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  • ID: I08219
  • Name: Johannes Valentine PRESLAR
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1669 in Hochstadt, Palentine (Germany)
  • Death: 1749 in Cecil Co, MD or New York
  • Note:
    From Edwin Dunn and Charles Presley's "The Rhineland to Graceland":
    "On 6/1/1714, Johann Valentyn Bressler and wife Anna Christiana of the Hoogduidsche Kerk joined the New York City Reformed Church."

    From Preslar-Presley Yahoo Group List
    Message: 3
    Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 23:47:22 -0000
    From: "hard2dotime" <>
    Subject: The Preslar family of Anson co N.C.

    Te spelling of this surname has many variants including Preslar, Presler, Presly, Presley, Pressly, and Pressley. Representatives of each may be founf throughout the southeast. Over the years the name has been Anglicized until today it is difficult to determine the national origin from the spelling but it is generally thought that originally those with the single "s" were perhaps German and those with the double "s" were Irish.

    During the last half of the 18th century large numbers if Irish immigrants came into the colonies through the Port of Charleston. Among these were many Pressly families, most of whom settled in the Williamsburg, Long Cane, and Abbeville County areas of South Carolina. This immigration was prompted by the Bounty act passes by the General Assembly of the Colony on 25 July 1761 to assist protestant religious refugees.

    There is little doubt that the Preslars who settled in Anson County were part of the German migration into Rowan, Mecklenburg, and Anson Counties in the middle of the 18th century.

    In 1709 large numbers of Germans from the Palatine District of Germany left theeir homeland seeking a better life. Decades of warring armies and heavy taxtation had impoverished them. They first traveled to England by way of Holland and on the passenger lists of the first ships to reach England was Valentine Preslar, age 40, and
    his wife, Anna Christine Franse, and their five children, Anna Elizabetha, Anna Gertrude, Andrias, Anthony, and Maria Agnes. During the summer of 1709, over 13,000 of these immigrants reached England. What to do with these refugees soon became a problem, since the burden fell on the English government. One solution was to resettle them in the colonies; however, the group was made up mostly of Catholics and the English were not inclined to settle Catholics in their colonies. As a result, many changed their religion in order to gain passage and thise who chose not to do so were returned to Germany. The Valentine Preslar family changed their religion to gain passage to the colonies as evidenced by their affliation with the Dutch Reformed Church upon their arrival in New York.

    In December 1709, ten shiploads of these Palatine immigrants were loaded in London; however, due to a number of delays, they did not leave the Port if Plymouth until 10 april 1710. After a very difficult voyage during which some 500 passengers died, they finally arrived in New York in the summer of 1710.

    After undergoing quarantine, they finally got settled along the Hudson River. Many, including the Valentine Preslar family, chose to remain in New York City.

    The English government provided subsistence for these immigrants while they were being settled. On the subsistence lists between 1710 and 1712, we find Valentine Pressler liseted with four household members over the age of 10 and two under age 10. After their arrival in New york, three additional sons were born. Hans Juris (John) was christened on 6 December 1713, Martinus was christened 25 July 1716, and Peter eas christened 8 September 1717, all in the Dutch Reformed Chirch of New York.

    Andre, the oldest son, married Antji Wels in New York on 21 April 1723. Soon after their marriage, the couple moved from New york to Cecil County, MD. While there their five children Christian, John Valentine, Sarah, Thomasm and Andrew Preisley, were born (St. Register, p.110-112).

    It is not known how many of the family remained in New York and how many moved to Maryland. The mention of Valentine Preslar as a witness at the christening of a grandchild would indicate that he was present in Maryland.

    Sometime prior to 1745, Andrew moved his family from Maryland to Virginia. On 1 August 1745 he purchased 100 acres of land from Runnal Alling in Brunswick County, VA (BrunswickCo. DB3, p56). On 3 February 1746, the same parcel of land was sold to Robert Jones, Jr., of Surry Co., VA (lunenburg Co. DB3, p56.)

    we do not know the exact date of the arrival of the Preslars in Anson co or how many came. We do know from the Anson County land records that Andrew, Hans juris {John], and Peter, brothers and sons of John Valentine Preslar and his wife Christina, were deeded land in Anson county between 1749 and 1751. Andrew Preslar, Sr. received a land grant for 264 acers of land on both sides of Rocky River on 4 Oct. 1751. On July 25 1758, he deeded his son John 100 acers on the south side of the river; below Spring Branch { Anson co DB 5, p 61] and his son Thomas he gave 64 acers [Anson co DB 5,p 58] on the North side of Rocky River. He deeded his son Andrew, Jr. 100 acres on July 1759 { Anson co DB 6, p 152-123]. Andrew, Sr. died soon after 1759 and was burried in Anson County, probably in the Preslar cemetery set aside for that Purpose upon his arrival in Anson County.

