from Sharon Dean Lee, 1/23/2011)

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