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  • ID: I424678
  • Name: Richard Jones
  • Given Name: Richard
  • Surname: Jones
  • Prefix: Col.
  • Suffix: III
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: Bef 1692
  • Death: 1759 in Amelia County, Virginia 1
  • _UID: 6788D7A0C8174D7F8A042A4800FFB7C58C20
  • Note:
    Col. Richard Jones III [3524.9.3.1] of Amelia County was bo rn before 1692. Hisname appeared first in 1710 when he witn essed a power of attorney from Elizabeth (Stratton) Chamber lain [7046.2.4.5] to William Ligon [1760] in Henrico County . Jones married first Sarah Stratton [7046.2.4.6]. He wa s a vestryman, county magistrate, militia officer and a rep resentative to the Virginia Assembly. A wealthy planter, h e provided well for his five children.
    Amelia County elected Col. Richard Jones Sr. and Edward Boo ker [BK.3] to the House of Burgesses for the 1736-40 Assemb ly. Col. Jones traveled to Williamsburg and arrived at th e Assembly when it convened on 5 August 1736. Immediately , Richard Booker [BK.3.2] contested Richard Jones’s right t o a seat on the grounds of “an undue election.” The next da y Booker formalized his complaint to the House and on Augus t 9 presented a petition of his charges. Two days later, th ey allowed Booker to withdrawhis petition and they seated J ones.
    Col. Richard Jones lived in southern Amelia County where Ce llar and West Creeks flow into Deep Creek and his plantatio n probably extended south into what is now Nottoway County . He was probably therewhen the area was in Prince George C ounty. He accumulated this land by way of several patents . In October 1719 he had 150 acres on Smiths Run surveye d and secured its patent in September 1723. Yet he sol d this land to Morgan McKenney for £10 in July 1726.

    In September 1728, as Richard Jones Jr., he got a patent fo r 451 acres in Prince George County on the south side o f Hatchers Run. He sold this land to Thomas Pierce of Charl es City County in August 1733. In September 1730 he hel d a patent to 452 acres on Celler Fork of Deep Creek in P rince George County and 337 acres south of the Bush Rive r in Brunswick County. He had the former tract surveyed o n 23 February 1725/6. During August 1735 Jones secure d a patent to a 1,287-acre tract on the lower side of Dee p Creek that included his earlier 452-acre patent.

    In September 1738 Richard Jones Jr., son of Richard Jones , held a patent to 400 acres on the upper side ofLittle C reek of Deep Creek in Amelia County next to land of his fat her. In March 1745/6 when he renewed his 337-acre Brunswic k County patent and added 280 acres , the land was said t o be in Amelia County. During June 1746 Richard JonesGentl . renewed his 1,287-acre patent of 1735 and added 419 acre s never before granted. Richard Jones Jr. registered hi s livestock earmark with the Amelia County clerk on 12 Sept ember 1735.

    Richard Jones secured a patent for 300 acres on the sout h side of Buckskin Creek in Amelia County in July 1742 an d sold this land to Edmond Covington in July 1744.

    After Sarah (Stratton) Jones died, Richard married Margaret . They were the parents of the children named below. On 1 5 April 1748, Richard Jones with wife, Margaret, sold 617 a cres in Raleigh Parish to David Greenhill for £100. Thi s was the combined tract for which he got a patent in Marc h 1745/6. Greenhill was living in St. Johns Parish ofKing W illiam County when he made the deed.
    Between 1749 and 1757, Richard conveyed land to his four el dest sons. In April 1749 as Richard Jones Sr. he conveyed 5 41 acres south of West Creek in Amelia County to Richar d Jones Jr. and 541 acres to Edward Jones. In May 1751, h e gave Daniel Jones 541 acres and in April 1757 he sold 7 00 acres on Cellar Creek to Peter Jones for £5.

    During July 1750 Richard gave 630 acres on Deep Creek t o Isham Vaughan [384.5], for “love and affection.” This wa s probably the 631 acres on Deep Creek Jones got a paten t for in September 1748. Vaughan was probably a son-in-la w though the deed did not say.
    Richard Jones died in Amelia County in the Spring of 1759 ( will dated 16 Dec. 1758 , recorded 28 June 1759).
    Descendants of Richard andSarah (Stratton) Jones:

    Prudence Jones [3524.] (19 Feb. 1725/6 ) married He nry Ward [884.3.1].

    Daniel Jones Sr. [3524.] (30 Oct. 1723 ) lived at “ Mt Airy.”In March 1745/6 Daniel Jones secured a patent to 4 00 acres on both sides of the Little Nottoway River in Am elia County. The same day William Clarke had a patent to 40 0 acres on the north side of the Great Nottoway River i n Amelia County. Daniel Jones bought Clarke’s 400 acres i n May 1749 that he sold to Thomas Dobson in October 1760 . Mary, Daniel’s wife, relinquished her dower right. Dani el bought 400 acres on West and Buckskin Creeks from Thom as Bottom in July 1750, got 541 more acres from his fathe r in May 1751, and bought 400 acres from George Stegall a nd his son of the same name in July 1760.
    Daniel Jones married Mary Sturdivant. In March 1767 in A meliaCounty, James Sturdivant gave a one-year-old slave t o Prudence Jones [3524.] and two slaves to Danie l Jones and Richard Hayes. In April 1768 he gave three slav es to Daniel Jones and awarded all his land between Dee p and Cellar Creeks to Edward Jones [3524.].

    During 1766 Daniel Jones “of Amelia County” bought 101 a cres on Finneywood Creek in Mecklenburg County from Joh n Marable. In December 1769 “Daniel Jones, the Elder” gav e 800 acres between West and Buckskin Creeks to his son “ Daniel Jones, the Younger.”

    Daniel died in Amelia County in 1772 (will dated 4 Apri l 1772 , recorded 25 June1772) and they appraised his esta te, including slaves on his quarter in Mecklenburg County , for £3,530:13:9, a tremendous amount for the times. Te n years later eleven blacks were farming part of the land w ithin his estate. The list of heads of families in Ameli a called him “Capt.” They divided his estate between Edwar d Jones and Richard Jones in May 1791.

