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  • ID: I12331
  • Name: **Francis Parrott Jr. 1
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1670 in Calvert County, Maryland
  • Death: BEF 21 APR 1715 in Chowan County, North Carolina
  • Note:

    (Francis Parrott, Jr. left a will in Calvert County, Maryland in 1669 b ut died in
    Chowan County, North Carolina in 1713.)


    This 26 day of July 1669 I Francis Parrott in the County of Calvert planto r
    being at this time Visitor by the good hand of God with Sickness and at th is
    time being weake in Body But in prfeact mind and momory and calling to mi nd how
    necessary it is to gett my houwse in order as in ----- to make a Wil l. I do at
    this time make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form as follo wing.
    First I do committ my Soul and Body into the hand of God allmighty for H im to
    dispose of it as it best pleaseth Him. Secondly after all my Just Debts be ing
    truly paid and satisfied I do give and bequeath unto my beloved Wife a nd to my
    Child which is yet in her Womb if it do live, I say I do give and bequea th all
    my temporall Estate both Goods Land moneys Cattell Servants Bills Bonds a nd all
    and Every of my visible Estate unto Sarah Parrott my beloved Wife and o ur Child
    which is in her Womb, So to the truth of this my last Will and Testatme nt I do
    Let my hand and seale this 26 day of July 1669. Francis Parrot Sealed
    The marks of Wm Wood, Clement Lakes, John Trobant, Ralph Nicholson
    The 10 February 1671 then appeared before me Clement Lake and John Trobant
    Witnesses to the above written

    Will of Francis Parrot and made oath that the did do the ......
    (Copied from Original Will of Francis Parrott Maryland State Archives, Ann apolis, Md - bjh)
    (B. J. Hughes)

    Francis Parrott, Jr. was in Chowan Precinct, NC by 1691 as he was witne ss to a will of Francis Hartley, Esq.
    Will dated 04 Feb 1691 and in probate 02 May 1692.
    Albemarle Precinct
    (NC Wills by Grimes, page 154)
    (Ann Durant was also a witness)


    Francis Parrott is mentioned in the will of Thomas Lankton
    proved 14 September 1696, Chowan County, NC.
    (NC Wills by Stephen Bradley, 1992, page 13.)


    Francis Parrott married in 1695, in Chowan County, North Carolina Susan na Johnson daughter of
    William Johnson, Sr., and Susanna T. Monteigne.


    Francis Parrott was a Justice of Chowan County. He presided at a Cou rt in 1711 at William Blouchers.


    Francis Parrott died in 1713, and his mother in law Susanna Johnson in
    1715 left property to the children of Francis and Susanna Parrott:

    Susanna Johnson of Chowan Precinct to Jacob Parrott, Susanna Parrott and
    Elizabeth Parrott (residence not given) 21 April 1715 for the love and aff ection
    I bear my grandchildren, son and daughters of Francis Parrott, lately dece ased,
    fower cows, 3 calves, etc. and one mare branded S, the cattle to be divide d
    amongst the said children when they come of age. Witnessess: James Bate, T homas
    Garrett, Jr. Reg. 11 September 1715
    (Chowan Precinct NC 1696-1723,
    General Abstract of Deed Books by M.M. Hofmann, Deed Book B #1, p.178, It em #756)

    Susanah Johnson 13 Aug 1717, 29 July 1718 Chowan County. Son: William
    Grandson: Jacob Parrot. Daughter & Executrix: Frances Rasor. Granddaughter s: Susanah &
    Elizabeth Parrot. Godson: Edward Frederick Rasor. Friend: John Hardy. Wit:
    Laurence Sarton, e ------z---------, William Walters, Patrick Canada. Cle rk of
    the Court: Ri. Hicks.
    (Abstract of Wills 1690-1760 by Grimes, p.189)

    Susanna Johnson's will was dated the 13th of August 1717, and her estate w as
    probated the 29th July 1718. Her legatees were her son William Johnson w ho lived
    in Surry Co., VA, her grandson Jacob Parrott, her granddaughter Elizabeth
    Parrott, her friend John Hardy, her godson (son-in-law) Edward Frederick R asor
    and her daughter Frances Rasor. James Bate and Thomas Garrett, Jr wit. h er will.
    (From Nicholas Cobb Descendants, Neighbors and Relatives 1613-1983, by Joe
    Cobb, P.E., R.L.S.)


