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  • ID: I156
  • Name: John Hackley
  • Surname: Hackley
  • Given Name: John
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1655 in VA
  • Death: 1698 in ,Essex Co,VA
  • Reference Number: 2528
  • _UID: 2BCA10CE4599A7458955FF24260EF42BF1BC
  • Note:
    married after 1679 when Eliz' father died

    there is a possibility that dau Agnes is of Elizabeth's (Boulware) 1st husband Andrews, so possibly others are by James Andrews??

    parents previously believed to be Richard and Joan (Clayden)

    SEE wife's notes


    from Alan Ball - Alan.Bell@colorado.edu
    I appreciated the work you put into Our'n, and especially the information about the Bowler connection for John Hackley's wife Elizabeth. From your genforum post 10 years ago, I gather that the Fison Club and colonial dames records were second-hand, and at the time you hadn't seen them, nor did you know the exact references or where they might be held. Anything new on that?
    You wonder in the summary for Elizabeth Boulware about possible children of Thomas and Tabitha. Boler Family (http://www.carolshouse.com/familyhistory/boler/#Thomas%20Bowler), which seems fairly respectable, gives James and Anne (m Richard Cocke, inherited Thomas' land).
    Just to make things (apparently) more confused, I ran across another theory of Elizabeth's parentage, i.e. that she was Elizabeth Noell, the daughter of Cornelius Noell. You may already know about this, but here are my notes:

    Brian Ridgell, Descendants of John Ridgdaile, (http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/r/i/d/Brian-P-Ridgell/FILE/0333page.html) posits Elizabeth Noel, daughter of Cornelius Noel and Elizabeth Page as the wife of John Ridgedale, widow of John Hackley. His source seems to be
    Emigrant Cornelius Noel from Holland to Virginia and His Descendants V.2, Compiled by Mary Roberts Noel, 1908-1950, and Jennie Noel Weeks, 1930-1977, Darlene Hansen Recorder, pub. 1977, Salt Lake City, Utah
    ELizabeth Noel, b. abt. 1678, Occupacia, Essex County, Virginia, m. John Ridgdaile
    Holland Warren 1990, p 13:
    ?In 1693 Elizabeth Hackley appointed faithful friend Cornelius Noell power of attorney to act for her in a land transaction involving William Boulware. Noell?s son Daniell and daughter Elizabeth witnessed the appointment.?
    If this Elizabeth Hackley was Cornelius? daughter, he would hardly have been called ?faithful friend?. On the other hand, if she was the daughter of Thomas Boulware, the connection with another Boulware, William, may make sense. Note that the birth date of 1678 posited by Mary Roberts Noel, is much too late, if her marriages to Andrews and Hackley are correct.

    By the way, my mother was a Warren, descended from John Warren of Rappahannock--John/thomas/Hackley/Lott/William Hackley/Reuben/Benjamin Harrison--Va > SC > Ga > Miss. > Texas. Figuring out the spouses' families is quite a challenge.

    from Alan
    Still working on this, the connections seem to fan out without end. But here are some updates and questions. First, though, I much appreciate your offer to send me a copy of the Woodford Hackley genealogy; that would be very helpful. My address is 7682 34th Court, Boulder, Colorado 80302.
    First, to establish basic facts. Working backward, from documents cited in Brian Ridgell's website, Elizabeth Ridgdaile was widowed in 1716. That she was the widow of John Hackley is established by
    Essex Co. Court, 10th of June 1699.
    Eliz Ridgdale, late Widow & Exx. of Jno. Hackley descd, presented ye Inventory & appraismt. of ye sd deceds Estate upon Oath wch: is ordered to be recorded.
    Now apparently Woodford Hackley claimed that John Hackley married Elizabeth, widow of James Andrews. What is the evidence for this? I haven't yet found anything specific. There was an Elizabeth, widow of Andrews, at the right time and place:
    December 4, 1684, admin of James Andrews? estate granted to his widow Elizabeth.
    And there is an abundance of records showing that James Andrews was in the Occupacia community from at least 1670 on.

