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  • ID: I06848
  • Name: Samuel (Huff\Hoof) HOUGH 1
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: ABT 1750 in probably NC
  • Reference Number: 6848
  • Note:
    The following notes are from Dr. Granville W. Hough: (also see notes on Frances Hough (born before 1730).

    Samuel HOUGH who later lived in GA, AL, and MS was born about 1750 in one of the seaboard states, probably NC. In 1820 he was a native born citizen engaged in agriculture over 65 years of age. Very likely, Samuel HOUGH could not read nor write, but he did make rather elaborate seals on some legal documents. He was phonetic "huff" recorded by various scribes as Hough, Hoff, Huff, and Hoof. Records indicate he went to GA from NC. (There was a brief record of a Samuel HUFF in SC just before the known move to GA.)

    There was a Samuel HOUGH family in Anson Co, NC, when that county was formed from Bladen Co about 1749/50. "Old Anson" covered the entire western third of the state. There were records for Samuel HOUGH in Anson Co at least until 1768. There was also a Joseph HOUGH family there in the latter part of this period. These two families were on Brown Creek, with a single farm separating them. The Joseph HOUGH family was the origin of many SC and NC families and has similar traditions to the Samuel HOUGH family which moved to GA and MS. Joseph HOUGH died by 1775 and his estate was administered by Joseph HOUGH, Jr. Some Hough's who appeared in Joseph HOUGH records were Amos; Sampson; John; and Abraham. Jacob and James HOUGH are in other records. It has been assumed that the first four are definitely sons of Joseph HOUGH, Sr. (There was a Richard HUFF or HOUGH family on Broad River, but it does not seem to be related. It or a similar family was later found on the NC coast as farmers and fishermen.)

    The most likely parents of our Samuel HOUGH seem to be Samuel and Frances HOUGH of Anson Co. Frances appeared on a few documents with Samuel. Records are found in the Anson Co deed and patent books and are abstracted in Brent H. Holcomb's Anson County, North Carolina, Deed Abstracts, 1749-1766. Another source is in Vol 2:73-84 (May 1992), "Anson County, NC, Quit Rent Lists, 1750-1757," North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, which gives the record of lands in Anson Co which were to pay rent to the
    Crown. Still another source for these records is May W. McBee's Anson County, NC, Abstracts of Early Records. It is not always possible to trace the land holdings when they were subdivided and sold. It also seems likely that some dates of conveyances were also recorded as dates of grants.

    1749, 22 Dec. Samuel HOUGH land grant for 300 acres (Deed Book 4, pp 952, 1034)

    1750, 7 or 16 Apr. Samuel HOUGH land grant for 150 acres. Samuel HOUGH sold this land on 16 July 1751 to Rowland WILLIAMS (Vol A:260-261, Anson Deeds). Two days later on 18 July 1751, WILLIAMS sold it to John GAMBRILL. (This land was located 6 to 7 miles above Brown's Creek, South side of Great Pee Dee River. This gives a general location for the Samuel HOUGH holdings.)

    1750, 7 or 16 Apr. Samuel HOUGH land grant for 300 acres, sold to Rowland WILLIAMS 16 July 1751, who sold 150 acres of it to Emanuel COOKE 12 Jan 1754.

    1751, 16 July. Samuel HOUGH bought land from Thomas HARRINGTON (Deed Book 1, p 71). This was part of a 320 acre grant made 26 Nov 1746 to James BENTLEY (or BARKLEY) and sold to Thomas HARRINGTON. Samuel HOUGH apparently conveyed 160 acres of this tract to Rowland WILLIAMS on 20 May 1752, 100 acres to John GAMBRILL on 20 May 1752, and 60 acres to Anthony HUTCHINS on 4 Dec 1754.