    Richard Jones [3524.] inherited his father’s 541-a cre plantation home on the south side of West Creek and 50 6 acres of land in Mecklenburg County. He chose his brother -in-law Stephen Beasley [1660.8.2.1] his guardian in Octobe r 1787. In 1800 Mecklenburg County listed Richard Jones o n the personal property tax list. Yet he was still living i n Amelia County that year when the county listed “Richard J ones (W.C.)” with seven slaves more than twelve years of ag e.

    Lt. Daniel Jones Jr. [3524.] lived at “Mt. Airy” t hat he inherited from his father. On 6December (bond) 177 3 , in Surry County, he married first Susannah Hardiman, t he daughter of Littlebury Hardiman who died in Charles Cit y County in 1771 (will dated 18 Feb. 1771, recorded 6 Nov . 1771). Susannah inherited some slaves from her father tha t were subject to the debts of his estate. When Jones too k possession of the slaves in 1774, he gave an executor’s b ond for their value.

    They had two children before she died. Daniel served dur ing the Revolution andin April 1778 was appointed captain t o replace Benjamin Ward. He would later marry Benjamin’s wi dow. In April 1781 General Tarelton’s British Regulars pill aged and burned Daniel’s mill and granary in Amelia County . He petitioned the Virginia House of Delegates for reimbur sement on 30 May 1782. He applied also to Amelia County fo r reimbursement of other revolutionary war claims: one hors e forsix years, 48 pounds of bacon, 430 pounds of flour, 14 1 flour barrels, 553 pounds of beef, and £1,671 of other it ems.
    In March 1779 Daniel bought 1,400 neighboring acres o n West Creek from John Tabb for £5,000. By 1782 Daniel wa s head of a household of eight whites and forty-one blacks . Two years later he married Catherine Crawley [3566.1.1. 4]. They wed on 4 September (bond) 1784 in Amelia County . Catherine was the widow of Benjamin Ward [884.3.1.1] wh o died in1783. Daniel moved to “West Creek” and his childre n grew up with her children.His family was ten in 1785.
    Daniel died in Nottoway County 1795 (will dated 17 Nov . 1795, recorded 3 Dec. 1795). He had a large estate whic h included Obscurity, a stud horse. He named seven childre n in his will.
    Children of Daniel and Susannah (Hardiman) Jones:

    Littleberry Hardiman Jones [3524.] married Eliza beth Fitzgerald [3524.F.8]. Rev. John Cameron conducted the ir wedding on 1 September 1798. This couple was in Boteto urt County in January 1811 when they conveyed land on Wes t Creek in Nottoway County to George W. Jones [3524.9.3.1 .2.2.7].

    Theodorick Jones [3524.].

    Daniel Jones [3524.] was living in Mecklenburg C ounty in 1800.
    Children of Daniel and Catherine (Crawley) Ward Jones:

    Louisa Jones [3524.] married Dr. John Henry Fitz gerald [3524.F.1]. Dr. Fitzgerald held a medical degree fro m the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and lived at “Lei nster” and at “Rose Hill,” the Presbyterian manse. They ha d seven children of whom we have information on these two:

    William Fitzgerald [3524.] of “Leinster” was c alled “Pony.” He married Anna Maria Hardaway [884. ].

    John Fitzgerald [3524.] married Martha Scott , daughter of Samuel Scott of “Sallards,” and Ann Willson . They lived at “Walnut Hill” in Nottoway County where th e Peter Epes [488.4.11.1/S] family had lived.

    Frances Jones [3524.] married Francis Fitzgeral d [3524.F.2] who was clerk of Nottoway County (1805-52). Re v. John Cameron united them in marriage 4 November 1805.

    They lived at “Belfast,” an early Fitzgerald settlemen t in Nottoway County which burned in 1866. They were the pa rents of ten children. Two sons were these:

    Rev. James Henderson Fitzgerald [3524.] wa s a trustee of Hampden-Sydney College. This Fitzgerald repr esented Nottoway County in the Virginia House of Delegate s (1809-11).

    Dr. George Fitzgerald [3524.] (28 Mar. 180 9 - 29 June 1864) of “The Glebe” near Hendersonville marrie d three times. His wives were Susan F. Thweatt whom he marr ied in Chesterfield County9 May 1831 , Catherine Frances C ampbell, daughter of Dr. Archibald Algernon Campbell of “Bl endon,” and Sallie Bolling Tazewell. Fitzgerald farmed an d practiced medicine in Nottoway County for many years an d represented his neighbors onthe House of Delegates (1840- 42).

    Patrick Jones [3524.] (c.1787-c.1816) lived at “ Buckskin” in Nottoway County on West Creek. In June 1812 hi smother conveyed 515 acres to “Patrick Jones her son.” Hi s widow, Martha, married second Dr. Austin Watkins, son o f Rev. Abner Watkins of Lunenburg County. Dr. Watkins serve d in the Virginia General Assembly (1822-24, 1829-30).

    George W. Jones [3524.] married Elizabeth Fitzge rald, only daughter of Francis Fitzgerald of “The Castle. ” In February 1808 his mother conveyed to him the “Mt. Airy ” plantation in Amelia County of 1,931 acres for $1,500 . George died in Nottoway County (will dated 31 Jan. 182 3 , recorded 6 Mar. 1823).

    Benjamin Crawley Jones [3524.] (15 Jan. 1810 - 1892) lived at“Old Homestead,” the Ward settlement. He marr ied first 20 October 1841 Mary Jones Campbell (2 April 181 4 - 6 Aug. 1861), daughter of Dr. Archibald Algernon Campbe ll and Sarah Epes.
    His second wife was Catherine Jones (21 Nov. 1823 - Mar . 1893), daughter of Capt. Richard Jones [3524. ] and Elizabeth Campbell Epes. They wed 3 September 1862.

    Francis Fitzgerald Jones [3524.] (9 Nov. 180 7 - 2 July 1865) married Sarah Green Thweatt (15 Jan. 181 3 - 31 Aug. 1854) in Chesterfield County 24 November (bond ) 1830. She was thedaughter of Thomas Thweatt and Sarah G reen Thweatt of Dinwiddie. In November 1826 Jones bought 1, 491 acres on the Nottoway River and Hickory Run in Brunswic kCounty from Nathaniel Coleman and his wife, Elizabeth.
    Jones moved to Brunswick County in 1836 and lived at “Th e Oaks” northeast of Rawlings on present-dayHighway 610. Fo r several years Francis operated a male school at “The Oaks ,” offering instruction in the usual English and classica l curriculum, mainly for his own children. Concord Presbyte rian Church is on land given by Francis Jones.