    I found yet another theory for Elizabeth's family: Starkey, to go with Lambert, Ramsey, Stallard, Noell, and Boulware:

    Joseph L. Poole, ancestors of Chad Daniel Hilderbrand (http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/p/o/o/Joseph-L-Poole-GA/BOOK 0001/0006-0068.html) adds another possible parentage: Starkey.
    He lists James Andrews, b ca 1650, m ca 1675 to Elizabeth Starkey, d bef Dec 4 1694, child John Andrews b ca 1680, d November 19, 1754. Sources:
    The Garnett Family by Mrs. G. P. Knight, 1962 - Virginia Cousins by G. Browne Goode, 1967 - James Andrews Family of Old Rapphannock Co., VA by Kittie LeBlanc, 1981
    James was living in Old Rappahannock Co VA in 1635. We are assuming he was our Immigrant Ancestor, probably from England. Info from Dorman's extractions: Essex Co Deed and Wills I, p 4, p 56, p 113; Deed Book III, p 57; Deed Book 4, p 365; Rappahanock Co Deed Book 7, p 188; correspondence with Col Courtney, Richard Motley, Jane Nixon. [This appears to be copied from TEKing.]
    PROPERTY: Assigned 519 acre patent by James Gaines to James Andrews and Abraham Stapp in 1670. In 1678/9 Stapp assigned all interest in the patent to James Andrews.
    Stephanie Saxon, Descendants of James Andrews, (http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/a/x/Stephanie-A-Saxon/GENE37 0002.html): James Andrews, b bef 1650, m. Elizabeth Starkey, d 1684, with children !??Thomas Ramsey and John Andrews. John Andrews, b bef 1680, m (1) 1706 to Hannah Thorpe, m (2) Ann Stockdale, m (3) Mary, d 1754, Essex Co., will August 13,1748. Daughters Agnes, Hannah, Mary.
    T. E. King, Descendants of William Andrews (http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~teking/andrews/pafg02.htm) does
    not commit to the maiden name of James Andrews? wife Elizabeth. He gives four children: John, b 1680, m (1) Hannah Thorpe (Agnes, b ca 1708; Hannah, John), m (2) Mary Stockdale (Thomas, Mark, Mary, b ca 1721), d November 19, 1754 Essex Co.; Mary, m Robert King; Agnes, m John Butler, Jr; Martha. His notes are exactly the same two paragraphs as Poole, beginning ?James was living ...?.

    So far I have been looking at records of Lamberts and Starkeys in the Rappahannock area; there are some, but none of them seem connected with the community in Occupacia, where the Boulwares, Ramseys, Warrens, Hackleys, Noells, Andrews, Ridgdailes, Ellits, etc were all close neighbors and associates. Still working on this.

    At least Elizabeth Noell can be ruled out. The 1693 power of attorney by Elizabeth Hackley to cornelius Noell rules out that Elizabeth Hackley was the daughter of Cornelius. (By the way, the reference in that record to Noell's son Daniel and daughter Elizabeth must have been to Elizabeth Elliot/Ellit, Daniel's wife; Cornelius' daughter would have been a minor then and could not have been a witness.) But in addition, Cornelius' will of 1699 mentions his daughter Elizabeth as being under age, so she must have been born about 1680 or later, further evidence that she could not have married John Hackley ca 1684/85, much less James Andrews some years earlier. At least there definitely was an Elizabeth Noell, which seems to be more than can be said for some of the other parentage theories.