    1753, 17 Nov. Samuel HOUGH received land grant #867 for 300 acres on the south side of Great Pee Dee River and on the south side of Brown's Creek. (1753 Patent Book 2)

    1754, 12 Jan. Samuel and Francis HOUGH were witnesses to a sale of 150 acres by Rowland WILLIAMS to Emanuel COOKE, part of a 300 acre grant to Samuel HOUGH on 16 April 1750. The land was on the south side of Great Pee Dee on Brown Creek.
    (Anson Co Deeds, Vol A, pp 354-355)

    1754, 4 Dec. Samuel HOUGH of Anson Co, planter, to Anthony HUTCHINS of same, 60 acres granted to Samuel HOUGH 16 Jul 1751 North side of Great Pee Dee on upper side of Mouth of Dry Creek. Witnesses: James MACKELWEAN; Jas. NICHOLSON; and Rowland WILLIAMS. (Anson Co Deeds, Vol A, pp 413-414)

    1755, 6 Mar. Samuel and Frances HOUGH witnessed a deed from John GRIGGS to Joseph WHITE (Deed Book C, #1, p 120), or (Vol B, Anson Deeds, pp 118-119). (The way Frances is recorded in various records leads one to the conclusion that she was wife of Samuel.)

    1768, 29 Apr. John COLLSON received land grant #6853 for 250 acres on Brown Creek between Samuel HOUGH and Joseph HOUGH on cove of Brown Creek. (1768 Patent Book 23). This is the last record found thus far for this Samuel HOUGH family in NC. The location near Joseph HOUGH also establishes that the Samuel HOUGH holdings were in or near present-day Anson Co, NC.)

    1769. One Samuel HUFF was apparently in the area which later became Richland Co, SC, in 1799. Samuel HUFF owned land and had legal dealings with Henry MILLER in 1769. He was still there in 1770 when he had legal dealings with Warren JACKSON. (It is not known whether this was Samuel HOUGH, the older, of Anson Co, NC, or Samuel HOUGH, the younger, who went to GA, or a different person.)

    The first known appearance of a Samuel HOOF in GA was 8 Nov 1773 at Wrightsborough. Samuel HOOF of NC, no family, was granted 100 acres on the North side of Little River 4 and 1/2 miles from Kettle Creek. This area was later in Wilkes Co and was the scene of violent partisan conflict during the Revolutionary War. In the battle of Kettle Creek in 1779, the Rebels won a resounding victory over the Loyalists. It is not known whether Samuel HOOF participated in that battle, but is is clear that he served as a Patriot in the War in GA. He was on lists of Revolutionary Soldiers, and he still lived on Little River in 1780, a few months after the Kettle Creek battle. He did not flee the state and his home.

    Lists of Rev War Soldiers of GA show those who served in GA or in some other state. They are inaccurate in many details, but they are the only records we have. Much of the partisan activity in Wilkes Co was not done in formal military units. However, on p 354, Georgia Soldiers of the Line, both Samuel HOUGH and Samuel HUFF are listed. Samuel HOUGH was on the Revolutionary Soldier "book pay rolls" certified by Col. Robert MIDDLETON. The Roster of the Revolution also shows Samuel HOUGH and Samuel HOFF. On 28 Feb 1784, (p 79, Revolutionary Soldier's Receipts of Georgia Bounty Grants, #852) Samuel HUFF received 250 acres. This particular grant was in a group with E. (Elijah) CLARK, who was later an aggressive settler on Indian lands west of the Oconee River. In 1784, Samuel HUFF owned 250 acres at Warrenton. This would seem to be the same person. In fact, all the HUFF, HOUGH, HOFF, and HOOF land grants are believed to be for the same person. Clearly, a phonetic "huff" served who was named Samuel.

    1780 While living on Little River in Wilkes County, Samuel HUFF had a yellow bay horse stolen from him by Creek Indians. He was awarded a claim against the Creek Indians
    for $100. When settlement was made with the Creek Indians much later, this claim was re filed in Jan 1822 by Robert FULWOOD of Clarke Co, GA. He had purchased the claim from Samuel HUFF, who had left the state. (Georgia Journal, 23 July 1822.)

    1783 Samuel HUFF may have held 200 acres of land at Warrenton.

    1784, 24 Sep. The Governor of GA signed a land grant to Samuel HOOF for 200 acres in Wilkes Co (Candler, p 713). Also in 1784, Wilkes Co Grant Book III, p 738, shows Samuel HOFF received a grant for 300 acres (Candler, p 713).