    Message: 4
    Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 00:57:14 -0000
    From: "hard2dotime" <>
    Subject: 2nd part of the Preslars Of Anson CO N.C.

    Petter Preslar purchased 200 acrees of land in Anson County along Rocky River from Jermiah Swan on 16 Oct. 1750 (Anson Co. DB 1, p 39-40). On 6 Dec. 1753 he purchased 200 acres on the south side of the Pee Dee from Thomas George (Anson Co. DB C-1, p 234). An additional 100 acres was purchased from John Mc Daniel on 21 Dec. 1761 on the north side of the Pee Dee River (Anson Co. DB 6, p 164-165). He was granted 111 acres on Mountain Creek in Anson Co. on 2 Dec. 1761(LGO file 1492, bk. 13, p 309). On 17 Feb. 1767, he sold 50 acres to Andrew Preslar (Anson Co. DB H-1, p 18-19). The 1767 deed is the last record of Peter Preslar's presence in Anson County. It is not known whether he died or moved away. There appears to be no record of his children.

    Hans Juris (John) Preslar's first apperance in Anson County is evidenced by a grant for 200 acres on Rocky River on 11 April 1749 (LGO file 507, Bk.5, p 314). The following year he purchased 200 acres (Anson Co. DB B, p 485). In his will he names his wife Mary and his children Sudannah, Jane, John, Anthony, William, Elias, and Levi. His
    lands were left to his sons, Athony and Elias, each receiving 150 acres on Lane's Creek (Anson Co. DB1, p 29). John II was the executor of his father's estate . William was mentioned in the will but received no property. It could have been that he had already moved away. Levi was left no property in his father's will; however, on 3
    Sept. 1779, he was granted 100 acres on the west side of Lane's Creek (Anson Co. DB H, p361). Levi - Cenus 1840, 2 males 0-5 yearss old, 1 male 20-30 years old. Joshua Preslar, son John Preslar II, acquried large amounts of land in Anson County. He married Susannah Parker, daughter of Nicholas and Mary Parker. Joshua died in 1864 and in his will he named his children, Huldah, Judy, Mary, Susan, Morck, James, Caleb, Joshua, Jr., and Amy and Purdy. Since his wife, Susannah, was not mentioned, it is assumed that she predeceased him as had his sons, James and John. Sons Caleb, Joshua, Jr., and Parker, moved to Henderson Co. TN in the 1850's. Parker later moved to Shackeford Co. TX where he died.

    Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration, Walter Allen knittle
    Rhinelanders on the Yadkin, Carl Hammer, Jr.
    The Preslar-Presley family Anson County,N.C., Edwin C. Dunn. The
    Monroe Enquier, 14 Dec 1964 "Preslar-Presley Family" By John Foster
    Anson County Land records and wills SCGS Journal, VI, 3 page 278-279 this info was posted by James Elwood Preslar one of the cousins of the web page Hope it will help someone.

    From Preslar-Presley Yahoo List:
    Message: 1
    Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 10:14:32 -0700
    Subject: Re: anna maria elizabeth bressler

    Hi, Gary--

    First of all, I suggest you visit my website
    (, if you haven't done so already, and click on the link to the online book, "The Rhineland to Graceland," and read the first chapter. That will give you some idea of the conditions around the Niederhochstadt area which led to the large migration of Palatines to America in the first half of the 18th century.

    The first massive migration was in 1709-1710 to New York, and included the ancestor of the family to which this mailing list is primarily concerned. The subsequent migrations from the Palatinate were largely to Pennsylvania. It is most probable that the Bresslers/Presslers who migrated in the 1730s to 1750s from Niederhochstadt to Pennsylvania were related to our earlier migrating ancestor, Johannes Valentin Pressler, in New York. However, due to the unsettled conditions existing in the Palatinate in the 17th century and early 18th century, there are no surviving records that have been located to establish that specific relationship.

    In fact, all the Presslers/Bresslers in Hochstadt most likely have a common ancestor at some point in the past. The surname has been found in tax records dating back to 1590. It has been pointed out that "P" and "B" have pretty much the same pronunciation in German, but interestingly, people in Hochstadt have indicated that the people who have lived in Oberhochstadt for centuries spell their name with a "B," while the folks in Niederhochstadt spell their name with a "P." Of course, this shouldn't be counted on as a hard and fast rule, especially in past centuries. The two villages are now united and called simply Hochstadt.

    Having given the above somewhat long preface, I am looking at a little publication called "400 Jahre Pressler/Bresser in Hochstadt," written in 1990 by Gerd Pressler. He says that there are nine Pressler couples in the 18th century in the church registers of Hochstadt, the relationship of which can not be determined.