    Of interest to you, though, is that Elizabeth Noell looks like a pretty good candidate for the wife of Samuel Ellits. Her older brother Daniel married Elizabeth Elliot (maybe Samuel's sister, assuming that Ellits and Elliot are variants--you may have information about that). Samuel died in 1718; his will named his wife Elizabeth and sons Caleb and Richard. Caleb and Richard witnessed the will of James Noell (who was about the same age as his sister Elizabeth; and, to add to the proliferation of Elizabeths, had married Elizabeth Evans) in 1733. They would have been James' nephews, if Samuel's wife was Elizabeth Noell. Another probable red herring, though: Billy Chitwood's website lists the spouse of John Hackley's daughter Elizabeth as Gray. No idea where that comes from.
    Hope to have some more later after I dig around more about Andrews and relations with various families.

    John Hackley married Elizabeth, the widow of James Andrews. She later married John Ridgdaile. Her maiden name is unknown. The suggestions for her family are evaluated below, followed by supporting notes and records. Woodford Hackley argued that she was Elizabeth Lambert. According to Charles Cornell, Robert D. Wortham stated that she was Elizabeth Boulware, daughter of Thomas, from information found at the Filson Club in Louisville. Brian Ridgell mentions that in addition to Lambert and Boulware her maiden name has been suggested as Ramsey, Noell, and Stallard. He also states that he found some information that indicated that her name was Elizabeth Daniels. (No records for Daniels were found for Rappahannock County in a search on Ancestry.com, and this possibility was not pursued further.)
    My conclusions are that, except for Boulware, there is very little support for the theories, and some appear to be definitely excluded. That John?s wife was Elizabeth Boulware seems quite likely. There were two Elizabeth Boulwares in Rappahannock County, however, one the daughter of Thomas Boulware, the other the daughter of James Boulware, so it is not clear which one might have married James Andrews. The evidence for this conclusion can be summarized thus: Elizabeth (Thomas) and Elizabeth (James) Boulware lived in Rappahannock County between 1660 and 1680, and are not known to have married. There are no strong connections for the suggested families of other Elizabeths with the Andrews, Hackley, and Ridgdaile families at that time. There are multiple familial, land, and legal connections of the Boulwares with these families, partly through the close association of the Boulwares and Grays.

    Lambert?not in Rappahannock County, no record of Elizabeth.
    Lamberts were early settlers in Virginia, but no records place them as far up the Rappahannock as the Occupacia area. A Thomas Lambert was a member of the House of Burgesses from Lower Norfolk during the period 1648-1556. John Lambert was a witness to legal transaction in Lancaster County in 1658 and 1660. John Lambert Sr. and John Lambert Jr. were witnesses to the probate of the will of Thomas Willoughby, Norfolk County, may 16, 1712. The presumed Elizabeth Lambert is, according to some genealogies, the daughter of John Lambert and Sarah Lucas, probably married about 1660, which would be consistent with a marriage to James Andrews about 1678. Since Thomas Lucas was a very early settler in Rappahannock County, it is possible that James Andrews might have had associations in Rappahannock County that connected him with a Lambert family farther east. Woodford Hackley suggests indirect connections from a reference in 1680 of a gift from John Catlett and James Anderson (Andrews) to Margery Lambath and Elizabeth?s recourse in legal matters to Richard Goode, who may have married the widow of John Lambert. Other than these, however, no records show any likely personal connection or connection by locality of Andrews and Lambert families.

    Ramsey?not in Rappahannock County until 1693, probably too old.
    Thomas and Elizabeth Ramsey, who possibly had a daughter Elizabeth, were active in Essex County court actions in the years 1700-1725, appearing as witnesses in a large number of transactions, involving many different residents of Essex County. Thomas acted as a witness, did estate appraisals or inventories, stood security, and served on juries 27 times in the years 1703 and 1726. These involved other local families, including Warren, Ellit, Boulware, Ridgdaile, Noell, Hawkins, Gray, King, and others. Three actions involved John Andrews: Thomas and Elizabeth witnessed John Andrews sale of 50 acres to John Ridgdaile in 1704, Thomas witnessed John Andrews? purchase of 25 acres from Abner Gray in 1706, and John Andrews and Thomas Ramsey inventoried the Ellit estate in 1718.
    The earliest land records in Essex County for Thomas Ramsey that I found were from 1693 and 1698. Holland Warren lists them as among the later arrivals in the Occupacia community. A Thomas Ramsey, possibly the Occupacia Thomas Ramsey?s father was earlier a member of the House Burgesses in Norfolk, 1631-1658, and a Thomas Ramsey, probably the elder, patented 1000 acres in Gloucester County in 1662. Thomas was probably born around 1670, maybe somewhat earlier. Consequently, a possible daughter Elizabeth would not have been born before 1680, and is not a likely candidate for the wife of James Andrews bef 1680, either by age or location.