    1785, 4 July. Samuel HUFF owned land in Wilkes Co, GA. This land joined that of Micajah and Sally WILLIAMSON on the North and South Forks of Beaverdam Creek. (Wilkes Co Records, Vol 1, p 249). On 2 Sep 1785, Samuel HOOF and wife Sarah sold to Charles SMITH the 300 acres originally granted to them in 1784 in Wilkes Co. (Wilkes Co Records, Vol I, p 245, or Wilkes Co DB AA:76.) On 1 June 1789, Charles SMITH and wife Nancy sold to George SMITH 200 acres on Stony Ridge, land originally granted to Charles SMITH and George HOOF (p 119, Davidson, Wilkes County Records). This may be an error in recording, as it is clear that Samuel HOOF was the original grantee, nor George.) There was a George HUFF in Greene Co, GA, about 1805 after Samuel HOUGH left it, but he was from Brunswick Co, GA. If he spent time in GA during the 1780's, he returned to VA and NC.

    1785. Washington Co, GA Grant Book HHH, p 277 shows Samuel HOFF received 287 and 1/2 acres.

    1786 Greene Co Deeds Book 1, p 252, shows Samuel and Sarah HUFF selling a 1785 Washington Co land grant of 287 and 1/2 acres to James ADAMS.

    (Washington Co was formed 25 Feb 1784 from the questionable Creek Cession of 1 Nov 1783. Land grants were mad to (1) Men and Officers of 4 regiments of the Georgia Line; (2) Men and Officers of 3 Minute Battalions, the "Minutemen?; (3) Men and Officers of the Georgia Militia; (4) Refugees who fled to the Carolinas; (5) citizens who remained and fought in the state; and (6) British deserters. Apparently Samuel HOUGH was in one of these categories, but not likely as a British deserter. Most of the land grants of Washington Co were in the "Reserve" set aside for military grants and which was later in Greene Co. Samuel HOUGH's land could have been in that county when it was formed in 1786; however, the record shows he and his wife, Sarah, sold at least one of his Washington Co grants in 1876 and bought land in Green Co in 1788. The first settlers of Washington Co were primarily herdsmen, because the rough terrain did not lend itself to farming of the type practiced in other areas. Deerskins sold for 12 and 1/2 cents each in Savannah as late as 13 Dec 1809. First houses in Washington Co were one room cabins with sand floors. People moved through Washington Co to better land to the West in an increasing stream. Many squatted for one season, sometimes several. Court was held at some settler's home. Sandersville became an established town only about 1825, forty years after the county was formed. Even then there were no schools, no post offices, no fraternal organizations, and few permanent settlers. Jared IRWIN, his brothers, John WATTS, Harmon RUNNELS, and others were officers in the militia dealing with numerous killings and counter-killings by settlers and Indians.

    1787 Samuel HOUGH received patent for 125 acres in Washington Co. On 4 Oct 1787, Samuel and Sarah HOUGH sold 125 acres of land on Beaverdam Creek to Jeremiah HARRIS of Greene Co (Greene Co Deed Book 1, pp 588-600).

    1786-1790 Greene Co Old Deed Books A and B show Samuel HOOF as grantee.

    1788, 22 Aug. Samuel HOOF bought 200 acres of land from Cornelius BACHELLOR on Beaverdam Creek in Greene Co (Greene Co, Deed Book 1, pp 239-240)

    1789, 13 Apr. Samuel HOOF held mark and stock brand in Greene Co. He held these brands at least through 1795. Greene Co tax lists for 1789 show Samuel HUFF and Thomas STANLEY in Melton or Molton District. Thomas STANLEY had settled on Beaverdam Creek in 1789. There were two or more HOUGH-STANLEY marriages later, but they are believed by STANLEY descendants to be with children of Micajah and Barbara (STANLEY) STANLEY, for whom no records have been found.

    1789-93. Washington Co Surveyor's Books mention Samuel HUFF's line. (He apparently was first to have his land surveyed and was thus recorded. This was likely the 287 and 1/2 acre grant he had sold in 1786).

    1790 Greene Co. On 3 June 1790, Samuel HOUGH and Sarah his wife sold to James WILSON for 20 pounds 200 acres in Green Co. s/ Sam ( ) HOUGH, Sarah ( x ) HOUGH. Witnesses Wm ALLISON, Zach RANFROE, Samson RANFROE. Proved by Wm ALLISON before Thomas CARLETON, J. P., and recorded 22 Sep 1795.
    (pp 99-100, Greene Co Deed Book B).