    Francis F. Jones served the unexpired term of Edward P . Scott in the Virginia Senate representing Brunswick, Dinw iddie, and Greensville counties (1850).
    “Sallie” died of consumption and is buried at “The Oaks. ” On 27 July 1857 Francis married Mary Harriet Bolling (2 1 Nov. 1810 - 25 Dec. 1860), then the widow of Dr. John Fei ld.
    Twice a widower before the Civil War began, Francis saws ix sons called to serve in the Confederate Army: Benjamin , George, Thomas, Francis, William, and Freeman. Francis li ved to see all return.
    Francis died with consumption 2 July 1865 and was burie d in the Francis Jones Family Cemetery at “The Oaks.” His t ombstone identifies him as “Honorable Francis F. Jones.”
    Francis died before 1865 when the account of his estat e sale was returned.

    Sarah Elizabeth Jones [3524.] (22 Nov. 183 1 - 10 Jan. 1857) never married.

    Lucy Osborne Jones [3524.] (18 Feb. 1833) ma rried Dr. Hume S. Feild in 1851. He served as an assistan t surgeon in the Confederate Army.
    More about the family and military experience of Dr. Hum e S. Feild may be found in Civil Wars Soldiers from Brunswi ck County, Virginia.

    George William Jones [3524.] served from Bru nswick County during the Civil War.
    More about the family and military experience of Georg e William Jones may be found in Civil Wars Soldiers from Br unswick County, Virginia.

    Thomas Thweatt Jones [3524.] served from Bru nswick County during the Civil War.
    More about the family and military experience of Thoma s Thweatt Jones may be found in Civil Wars Soldiers from Br unswick County, Virginia.

    Francis Green Jones [3524.] served from Brun swick County during the Civil War.
    More about the family and military experience of Franci s Green Jones may be found in Civil Wars Soldiers from Brun swick County, Virginia.

    Benjamin Crawley Jones [3524.] (14 Sept. 184 0) served from Brunswick County during the Civil War.
    More about the family and military experience of Benjami n Crawley Jones may be found in Civil Wars Soldiers from Br unswick County, Virginia.

    Harriet “Hattie” Feild Jones [3524.] (26 Oct . 1842 - 22 April 1881).

    William Fitzgerald Jones [3524.] served fro m Brunswick County during the Civil War.
    More about the family and military experience of Willia m Fitzgerald Jones may be found in Civil Wars Soldiers fro m Brunswick County, Virginia.

    Freeman Ward Jones [3524.] served from Bruns wick County during the Civil War.

    Susan Alice Jones [3524.] (9 May 1848 - 1 3 Oct. 1874) married Confederate veteran Claiborne Anderso n Pope 20 June 1866. She died and on 12 April 1877 Claiborn e married her sister Hattie Feild. All three of these siste rs lie buriedin the Francis Jones Family Cemetery.
    More about the family and military experience of Claibor ne Anderson Pope may be found in Civil Wars Soldiers from B runswick County, Virginia.

    James A. Jones [3524.] (5 May 1851 - 6 Apri l 1906) married Ellen Meade Feild, daughter of Dr. Andrew M eade Feildand his wife, Ellen Feild, of Greensville County , 3 December 1872. Both are inConcord Presbyterian Church C emetery.

    Roger Gregory Jones [3524.] (13 Feb. 1854) , the youngest of the children of Francis F. Jones, was liv ing with his older brother William F. Jones in 1870. He mov ed to Dinwiddie County and lived there. We have no furthe r information about him.

    George William Jones [3524.] (18 June 1822 -18 90) married Martha Scott Agnew and lived at “The Hermitage ” on the Namozine Road not far from Fergusonville.They ha d six children.

    Martha Epes Jones [3524.] married William Fitz gerald Ward [884.] of Nottoway County.

    Mary C. Jones [3524.] (16 Sept. 1814) marrie d Henry T. Miller 5 March 1839.

    Elizabeth L.F. Jones [3524.] (12 June 1818 - 2 2 Feb. 1838).

    Caroline L. Jones [3524.] (8 April 1820 - 1 Se pt. 1820) died in infancy.
    Edward Jones [3524.] inherited 800 acres of land i n Mecklenburg County on Finneywood Creek. In 1800 Mecklenbu rg County listed “Capt. Edward Jones” on the personal prope rty tax list.
    Sarah Jones [3524.] inherited five young “Negro” w omen to be purchased from the profits of the estate.
    Mary Jones [3524.] inherited nine “Negro” slaves a nd some household items.
    Martha Jones [3524.] inherited eight “Negroes” an d household items.
    Rebecca Jones [3524.] inherited £500 from her fath er. She married Stephen Beasley Jr. [1660.8.2.1] in Ameli a County 11 December (bond) 1782.

    Elizabeth Jones [3524.] inherited £500 from her fa ther. She married Robert Foster in Amelia County 20 Decembe r (bond) 1781. They were living in a household of two wit h fourteen slaves in 1782. Her brother, Daniel Jones, per mitted the marriage. Robert died before 26 June 1788 when w idow Elizabeth gave her right to administer her dead husban d’s estate to Edward Jones [3524.] and Thomas Jone s [3524.]. The Commonwealth dropped a suit again st Foster at his death.

    Prudence Jones [3524.] inherited £500 from her fat her. She married Thomas Jones [3524.] in Amelia Co unty 28 October (bond) 1784.
    Richard Jones IV [3524.] married first Elizabeth Jon es in Amelia County during June 1744. In 1749 Richard’s f ather gave him 541 acres on the south side of West Creek.