    Will of Jacob Parrtt, son of Francis Parrott

    In the name of God, Amen
    The third day of November in the year of our Lord God, one thousand seven
    hundred and thirty eight
    I Jacob Parrott of Bertie precinct in Albemarle County in North Carolina,
    planter, being very sick and weak of body but of perfect mind and memor y, thanks
    be given to Almighty God,
    Thereafter calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is
    appointed for all men once to dye do make and ordain this my last will and
    testament, that is to say principally and first of all I give and recomme nd my
    soul into the hands of God that gave it and my body I recommend to the ear th to
    be buried in such decent Christian manner as my executors shall thought me et,
    nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the so ul again
    by the mighty power of God and as touching such worldly estate where wi th it has
    pleased to bless me in this life I give, demise and dispose of the sa me in the
    following manner and form:
    Impress, I give to Martha my dearly beloved wife the part of all my sto ck of
    cattle and horses nd half of my hogs with all my household foods and all m y
    sheep excepting two ewes and lambs for to be delivered equally to bo th of my
    children Mary and John Parrott, to my daughter at the years of sixteen a nd to my
    son at the years of eighteen.

    ITEM - I give to my daughter Mary Parrott one third part of my stock of bo th
    cattle and horses for to be delivered to her or her heirs at the date of h er
    being sixteen years of age.

    ITEM - I give to my son John Parrott one third part of my stock of both ca ttle
    and horses to be delivered to him or his heirs at the date of his being si xteen
    years of age.

    ITEM - I give to both my children to be delivered equally between them bo th at
    the age above mentioned the other half of my hogs after Martha my belov ed wife
    has had her share taken out.

    ITEM - I give and bequeath to my well beloved daughter Mary Parrott a nd to her
    heirs the plantation and land where I do now live containing four hundr ed and
    forty acres lying in Bertie Precinct and on the West side of Cucklemake rs Creek
    reserving a right of way to my well beloved wife Martha Parrott

    ITEM - I give to my well beloved son John Parrott and his heirs two hundre d
    acres of land lying in Bertie Precinct and upon the south side of Ducki ng Run.

    Lastly I do constitute ordain and appoint my well beloved friend William
    Fleetwood and Edward Razor my sole Executors of this my last will and Test ament
    _______ and tenements by them freely possessed and enjoyed to the benef it of
    both my children Mary and John Parrott and I do hereby disallow and revo ke and
    disanull all and every other former testament, Wills, legacies and beques ts and
    executors by me in any way before named willed or bequeathed, ratifying an d
    confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.

    In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year a bove written.
    Signed, sealed, published and pronounced and declared by the said Jacob Pa rrott
    as his last will and testament in the presence of us the subscribers
    Jacob (X) Parrott

    Test Lamb Hardy, Lovick Young, Sara (x) Morphus
    November 18 1738
    Came before me Lamb Hardy and made oath that he saw Jacob Parrott sign, se al and
    publish the within as his last Will and Testament that he was of disposi ng mind
    and memory at that time nd that Lovick Young and Sarah Morphus Witnessed t he
    reto.. By W. H. Smith


    Jacob Parrott 3 Nov 1738 18 Nov 1738 Perquimans Co., NC, Son: John. Daught er:
    Mary Parrot. Wife: Martha. Executors: William Fleetwood, Edward Rasor.
    Wit: Lamb Hardy, Lovick Young, Sarah Morphew. Proven Before W. Smith, C.J.

    (Abstract of Wills 1690-1760, Grimes)