    Starkey?not in Rappahannock County, few records, no Elizabeth
    The suggestion that John Andrews? wife was Elizabeth Starkey comes from researchers of the Andrews family, apparently based on James Andrews Family of Old Rapphannock Co., Va. by Kittie LeBlanc, 1981. a work that I have not seen. The few records that I could find about Starkeys are all from York County, Northumberland County, and Lancaster County: November 20 1654, Northumberland County, a suit of Col. Mottrom against Mr. Starkey postponed to the next session; Starkey is listed as one of the Jamestown settlers 1625-1670; Anthony Robinson, b 1662, d 1727, m Mary Starkey, York County; Lancaster County, Feb 2, 1664, John Starkey and Hen Pullman, planters, bought certain land from Robert and Mary Pollard:
    Lancaster Co. Record Book 2, 1654-1666: Robert Pollard of Lanc. sells to Hohn Starkey and Hen Pulman of the same county,planters, certain land. Feb 2, 1664. Signed Robert Pollard, Mary Pollard. Rec December 1, 1665.
    Starkey descendants show up later in the 18th century in southwest Virginia. It is possible that James Andrews first lived in east end of the northern neck of Virginia and knew the Starkey family there before settling in Rappahannock County. He bought land in Rappahannock as early as 1670, however.

    Stallard?Rappahannock family, wills appear to exclude Elizabeth
    When Walter Stallard settled in Rappahannock County is not known; Holland Warren lists the Stallards as among the ?later? settlers there. His father-in law William Hodges bought land there in 1659. Walter died in 1684; his will names his wife Winifred and his son Samuel and daughter Sarah, both minors in 1683. Samuel married Grace Boulware, and their daughter Sarah married Cornelius Noell. It is possible that there was an older daughter Elizabeth, not named in the will, either from the marriage with Winifred, or from an earlier one. But there is nothing in the record of Samuel Stallard?s Essex County transactions to suggest that Samuel was the brother-in-law of James Andrews or uncle of John Andrews. The only possible connection is that in 1714 Samuel was the administrator of Elizabeth King?s estate. Elizabeth was probably a relative of Robert King, who, according to T. E. King, married Mary Andrews, a daughter of James Andrews, and John Andrews? sister.

    Noell?Elizabeth Noell was too young.
    Elizabeth Noell can be ruled out as James Andrews? wife. Elizabeth Hackley, in her 1693 power of attorney to Cornelius Noell refers to him as
    faithful friend?, so it is inconceivable that she was his daughter. (The reference in that record to Noell's son Daniel and daughter Elizabeth must have been to Elizabeth Elliot/Ellit, Daniel's wife; Cornelius' daughter would have been a minor then and could not have been a witness.) In addition, Cornelius' will of 1699 mentions his daughter Elizabeth as being under age, so she must have been born about 1680 or later, further evidence that she could not have married John Hackley ca 1684/85, much less James Andrews some years earlier.