    Richard Jones Jr. bought 400 acres from Abraham and Mar y (Batte) Cocke [1762.7.6.4] on 24 April 1755 for £250. H e gave this land and another 100 acres to his son Richard J ones Jr. in June 1771. The latter deed said he had bough t the other 100 acres from Abraham Cocke also but we can fi nd no such deed. In May 1757 Richard Jones Jr. bought 300 a cres from Joseph Reeves. Richard’s father died in 1759 s o he was “RichardJones, Planter, of Nottoway Parish” in Sep tember 1760 when he bought 50 acres on the south side of We st Creek from John Osborne. A neighbor was his son, now Ric hard Jones Jr.
    Jones bought 30 acres on Rocky Branch from Charles Hutche son in October 1767. He bought 600 acres on the north sid e of Deep Creek from Robert Munford in August 1771 yet it w as not until March 1774 that Ann, Robert’s wife, relinquish ed her dower right. According to his will, Richard bought land from James Hudson, who we know was a neighbor. Yet w e can find no such deed. A Richard Jones was the sheriff o f Amelia County (1768-69) and it was probably this one.

    Richard Jones of Nottoway Parish died in Amelia County in 1 778 (will dated 17 Aug. 1778 , recorded Oct. 1778). In 178 2 part of his land remaining in his estate was home to fou r whites and twenty-three blacks.

    Estate accounts from 1778 through 1796 disclose that Rev. J ames Craig preached thefuneral sermon and Charles Stewart m ade the coffin. George Muse was the overseer. William too k dance lessons.

    Amy Jones [3524.] married StephenCocke [1762.7.6.4 .3] in Amelia County 4 December 1764. He was the son of A braham Cocke who lived in Nottoway Parish on the upper Nott oway River.

    Elizabeth Jones [3524.] married Littleberry Royal l [W.] in Amelia County 25 May (bond) 1780.

    Margaret Jones [3524.] was living alone in Ameli a County in 1782. She had five slaves then and was not li sted in the county at all in 1785.
    Sarah Jones [3524.].
    Rachel Jones [3524.] married Samuel Booker in Amel ia County on 4 February (bond) 1785. He may have been Sam uel Booker [BK.1.4.3]. This Samuel was single and living i n a household in Amelia County with seven slaves.

    In April 1784 Samuel’s father, Edmund Booker, gave him 40 0 acres on the south side of Flat Creek. Two years later , in July 1786, Samuel bought 167 acres on the west sid e of the creekfrom John Lewis.
    Thomas Jones [3524.] inherited from his father lan don Deep Creek purchased from Robert Munford and James Huds on. In 1782 Amelia County listed Thomas and his brother Wil liam together with eight slaves. Thomas married his cousi n Prudence Jones [3524.] in Amelia County 28 Octob er (bond) 1784.

    William Jones [3524.] inherited from his father la nd adjoining the home plantation.
    Richard Jones V [3524.] inherited from his fathe r all the slaves and livestock already in his possession. W e believe he was Richard Jones of “The Poplars” who marrie d Mary Epes Robertson [W.] in Amelia County 28 Novem ber (bond) 1769. John Winn, Mary’s guardian, consented t o the marriage. The groom’s father, Richard Jones Sr., date d his consent 25 November 1769. According to their family B ible, they made their vows on 14 December 1769. The same Bi ble listed the children identified below and theirbirth dat es. Tradition is that most of the daughters married and mov ed to Tennessee.
    “The Poplars” was about 1½ miles north of Nottoway Court Ho use, on Woody Creek. This was a 500-acre tract his father g ave him in June 1771. The samemonth that Richard got th e Woody Creek property from his father he bought a neighbor ing 173 acres from James Cocke for £86:10. Richard Jone s was Richard Jones Jr. until 1778 when he usually droppe d the Jr. Another Richard Jones was inAmelia County but i n Raleigh Parish.
    In 1772-73 Richard accumulated land along Deep Creek: 25 ac res from Samuel Cobbs [BK.C.2] of Charlotte County in Octob er 1772 , 224 acres from James May in November 1772 , 6 2 acres from Charles Stewart in November 1772, 58 acres f rom William Ragsdale in September 1771 , and 50 acres fr om Bryant McDearman of Prince Edward County and John Fishe r of “Osbornes” in September 1773. Richard sold the tract o f 50 acres to his brother-in-law Littleberry Royall in Ma rch 1777 for £25. He had paid £30 four years earlier.
    In November 1772 Richard Jones Jr. and James Henderson & Co . bought 230 acres on the south side of Woody Creek fro m William Covington. James Henderson [BK.3.4.2/S] was a mer chant who came to Virginia from Scotland when he wastwenty . Jones and Henderson sold their land to Jones uncle Pete r Jones Sr. [3524.] in April 1773.

    During November 1772 Richard arranged to buy 203 acres fr om the heirs of Richard Willson [3698.1.1.3]. Willson die d in Amelia County about 1768 (will dated 14 Sept. 1767, re corded 28 April 1768) leaving his plantation and 200 adjace nt acres to his wife, Ann, and five children. After his wif e’s death, they would sell the land for the benefit of th e children. While Ann was still living, they sold the 200-a cre tract to Jones.
    The General Assembly passed an act requiring counties to se lect commissioners to raise money for public emergencies. W hen Amelia County citizens voted for commissioners in 178 1 they gave Maj. Richard Booker, Richard Jones, John Booke r [BK.5.3], JohnBooker Jr. [BK.5.3.3], and William Royall t he greatest number of votes. In 1782 Amelia County liste d “Richd Jones” head of a household of five with twenty-tw o slaves.

    In February 1798 Richard Jones, of Nottoway County, conveye d to his son, James Jones, 540 acres on both sides of Dee p Creek in Nottoway County. He deeded son Richard Jones Jr . 50 acres in May 1816.

    Jones married second Elizabeth Fletcher, a widow of a Nicho lson and the sister of Capt. James N. Fletcher. They had tw o sons. Richard’s third wife was Elizabeth Harris (14 Oct . 1759), the daughter of William Harris and Frances of Surr y County. Elizabeth was the widow of Dr. Archibald Campbel l and the mother of Dr. Archibald Algernon Campbell of “Ble ndon,” Nottoway Court House.
    Richard Jones died in Nottoway County (will dated 16 Jan. 1 811, recorded 7 Aug. 1817). He left a life estateto his wif e, Elizabeth, mentioned her two children Richard and Elizab eth H. Jones. He spoke also of “son-in-law [stepson] Alexan der A. Campbell” and left a bequest to Archibald A. Campbel l. In 1834 the administrators of his estate sued the execut ors of Thomas Comer [W.].