    The one who it appears to me could be your line is: Valentin Pressler, b. 1699, d. 13 Mar. 1735, m. Anna Maria. Three children: Elisabeth Pressler, b. 11 Apr. 1723; Joh. Valentin Pressler, b. 26 Feb. 1727; Joh. Philip Pressler, b. 26 Sept. 1728. There is an extensive line given for the descendants of Joh. Philip Pressler who remained in Hochstadt. Nothing further about Elisabeth.

    As a next step, I suggest you consult the several volumes by Hank Jones Jr. on the Palatines who came to America, specifically looking for the Wolfe surname. He has traced many of these people back to their places of origin. If you do not have access to these books, let me know. I can do it for you, although it might take me some time to get around to it (I have a job.). I think it unlikely that you could ever go
    back further than the above family in Niederhochstadt, for reasons that I have stated above.

    Finally, I am wondering how you identified Elisabeth in the first place as having the maiden name of Bressler, since she and Johanne Nicholas Wolff were apparently married in Germany, and how you obtained the name of her father and his year of birth.

    Ed Dunn

    On 28 Mar 2005 at 14:13, paulahwolfe wrote:

    From: "paulahwolfe" <>
    Date sent: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 14:13:32 -0000
    Subject: [Preslar-Presley] anna maria elizabeth bressler
    Send reply to:

    i am new at this but hope someone can help me with this i am looking for maria elizabeth bressler born around 1726 in niederhochstadt germany and was married to johanne nicholas wolff in 1744-45 they had sons johanne and valentine before 1750 and came to america in 1751 to york pa several of their sons move to east tennessee area of hawkins claiborne co she supposedly died around 1824 in preston w. v. her father was said to be valentine bressler born around 1698 all help is appreciated

    gary wolfe

    Message: 3
    Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 11:52:07 -0600
    From: "Ed Dunn" <>
    Subject: Preslar immigration

    Preslar Cousins,

    There is a new three-volume publication by Henry Z. Jones Jr. & Lewis Bunker Rohrbach called "Even More Palatine Families, 18th Century Immigrants to the American Colonies and Their German,
    Swiss and Austrian Origins" (Rockport, ME: Picton Press, 2002). As you may recall, Hank Jones has had several earlier publications on the 1709ers and is the expert on the origins of the Palatines.

    There's not really anything new (not unexpected) in this publication regarding the Bresslers/Presslers, but he has published the detailed Hunter Lists of New York (1710-1713), which list those Palatines who received subsistence from the government (They were called the Hunter Lists after Governor Hunter of New York). The Palatines were to repay the subsistence loans, but few if any ever did so.

    The dated Lists named the heads of families and listed the number of adults and number of children under age 10. The Bresslers were listed as follows:

    26 Jan. 1709/10. Valentin Bressler, 4 adults, 2 children
    4 Aug. 1710. Valentin Bressler, 4 adults, 2 children
    24 June 1711. Valentin Bressler, 4 adults, 3 children
    29 Sept. 1711. Valentin Bressler, 5 adults, 2 children
    24 Dec. 1711. Valentin Bressler, 5 adults, 2 children
    24 Dec. 1711. Valentin Bressler, 4 adults, 3 children
    13 Sept. 1712. Valentin Bressler, 5 adults, 2 children

    This suggests that the youngest of Valentine & Christina's children, Maria Agnes, was born between 4 Aug. 1710 and 24 June 1711, since subsequent lists indicate one additional member of the family---- with maybe some uncertainty as to whether or not one of the children was over or under ten years of age.

    Since the ships carrying the family across the Atlantic left Plymouth on April 10th, the first of them arriving in New York on June 13 and the last of them on August 2nd, we can surmise from the above Lists that Maria Agnes was likely born after the family arrived in New York harbor. However, since she is listed as age 6 months in a "List of Palatines Remaining at New York, 1710," there does continue to be some question, and an exact date for the latter list would possibly be helpful.

    Here are some additional interesting facts about this migration of Palatines. There were eight Rotterdam Departure Lists (ie. embarkation lists) of the Palatines in 1709. All the Lists are extant except for the first one (on which the Bresslers/Presslers were listed), which is lost. We know that they were on this list, since they are listed on the First Party London Arrivals List, which does still exist. The First Party sailed from Rotterdam on 30 April 1709 and arrived in London on 5 May 1709. The London Arrivals List
    was taken at St. Catherine's on 6 May 1709 (dates are Old Style or Julian Calendar).