    Boulware?Elizabeth Boulwares, right age, right place. Which one?
    There were four early Boulware settlers in Rappahannock County: Thomas, James, William, and John. William, James, and John were brothers; William and James are named as brothers in land purchases of 1666 and 1689, and John Boulware?s will of 1714 bequeaths land ?which my brother Willliam Boulware did purchase of John Hackley?. How they were related to Thomas is not known, but they are likely cousins or nephews of Thomas. Their children include three daughters named Elizabeth.
    Thomas (1608-1679) was a wealthy planter who lived 15 or 20 miles downstream from Occupacia at Bowler?s Wharf. His will of 1679 established that he had a son James and a daughter Anne with his second wife Tabitha Underwood, and a daughter Elizabeth from an earlier marriage, called here Elizabeth (Thomas).
    William (1640-ca 1700) married (1) Elizabeth Gray and (2) Elizabeth Harper; their children, if any, are not known.
    John Boulware (ca 1660/70-1714) married Susanna Williams, daughter of John Williams; their children were John, Elizabeth, Susanna, and Mary, all born after 1702. Susanna married William Thomas, b ca 1716, a great grandson of Robert Thomas, an early settler of Lancaster County, and grandson of Edward Thomas, an early Rappahannock resident and High Sheriff of Essex County in 1696. Susanna inherited her father?s estate of 600 acres in Essex County in 1739, upon the death of her brother John and sisters Mary and Elizabeth (Wingfield?s History of Caroline County, p 472). Elizabeth (John) was thus a generation younger than the Elizabeth that married James Andrews before 1684.
    James Boulware (1641-1719) married Margery Gray; their children included a daughter Elizabeth, called here Elizabeth (James), probably their eldest daughter, born before 1673.
    Both Elizabeth (Thomas) and Elizabeth (James) are good candidates for the wife of James Andrews. James and Elizabeth married about 1680. Elizabeth (Thomas) was probably born about 1660 or a little later. She and Thomas were somewhat distant from the Occupacia community, although a likely connection between Thomas Boulware and the Boulwares living up the Rappahannock might have made it likely that they came to know each other. One argument against Elizabeth (Thomas) is that she inherited 500 acres of land from her father in 1679, and there should be some record of this land among the many Andrews land transactions if she married James Andrews, or elsewhere, if she died or married someone else. This needs further research.
    Elizabeth (James) was born before 1673, when she was named in William Gray?s will. Was she born as early as 1665? It is hard to tell. James Boulware is said by The Boler Family to have been born before 1641; Margery could have been born as early as about 1642, so 1665 is possible. While there is little documented evidence of connections between Boulwares and Andrews in the 1650s, 1660s, and 1670s, they were neighbors in Occupacia at the time and the interactions between the Boulwares, Grays, Andrews, and Hackleys from 1670 on, discussed below, indicate that these families were very close. The closeness of these connections incline me to think that James? daughter is more likely to have married James Andrews than Thomas? daughter. But if James and Thomas were related, even though Thomas and his daughter were some 20 miles downriver, the Boulware-Grays-Andrews Hackley connections would have extended to Thomas and his daughter. One scenario would be that James Andrews married Thomas? daughter around 1680 or before, at a time before James? daughters were grown. Then if Thomas? daughter moved up to Occupacia, that would have made the connection between Bowler?s Wharf and Occupacia stronger, and hence more likely that Daniel Dobyns later ended up marrying one of the Occupacia Boulware daughters, perhaps James? daughter Elizabeth. See the discussion below about Dobyns; he very likely did marry a Boulware from Occupacia.