    Children of Richard and Mary Epes (Robertson) Jones:
    Elizabeth Jones [3524.] (7 Dec. 1770) was of Mec klenburg County in 1811.
    Dr. James Jones [3524.] (11 Dec. 1772 -25 Apri l 1848) graduated from Hampden-Sydney College (1791) and th e Universityof Pennsylvania before studying medicine in Edi nburgh. Walter A. Watson pennedan honorable tribute to Jame s Jones in his Notes on Southside Virginia. A hospital surg eon during the War of 1812, James Jones represented Nottowa y County inthe House of Delegates (1804-09, 1827-29) and hi s district in the U.S. House of Representatives (1819-23) . Dr. James Jones of “Mountain Hall” married Catherine Harr is (1772-1860) on 10 September 1797. She was the daughter o f William Harris and Frances of Surry County and the siste r of Elizabeth who married third Catherine’s father-in-law.
    “Mountain Hall” is about three miles northeast of Crewe ove rlooking Deep Creek. Square and constructed in a Georgian s tyle, it has rows of massive cedars bordering the lane to t he house.
    Mary Epes Jones [3524.] (16 Aug. 1777) married S harpe Lamkin (18 Nov. 1766) of Lunenburg County 22 Decembe r 1791. He was the son of Peter Lamkin of Nottoway County ( willdated 20 Aug. 1796, recorded 2 Feb. 1797) and his wife , Winifred. Sharpe represented Lunenburg County in the Virg inia House of Delegates (1796-98).
    Richard Jones [3524.] (8 Aug. 1780 - 8 Oct. 1781 ).
    Martha Ann Jones [3524.] (26 Dec. 1784 -179-).
    Caroline Jones [3524.] (1787-1794).
    Child of Richard and Elizabeth (Fletcher) Nicholson Jones:
    Nathan Jones [3524.] died at about ten years o f age.
    Children of Richard and Elizabeth (Harris) Campbell Jones:
    Capt. Richard Jones VI [3524.] married Elizabet h Campbell Epes on 17 November 1818. She was the daughter o f Maj. John Epes. Capt. Jones was a lawyer and outstandin g orator. He served as Commonwealth’s Attorney of Nottowa y and represented the county in the House of Delegates(1816 -19). He lived first at “Vermont” on Stingy Lane Road in No ttoway County.
    Capt. Richard Jones owned the race track “Bellefont,” a fe w miles east of Blackstone. Local church leaders, opposed t o gambling, held a revival protesting the track. Jones join ed the church, closed the tack, and turned the tavern int o a school for young women. In 1839 Jones moved his home, a lso known as “Bellefont,” there. He died before the Civil W ar and was interred at “Windrow.” They named “Windrow” fo r a violent storm that tore a narrow path through Nottowa y County and viciously blew a small child several miles. Is aac Holmes, first Nottoway County clerk, owned “Windrow” an d Jones owned it before selling it to Theodorick Pryor, wh o sold it to his brother-in-law Thomas Freeman Epes [A.5.4.] about 1839.

    Elizabeth Harris Jones [3524.] married Dr. Georg e S.G. Bacon. Dr. Bacon served in Co. C, 18th Virginia Pick ett’s Division and was wounded in the war. Bacon killed Dr . John Segar Hardaway [A.] in a knife duel.
    Peter Jones [3524.] (17 Nov. 1720 ) while still a c hild, he moved to Amelia County with his father and spent h is entire life on Deep Creek. He married Sarah Tanner [3522 .1.4.2] in Amelia County 20 February (bond) 1746/7.

    Edward Jones [3524.] (18 April 1722 ) may have bee n the Edward Jones who held a patent to 400 acres on bot h sides of Flat Creek in June1746. He died in Amelia Count y without a will before 22 March 1759 when AmeliaCounty rec orded his estate inventory. The court appointed his wife , Agnes, to administer his estate. She may have been a daug hter of Peter Jones [3524.9.5.1]. Agnes and Edward had thre e children named in estate records in 1786.

    Agnes died in Amelia County (will dated 7 April 1799, recor ded 24 Feb. 1803). Byher will, her son and executor, Edwar d Jones, liberated slave Robert Loveless on 24 March 1803.
    Mary Jones [3524.] married Andrew Redford in Ameli aCounty 11 July (bond) 1764. Her guardian, Daniel Jones , consented. Earlier that same year, in May 1764, Andrew ha d bought 200 acres on Woody Creek in Amelia (now Nottoway ) County from James Hall [3698.1.7.1]. He added to his plan tation with a 95-acre purchase from James Standley five y ears later in June 1769.
    Martha Jones [3524.] died in Amelia County befor e 2 January 1799, when they divided her estate between he r mother, brother, and brother-in-law.
    Edward Jones [3524.] married Martha Jones in Ameli a County 2 December (bond) 1776. In May 1784 his mother g ave him 654 acres in Amelia County, slaves, livestock, an d all of her other personal property. Edward Jones died i n Nottoway County about 1828 (will dated 5 Dec. 1827, recor ded 5 Feb. 1829).

    Spotswood Jones [3524.] married Susanna I. Branc h in Amelia County 12 October 1809. Marriage bond suret y was Matthew Branch Jr.

    Lewellyn Jones [3524.].

    Sophia W. Jones [3524.].

    Mary Jones [3524.].
    Amy Jones [3524.] was perhaps named “Amy” for her pa ternal grandmother. She married Capt. William Watson in Ame lia County 23 September (bond) 1739. William was a militi a officer and among the first justices ofAmelia County (173 5-41, 1744, 1746-49, 1751). An Amelia County bond for £1,00 0tells us that in 1749 “Hon. Sc. William Gooch and Barron’t ., His Majesty’s Lieut. Gov. and Commander-in-Chief of th e Colony and Dominion of Virginia” appointed William sherif f of Amelia County. He owned a mill and his will tells u s William ran an ordinary and rented land to several tenant s.
    Watson was among thelargest land owners in Amelia and Princ e Edward Counties securing patents to nearly 22,500 acres f rom 1737 through 1750. He held 2,000 acres on both side s of Flat Creek in June 1737, 903 acres on both sides o f Little Creek of Deep Creek in September 1738, and anothe r 1,952 acres on Flat Creek in September 1738. Watson div ided his Little Creek land into two parcels and sold 124 ac res to Emanuel Jones and 779 acres to John Hall [3698.1 .7.4] for about £50. Watson exchanged 200 acres of his Fl at Creek with Barnaby Wells for another 200 acres farthe r along the creek.