    The First Party leaving Rotterdam consisted of about 925 Palatines who embarked on four ships. When they arrived in London, there were exactly 852 passengers, indicating that approximately 73 people (7.9%) had died crossing the English Channel. That's incredible, but the death rate was even more horrendous in crossing the Atlantic.

    There were roughly 14,500 immigrants who survived the trip from the Palatinate to London in 1709, plus about 1,000 children born to them while they were in England. Here is how it is believed that the British government dispersed them:

    Sent to New York in 1710...................................3,000
    Sent to Ireland in 1710.......................................3,073
    Less: returned from Ireland to England......... -2,100
    Sent to North Carolina in 1710............................ 650
    Settled in various parts of England (est.)..............1,000
    Sent to Jamaica, West Indies, etc. (est.).............1,000
    Returned to Rotterdam (1709-1717).....................4,703
    Died in England (1709-1717)(est.)........................4,174

    The term "Palatine" originated in England in 1709, as in reference to "the poor Palatines," referring to the German-speaking immigrants from many different parts of German, from Switzerland, and from Austria and Alsace. It is no more accurate than the term "Pennsylvania Deutch" or "Pennsylvania Dutch" as a reference to all German-speaking settlers. However, lacking documentary proof of Valentine Pressler's origin, circumstantial evidence continues to point strongly to Niederhochstadt, Pfalz.

    Finally, we can look forward to the next book by Jones and Rohrbach, which will contain a "new, complete, verbatim, copy" of the First Party London Arrivals List.

    Auf Wiedersehen,


    Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 21:43:32 EDT
    Subject: Re: Presley-Pressley-Preslar, thoughts about our family and genealogy


    This is one of my rare posts to this list. I do, as time permits, monitor the topics that are being discussed.

    Genealogy is a challenging undertaking for anyone. It provides brief fleeting moments of tremendous satisfaction, coupled with what seems to be an eternity of frustration.

    Due to a very busy schedule, I will be an infrequent visitor to this list.

    I would like to remind everyone that we share an interest in a wonderful endeavor. The Presley-Pressley-Preslar surnames are shared by a diverse and exciting group of individuals. There are Presleys/Pressleys/Preslars with English, Irish, Scotch-Irish, German ( sometimes referred to as Dutch), Native American and African heritage. I am sure that I've overlooked some group, but hopefully I have conveyed the general idea.

    Rather than attempt to present a general overview of this entire family (which would be very lengthy and is best suited for a different forum) I will address my documented direct Preslar/Presley line.

    I descend from the Presley/Preslar families of Anson, Rowan and Union counties in North Carolina.

    The progenitor of this branch of the Presley family was Johann Valentin Pressler, a 1710 immigrant from the Palatinate (Pfalz) region of Germany. I have a dual line of descent from Valentin Pressler: through his sons Andreas (Andrew) Preslar (Presley) born 1701 in Germany and Hans Jurie (John) Preslar (Presley) born 1713 in NYC.

    During my research the variations in our family name has been a source of amusement and confusion. Common variations historically documented are Pressler-Bressler-Preslar-Pressley-Presley. As parts of the family moved away from Anson and Union counties into other areas, most notably western North Carolina and eastern Tennessee, many family members used the Presley-Pressley variation. My ancestors migrated into Mississippi, the Memphis area of west Tennessee and over into eastern Arkansas.

    Please remember the above does not apply to all Presleys/Pressleys or Preslars. It only reflects, after years of research, what I can document in my own family line. I wish everyone the very best as you pursue your "roots."

    Please keep an open mind and heart as you conduct your research. "We should not take credit for the success nor blame ourselves for the failures of our ancestors, they were after all like us, mere humans."

    Best Regards,

    Donald W. Presley

    Marriage 1 Anna Christine FRANTZ b: 1674 in Germany
    • Married: 1695 in Prob Germany
    1. Has No Children Anna Elizabeth PRESLAR b: 1696 in Germany
    2. Has No Children Anna Gertrude PRESLAR b: 1698 in Germany
    3. Has Children Andreas "Andrew David" PRESLAR b: 1701 in Germany
    4. Has Children Anthony PRESLAR b: 1705 in Germany
    5. Has No Children Son PRESLAR b: 1707 in Germany
    6. Has No Children Maria Agnes PRESLAR b: 1710 in New York
    7. Has Children Hans Jurie "John" PRESLAR , Sr b: 6 NOV 1713 in New York c: 4 DEC 1713 in New York City Reformed Church
    8. Has No Children Martinus PRESLAR b: 1716 in New York c: 25 JUL 1716 in New York City Reformed Church, New York
    9. Has Children Pieter "Peter" PRESLAR b: 1717 in New York or Anson Co, NC c: 8 SEP 1717 in Reformed Chruch at Port Richmond, Staten Island, NY

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