    Boulwares, Grays, Andrews, and Hackleys
    The Grays and Boulwares of the Occupacia community were closely related. William Gray (1622-1673) had six children with his first wife Elizabeth: Mary, Margery, Warwick, William, Abner, and John, born probably in the period 1640-1660. The will of William Gray was written July 20, 1673 and probated September 3, 1673. In addition to four sons and daughter Mary, he names his granddaughter Elizabeth Boulware; executors were his wife Maudlin and son in-law James Boulware.
    Margery married James Boulware James Boulware (ca 1640-1719). they had eight children, Grace, m Samuel Stallard; Mary, Elizabeth, James (1675-1752), Mark (1677-1754), John (1682-1761), William, and Sarah. Elizabeth and her sister Sarah are not named in James? will of 1713; David L. (davidl@thisfamilyofmine.com) surmises that they were already married and had received marriage settlements. Of course they could have died before 1713; however, Sarah, at least was alive and the wife of James Samuel in 1714. See the discussion in the next paragraph.
    Abner married Sarah Boulware. Who was Abner?s wife Sarah? The genealogies that I have seen identify her as the daughter of James and Margery Boulware. This cannot be correct. James and Margery?s daughter is another person entirely. Warwick Gray?s will of 1699 bequeaths half of his land to his niece Sarah Boulware, daughter of James Boulware Sr. (and the other half to his nephew William, son of his brother Abner). This Sarah later married James Samuel; in 1714 James and Sarah Samuel sold the land that Sarah inherited. Since Abner?s wife Sarah Boulware Gray was living in 1716, when she was named executrix of his will, there were two distinct Sarahs. Abner?s wife Sarah was probably the daughter of William Boulware, whose children are not known because he died intestate. (She may also have been the daughter of Elizabeth Gray, William Boulware?s first wife, probably a close relative of William Gray Sr.)
    John Hackley was obviously close to his stepson John Andrews, who he made executor of his will together with his wife. Abner Gray was also a close associate. He was a witness to John Hackley?s will; moreover, John bequeathed a calf to Elizabeth Gray, most likely the daughter of Abner. Further, Abner and John Andrews were associated. Abner Gray and John Andrews owned adjacent parcels of land (sale 1706 from Gray to Andrews). John and Hannah Andrews witnessed the will of Abner Gray, October 17, 1716. John Hackley also purchased land from William Boulware, who may have been Abner?s father-in-law. These close relationships could be explained in part simply by John Andrews being John Hackley?s stepson, but they certainly make sense if in addition, John?s wife Elizabeth was a Boulware.

    The Dobyns Connection with Thomas Boulware
    Kenneth W. Dobyns and Margaret S. Thorpe (1969), Daniel Dobyns of Colonial Virginia, Arlington, Va.: Kenneth W. Dobyns. Online excerpt at
    Daniel Dobyns of Colonial Virginia, chapter II, Daniel Dobyns the emigrant to Virginia and his early descendants. (www.myoutbox.net/ddcv02.htm ).
    Dobyns and Thorpe conjecture that Daniel Dobyns (ca 1682-1748) married Elizabeth Boulware. Just which Elizabeth they had in mind is not clear. They specify Elizabeth, daughter of James Boulware and Margery Gray, granddaughter of Thomas Boulware, making the often repeated confusion of James, son of Thomas, of Bowler?s Wharf, with the older James who lived upstream north of Tappahannock. In terms of propinquity, Thomas? daughter Elizabeth might be the best candidate, for Daniel?s father Daniel Dobyn Sr. (ca 1653-1713) owned land near Thomas Boulware?s holdings, and was involved in several transactions with Thomas. The main evidence for a marriage with a Boulware daughter is that a son of Daniel Jr was named Bowler Dobyns (-bef 1774), as attested by Daniel?s will of 1748, who in turn was father of Bowler Dobyns Jr. Thomas? daughter Elizabeth was probably born around 1660, and would thus have been much older than Daniel Jr. Better candidates would be one of the daughters of the Occupacia Boulware brothers, perhaps Mary or Elizabeth, James? daughters, or a daughter of William Boulware.
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    Marriage 1 Elizabeth Boulware b: ABT 1660 in ,,VA
    • Married: AFT 1684
    1. Has Children Mary Elizabeth Hackley b: ABT 1685 in VA
    2. Has No Children Elizabeth Hackley b: ABT 1688 in VA
    3. Has Children Agnes Hackley b: ABT 1680 in VA
    4. Has Children James Hackley b: 1691 in ,Old Rhappahanock Co, VA
    5. Has No Children John Hackley b: ABT 1693 in VA
    6. Has Children Joseph Hackley b: ABT 1695 in VA
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