    In July 1742 Watson secured a patent for 1,600 acres on t he Sandy River in what is now Prince Edward County and sol d 1,100acres to Daniel DeJarnette [1808.4] for £69 in 174 3. He got 1,400 acres onboth sides of Namozine Creek in F ebruary 1742/3, 1,500 acres on both sides of Mallorys Cre ek in November 1743, 3,385 acres on both sides of Sweatho use Creek in June 1744, and 577 acres on Tuckers Branch o f the Namozine in July 1745. He sold 3,150 acres of the S weathouse Creek land to John Hall for £30. At the same tim e he bought 250 acres in Raleigh Parish from Samuel Cobbs . Watsonsold 350 acres on Mallorys Creek to Hugh Leaden i n November 1743.
    With William Crawley, Watson secured a patent to 377 acre s on the upper side of West Creek in August 1746 and wit h Samuel Cobbs he got 1,850 acres acres on the lower sid e of Buffalo River in June 1746. Watson and Crawley sold th eir property to Gideon Moon and Peter Moon in February 1749 /50 for £50 and Watson and Cobbsconveyed their tract fo r £100 to Thomas Baldwin who secured a patent for it in J uly 1751. Watson alone held 671 acres near Flat Creek i n June 1746, 334acres on both sides of Namozine Creek i n July 1746, 800 acres on Sandy River in June 1747, 350 m ore acres on Mallorys Creek in October 1747, 400 acres o n Harris Creek of Prince Edward County in October 1747, an d 42 more acres on Tuckers Branch in September 1748. Wats on sold the Harris Creek land to Edward Briswate for £20.

    In June 1749 Watson secured a patent to 5,077 acres on bo th sides of Flat Creek. He assembled this tract from 4,42 3 acres of an earlier patent, 225 acres bought from Danie l Coleman, 200 acres exchanged with Barnaby Wells, 2 acre s he got from John Dyer to build a mill on Flat Creek, an d 227 newly-surveyed acres. His final patent during his lif etime was for 2,650 acres on the head branches of the Bus h River now in Prince Edward County in June 1750. A posthum ous patent was issued in the name of William Watson for 38 3 acres in September 1755.
    William and Amy were the parents of the children named belo w. He died in Amelia County in 1752 (will dated 23 Dec. 175 1 , recorded 26 Mar. 1752) and Edward Jones, Daniel Jone s and Richard Jones Jr. were the executors of his will an d put up a 3,000-pound executor’s bond. They appraisedhi s estate, including twenty-five slaves, for £1,056:13:3 , a great amount for the time. Amy (Jones) Watson, marrie d second Maj. Wood Jones [3524.9.1.6] in Amelia County 9 No vember (bond) 1763. William’s children were young when h e died and Richard Jones [3524.] kept up with the es tate accounts. In February 1792 Jones delivered to the cour t the records he had kept since 7 March 1759. He had paid t o send the youngsters to school and had given Thomas Bollin g Munford £70 — his portion of the profits of the estate af ter he married Jane Watson.
    Amy (Jones) Watson Jones wrote her will in Amelia Count y 4 October 1780.

    In March 1757 a controversy arose regarding some of Watson’ s land in PrinceEdward County. George Currie alleged he an d Watson together owned 1,100 acres on the Buffalo River bu t the Land Office had made out the patent in the name ofWat son only. The Amelia County chancery court heard Currie’s c omplaint and ordered Watson’s infant son, William, to conve y 550 acres to Currie when he becametwenty-one. Yet Curri e was in debt to Richard Jones, the boy’s guardian, becaus e Prince Edward had given Jones a judgement against Curri e for £60:19:8 plus 5% interest and court costs in July 175 6. So Currie conveyed his future rights to the 550 acres t o Jones. On wonders how Jones could represent his own int erests and the interests of his ward at the same time.
    Richard Jones reported on Watson’s estate from 1759 throug h 1786. He paid for schooling the children. He mentione d payments in August 1767 to Thomas Bolling Munford for hi s profits in the estate beginning when he married Mrs. Munf ord.
    William Watson [3524.] inherited 1,300 acres of la nd on Flat Creek and the rest of his father’splantations af ter the death of his mother. His wife was Ann Randolph, th e daughter of Henry Randolph III and Elizabeth Epes. The Wa tson settlement was between Burkeville and Jennings Ordinar y. “Glenmore,” an old Nottoway County home, stood there. O n its grounds is a Watson burying ground.
    Watson led Capt. WilliamWatson’s Company during the Revolut ion, which was in service at Chickahominy Swamp.
    William sold much of the land his father had accumulated i n Amelia County during his lifetime and deeds for at leas t 6,000 acres are in Amelia County. In May 1767 he sold 76 0 acres at what is now Jennings Ordinary, Virginia. Broth ers John Jennings [410.7] and Joseph Jennings [490] were al ready running the ordinary there when they bought the lan d and ran the dividing line between their respective tract s “through the middle of the Ordinary house.” Yet this acre age was part of the Flat Creek land Watson’s father devise d him entail and was thus nontransferable. So Joseph convey ed his 360 acres back to Watson in April 1770 and John hi s 400 acres in March 1771. John Jennings evidently confir med his conveyance with an identical deed of 3 February 177 3. This same day Watson again sold Joseph Jennings the co ntroversial 360 acres at the ordinary. Ann, wife of Willi am Watson, did not relinquish her dower right until 30 Marc h 1778. By then the legislature had abolished entail.
    In August and October 1771,John Hamlin Jr. and William Wats on sold 884 acres on Namozine Creek to John Chappell fo r £271:10. Watson’s stepfather and Hamlin’s father-in-law w as Maj. Wood Jones [3524.9.1.6] and we presume this was th e link in their common ownership of this land that was th e remainder of William Watson Sr.’s 1,734-acre patent of Ju ly 1746.