    In the name of god amen, I Frances Rasor of Bertie County and provin ce of North
    Carolina, Widdow, being sick and weak in Body but of sound and perfect mem ory
    thanks to God almighty for the Same and calling to mind the mortallity and
    frailty of human nature and that It is appointed for all once to die I doe
    therefore make constitute appoint and ordain this to be my las will and
    testament in manner and form following first my Soul. I recommend my So ul into
    the hand of Amighty God that gave it hopeing through the Merrits of my Ble ssed
    redeener to Receive a Joyful Resurrection at the Last Day my Body to be bu ried
    in such Christian like manner. As to my Executors hereafter named shall sa me
    meet and touching such wordly Estate as it hath pleased Almighty God to be stow
    on me in this transitory world I dispose of the same in manner and form
    following -
    Imprimis I give and bequeath to my Dear and loving daughter Elizabeth Har dy the
    land and plantation lying on the west side of ye eastermost Swamp of Salm on Creek
    and on the South Side of the Cross Branch which I give with all the
    appertenances thereunto belonging to her and her Disposal forever.
    ITEM I likewise give and Bequeath to my grandaughter Frances Hardy my grea t
    spining wheel which I give to her and to her Disposal
    ITEM I give to my Son Edward Rasor my Cypress Chest with lock and key whi ch I
    give to him and to his Disposal
    ITEM I give and Bequeath to my daughter in law Elizabeth Rasor one su te of bed
    Cloths, handkerchiefs and Apron which I give to her proper use and Benefit .
    ITEM I give to my Son Edward Rasor one Shilling Sterling because he has h ad his
    portion already
    ITEM I give and Bequeath unto my daughter Christena Bell my Gold rin g. If she
    comes here to fetch it to her own use.
    ITEM I give and Bequeath the Remainder part of m estate to my dear Daughte r
    Elizabeth a rug which I give her to her own proper use.
    Lastly I constitute and Appoint my (Son in law) Lamb Hardy to be my Execut or of
    this my Last Will and testament uterly revoking and making void all form er will
    or wills by me formerly made Ratifieng and Confirming this and no oth er to be my
    Last will and testament in witness whereof I have here unto Sett my hand a nd
    fixed my Seal this 20th of April one thousand Seven hundred and forty Seve n
    Frances Rasor
    Signed Sealed published Pronounced and declared by the said Frances Ras or to be
    her last Will and testament in the presents
    William (x) Hardy; Thomas (x) Jones; Charity (x) ------
    On the oath of Thos. Todd who saw Frances Rasor Sign Seal and Execute t he above
    as her last Will and Testament and that Lamuel Hardy hath taken the oa th of an
    Executor as the Law Direct this 18th day of December anno Dom 1748
    Frances RasorĂs will was dated the 20th Apr 1747. The probate date was D ec 1748.
    The legatees named in her will were her son Edward Rasor, her daughters
    Elizabeth Hardy and Christian Bell, here daughter-in-law Elizabeth Rasor
    (EdwardĂs wife). and her granddaughter Frances Hardy. she named her son-in -law,
    Lamb Hardy, to be the executor. The witnesses to her will were Wm Hardy an d
    Thomas and Charity Todd. (From Nicholas Cobb Descendants, Neighbors and
    Relatives 1613-1983÷, by Joe Cobb, P.E., R.L.S.)

    In the name of God, Amen I, Selah Mozingo being of sound mind and memory b ut low
    in bodily afflictions do constitute and declare this to be my last will an d
    testament in words following, to wit: 1st. It is my will that all of my Ju st
    (debts) be paid. 2nd. I give to my daughter Elizabeth Waters ten dollars o ut of
    what Asa Waters owes me for the hire of Negroe Woman Yib.
    3. I give the children of my Daughter Penelope Creech ten dollars to be eq ually
    divided between them.
    4. I give to my son Joshua House ten dollars.
    5th. I give my daughter Celia Harrison ten dollars.
    6th. I leave ten dollars to be divided between the children of my Daught er Mary
    Waters Dec'd.
    7th. I lend to my Daughter Susan Canady the tollowing Negroes during her
    lifetime to wit: Clary, Mary, and Eliza and their increase and at the dea th of
    my Daughter Susan Canady I give the sd (said) negroes and their increa se to be
    equally divided among the children of my sd (said) Daughter Susan Canady.
    8th. I leave my Negroe Woman Yib to be sold on a credit of six months.
    And I do hereby revoke Annul and make void all other will or wills made
    heretofore by me and do constitute and declare this to be my last will and
    9th. I appoint Joshua Canady Executor of this my last will and testament.
    In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seale this the 23rd d ay of
    July 1842.
    Teste Selah Mozingo (seal)
    C.T. Bingham
    R. Stevens

    (Above information is from B. J. Hughes and appreciation is hereby express ed to her.)

    Father: **Francis Parrott Sr. b: 1634 in England
    Mother: Sarah Abraham

    Marriage 1 *Frances Johnson b: 02 FEB 1680/81 in Chowan County, North Carolina
    • Married: 1695 in Chowan County, North Carolina
    1. Has Children *Jacob Parrott b: 08 MAY 1696 in Chowan County, North Carolina
    2. Has Children *Susannah Parrott b: 1698 in Chowan County, North Carolina
    3. Has Children *Elizabeth Parrott b: 1702 in Chowan County, North Carolina
    4. Has No Children *Sarah Parrott b: 1704 in Chowan County, North Carolina

    1. Title: Personal Communication from John Brayton, Genealogist, Memphis, Tennessee, 14 June 2002
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