    Watson sold Mallory Creek land in several parcels. He conve yed 342 acres to James Bagley [1760.] in April 176 7, 308 acres to James Anderson [1760.1.4.1] in April 1767 , 58 acres to Isham Clay [768.2.2/S] in October 1768, 10 8 acres to James Bagley again in February 1769, and 150 a cres to William Gooch in March 1770. In July 1767 he sol d Flat Creek land toFrancis Lewis and in August 1774 he s old 304 acres of Deep Creek land to John Baldwin for £76 . Other sales included 150 acres to Dickeson Lumpkin in M arch 1775 and 300 acres to Robert Donald in August 1775 . In February 1776 Watsonsold 46 acres on Flat Creek to E dmund Borum [194.2] and 194 acres to JamesBagley again.

    On 17 March 1777, William sold 774 acres near Jennings Ordi nary to five individuals. John Bartholomew Dupuy bought 18 8 acres , Robert Thompson bought 170 acres , Joseph Jenni ngs [490] bought 12 acres , Richard Beasley bought 200 acr es , and Archibald Yarbrough [804.6.1.6] bought 204 acres . The next month he sold 552 acres on Flat Creek to Wil liam Bell of ChesterfieldCounty. In January 1778 Watson an d wife, Ann, sold 50 acres to Joseph Jennings [490] again . For the second time, Jennings insisted that Ann relinquis h her dower right in land he bought from her husband, thoug h she could not conveniently come to the court house, and s ix years later the court ordered it obtained. Watson mad e a few other sales: John Tabb bought 833 acres on Wintic omack Creek in July 1779, Llewellyn Williamson bought 300 a cres in November 1781, andJoseph Jennings [490] bought 4 4 acres in August 1783.

    In 1782 Amelia County listed William Watson head of a famil y of two with 28 slaves.

    Sarah Watson [3524.] married Alexander Erskine [17] in Amelia County 27 April (bond) 1758. Alexan der perhaps lived first on 200 acres on Woody Creek he bo ught from Joseph Crenshaw in February 1750/1. With Willia m Spens, Erskine purchased 400 acres on the Sandy River f rom William Brown. Thomas Taylorsold Erskine 404 acres o n the Little Nottoway River in July 1755, Richard Stones so ld him 400 acres on Whetstone Creek of the Nottoway Rive r in March 1758, and Jeff Wallace sold him 136 acres on t he Little Nottoway River in December 1757. Erskine sold th e Whetstone land to Thomas Yarbrough [804.6.1] in October 1 766. By 30 October 1767, Alexander, perhaps now overexten ded, mortgaged 740 acres in Amelia County and thirteen slav es to Neil Buchanan and his son of the same name for £725:1 6:6.

    Alexander died before the March Court 1768 when they ordere d an appraisement recorded 28 February 1771. On 22 May 17 88, theAmelia County chancery court called Sarah “widow an d relict of Alexander Erskine, dec’d.” Thomas Bolling Munfo rd reported on the orphans in 1796.

    Alexander Erskine [3524.] and his sister, Amy, w ere beneficiaries of the 1780-will of his grandmother Jones.

    Amy Erskine [3524.].

    Charles Erskine [3524.].
    Jane Watson [3524.] married ThomasBolling Munfor d [W.] in Amelia County 1 February (bond) 1766. Re cordsrefer to Thomas by his full name perhaps to help disti nguish him from Thomas Mumford Sr. [3618.1.1] and his son T homas Mumford Jr. who lived in Amelia Countyat the same tim e.
    Thomas and Jane lived at “Bollingbrook” named for the Bolli ng family ancestral home at Petersburg. Thomas’s brother wa s Edward Munford [W.]. When Edward moved to North Ca rolina, he sold several slaves to his brother. On 25 Marc h 1772, Thomas bought 170 acres from Sarah Hutcheson fo r £75. Yet three months later, he sold what might be this t ract. On 25 June 1772, Thomas sold 175 acres in Nottowa y Parish, Amelia County, to Drury Thompson ofRaleigh Paris h for £75. Drury owned adjacent land.
    Thomas later, on 25 March 1773, bought 63 acres nearby fr om Isham Thompson for £63. Just one month later, on 23 Apri l 1773, Thomas bought a neighboring 100 acres from his br other, Robert Munford Sr. [W.], for £200. This secon d parcel per acre was twiceas expensive as the first.
    Thomas Bolling Munford was a member of the House of Burgess es from Amelia County (1777-78). He died in Amelia County i n 1780 (will dated 24 April 1780 , recorded 25 May 1780) a nd left his plantation to his wife, Jane. Though he did no t name them, we can infer from his will that Thomas had chi ldren, all under age. Richard Jones, the executor, reporte d periodicallyto the Amelia County court. Amelia Count y listed the estate of Capt. Bolling Munford with eleven bl acks in 1782. Based on these reports, we can conclude th e children of Jane and Thomas were the following.
    Two sons later both soldland in Nottoway County that had be longed to their father. In January 1798 Richard Jones Munfo rd sold 191 acres to Joseph Wells and in March 1800, Thom as Munford sold 191 acres to Tyree Glenn Bacon.

    Thomas Munford [3524.] and his brother were bene ficiaries of the will of their grandmother Jones.

    Richard Jones Munford [3524.] went to live in Pe tersburg.

    William Munford [3524.].

    Robert Bolling Munford [3524.].

    James Munford [3524.].
    Amey Watson [3524.].
    Elizabeth Watson [3524.] was probably the Elizabet h Watson who wed Thomas Williams in Amelia County 20 Decemb er (bond) 1762. Richard Jones — probably Richard Jones o f “The Poplars” who lived on Woody Creek — was surety on th e marriage bond. The groom was likely the Thomas Williams o f Dinwiddie County who purchased and sold several land parc els in Amelia County. He bought 300 acres from Thomas And erson in September 1755 and sold them to Peter Johnson in J anuary 1758.

    He held land on Long Branch of Winticomack Creek and sold i t in two parcels. Robert Powell got 203 acres in May 176 0 and Joseph Waldrop got 400 acres in April 1761. In Nove mber 1762 one month before the Watson-Williams wedding, Tho mas Williams of Dinwiddie County bought 403 acres on Wood y Creek from Joseph Burnett. Alexander Erskine, Elizabeth’ s brother-in-law, was a witness to this deed. Another Thoma s Williams was in Amelia County at this time so we cannot t ell if Thomas Williams of Dinwiddie remained in Amelia Coun ty.
    Mary Watson [3524.] is thought to be a daughter o f William Watson and that shemarried Robert Bolling Hall (1 731), son of John Hall and Anne Bolling. He appeared last i n Amelia County 24 December (bond) 1782 when he witnesse d a marriage bond of Alexander Bolling.

    Descendants of Richard and Margaret (—) Jones:
    Rebecca Jones [3524.] (28 Dec. 1731 ) married Rowla nd Ward [884.3.3].

    Martha Jones [3524.] married Peter Jones Sr. [1762.5 .5] in Amelia County 16 February (bond) 1759.

    Lewellyn Jones [3524.] (c.1740) inherited 1,006 acre s fee tail on Cellar Creek in Amelia County from hisfather . He later inherited 400 acres on the south fork of the Lit tle Nottoway River from his brother Batte and got an adjace nt 400 acres by patent of June 1746. He must have been on ly about six years of age when the Land Office issuedthis p atent to Lewellyn for it was not until 1761 that he was o f age to release Daniel Jones from guardianship.
    In 1766 the Assembly docked the entail on the 1,006 acres i n lieu of the 800 acres on the Little Nottoway and some sla ves. Entailed lands could not be mortgaged and Thomas Tabb , who held a mortgage on the 800-acre tract, agreed to tran sfer the mortgage to the 1,006 acres. Lewellynlater sold th e 1,006 acres to his half-brother Peter on 24 June 1772 fo r £1,013.

    On 2 March 1773, Lewellyn gave a mortgage to Paschal Greenh ill [884.3.1.5/S]. Llewellyn owed John Tabb £271:5:5½ payab le in three annual installments and needed to secure the de bt. Lewellyn put up what may have been all of his persona l property including seven slaves, thirteen horses, cattle , hogs and sheep, and household furniture. Ownership of t his many horses showed Lewellyn may have owned race horses.
    Lewellyn evidently served during the Revolution. In Januar y 1777 he appointed “his friends, Paschal Greenhill, Dani el Jones and Capt. Philip Jones of Dinwiddie County his law ful attorneys to conduct and transact all of his business d uring his absence from home in the service of the Commonwea lth of Virginia.” Very few soldiers left powers of attorne y so perhaps Lewellyn was in business with these men.
    On 1 November 1778 Lewellyn sold half-brother Peter Jones J r. [3524.] 800 acres in Amelia (now Nottoway) Coun ty on the south fork of the Little Nottoway River for £2,40 0. It was not until five years later that Martha, Lewellyn’ s wife, relinquished her dower right in theland. She was un able to come to the court house so the court ordered Stephe n Cocke [1762.], Samuel Sherwin and Thomas Short [35] to obtain the relinquishment. This was don e and it was returned on 1 April 1783. We do not know why M artha could not come to the court house. In 1782 Llewelly n was living alone in Amelia County so perhaps she was il l and in the care of someone else. Perhaps it was her ill ness that prompted the commission of the three to visit her.
    Batte Jones [3524.] (30 Dec. 1729 ) in June 1746 h eld a patent to 400 acres on the south side of the Littl e Nottoway River next to his brother Peter Jones. He died b efore his father made his will in December 1758 and his 40 0 acres descended to his brother Lewellyn Jones.
    Children of Capt. Richard Jones by either Amy Batte or Rach el Ragsdale:
    Daniel Jones [3524.9.3.2] inherited land on the north sid e of Stony Creek. He married Mary and lived in Prince Georg e County. In October 1719 Daniel obtained a survey to 166 a cres in Prince George County.

    Philip Jones [3524.] (6 July 1733 ) was mentioned i n the will of his Jones grandfather.
    Mordecai Jones [3524.] (22 July 1741 ).

    Thomas Jones [3524.9.3.3] inherited two Mulatto women. Prin ce George County recorded three surveys for land north of t he Nottoway River for Thomas Jones, son of Richard Jones: 2 42 acres in April 1712 , 321 acres on both sides of the gr eat creek of the Nottoway River in October 1719, and 1,23 7 acres encompassing the first survey in December 1722. H e secured a patent to thefirst parcel in July 1717 and th e second in November 1726. When John Jonessecured a paten t to 1,494 acres in Dinwiddie County he included 732 acre s ofThomas’s 1,237-acre patent.

    Robert Jones [3524.9.3.4] inherited 480 acres in Prince Geo rge County and a “Negro” man and woman.
    William Jones [3524.9.3.5]had two surveys north of the Nott oway River in Prince George County: 265 acresin November 17 24 and 179 acres in October 1719. He secured a patent t o this combined acreage in September 1730. He died befor e 9 February 1735/6 according to the Bristol Parish Vestr y Book and his father did not mention him in hiswill.
    Lewellyn Jones [3524.9.3.6] inherited his father’s 650-acr e home plantation in Brunswick County where he was a militi a captain and justice. In January1742/3 Robert Wynne and Fr ances, his wife, conveyed 369 acres in St. AndrewsParish , Brunswick County, to Jones for £30. In April 1761 Lewelly n sold 650 acres in Brunswick County to Benjamin Jones o f Dinwiddie County. This property included the 369 acres h e bought from the Wynnes and a 281-acre portion of his inhe ritance. His wife, Katherine, relinquished her dower. In 17 64 Jones bought 32 acres from Henry Jones and Mary, his w ife and sold twenty slaves to Peter Randolph Bland for £5 00. Lewellyn Jones was perhaps later in Dinwiddie Countywhe re an early map showed “Lew. Jones Road” ran.
    Martha Jones [3524.9.3.7] married an Evans.
    Mary Jones [3524.9.3.8].

    Father: Richard Jones b: 1660 in Brun VAck, CO, Va
    Mother: Amy Batte b: Abt 1671

    Marriage 1 Sarah Stratton
    • Married:
    • Change Date: 19 Jan 2014

    Marriage 2 Margaret
    • Married:
    • Change Date: 19 Jan 2014

    1. Abbrev: Morrison, Jennifer
      Title: Spain
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