    1792, 11 Sep. Samuel HOOF's Greene Co land was south of Austin WHITTEN's grant and near Richland Creek (Greene Co Deed Book 2, pp 663-664). In 1796, Samuel HOOF's land was still south of the WHITTEN grant when that grant was sold (Greene Co Deed Book 2, pp 664-665).

    1793 Greene Co Tax Book, Vol 59, shows Samuel HUFF.

    1792-96 Samuel HOUGH, Volunteer Soldier, Scouts and Spies, Georgia Militia (Virgil D. White, Volunteer Soldiers, 1784-1811, 1987). The actual 18 cards showing his service from or in Greene Co date from 26 July 1793 to 2 May 1795. His pay was 83 and 1/3 cents per day, and his final payment was 13 May 1796. M. J. Clark pp 263-269, in American Militia in the Frontier Wars, 1790 - 1796, 1990, shows Samuel HOUGH's service as a spy to have been in Lt Col William MOLTON's Regiment, Gen Jared IRWIN's Command, Greene Co Militia. His oath as a spy was recorded in Nov 1794: "You, William Kimbrough, William Hill, Samuel Hough, John Lang, Joseph Herd, Micajah Wall, David Flenniken, and Samuel Flenniken, so solemnly swear and certify that the above (statement of service) is a true statement of your services to the above time and that you have acted as scouts and spies within the limits or grounds severally assigned to you and that you have severally travelled the paths which you conceive to be most used by Indians and further that you have upon every discovery of danger given immediate information thereof to the frontier settlers and nearest stations within your said limits and that you have faithfully discharged the trust reposed in you agreeable to the best of your abilities and skill, SO HELP YOU GOD." (NA RG94:54, Box 8).

    1794-1797 Samuel HOUGH made claims in 1794 and 1797 that the Creek Indians stole horses from him. (This was the claim later settled in 1822).

    1793-96 Francis HOUGH, Volunteer Soldier, Dragoons, Georgia Militia. M. J. Clark shows this service to have been in 1793 as a dragoon in Capt Jonas FAUCHE's Comp, Greene Co, Militia. Also in 1793, while living in Greene Co, Francis HOUGH claimed the Creek Indians stole two horses from him.

    1793-96 Stephen STANLEY was member of Georgia Militia.

    1794 Washington Co, GA. The HOOF and ENGLISH line was on Stephen's Creek, Capt NEAL's Dist, next to Isaac BALL's land. This seems to be the land which Samuel HOUGH had sold.

    1796 Green Co, GA, Samuel HUFF was on tax list without property.

    1797, 17 Dec. Samuel HOUGH witnessed a land sale of SWANEY to BROWN on Richland Creek waters of Oconee River (Greene Co Deed Book 2, p 439). On 13 Nov 1797, Francis and James HOUGH had witnessed a Hancock Co, GA, deed for 230 acres of land originally granted to Reuben POUNDS in Green Co.

    1798, 16 Nov. Francis HUFF was associated with the Lewis DAVIS and Thomas DAVIS families in Greene Co, GA.

    1800, 16 Oct. Francis (X) his mark HOUGH of Greene Co sold 30 acres of land on Richland Creek to Richard SMITH for $100.

    1801. Greene Co Tax lists show Isaac and Stephen STANLEY in Molton District. On 1 Jan 1802, Nancy HOUGH married Isaac STANLEY. There is another partly torn entry believed to be that of Elizabeth HOUGH to Stephen STANLEY, in the time period of 1800/1801.

    Mississippi State and County census records (LDS Film #899878, Territorial records, then Adams through Holmes; #899869, Isaquena through Simpson; #899870, Smith through Yazoo.)

    1803, 15 Nov. Samuel HUFF was in the Tombigbee area of Miss Territory, signing petition requesting a separate territory for that area. Stephen STANLEY was in the Tombigbee area by 1804. Francis HOUGH and Isaac STANLEY arrived in the area about 1804. Francis HOUGH had moved from Greene Co to Jackson Co, GA, Phillips District, by 1801. Francis was still in the same District in 1802 when it became part of Clarke Co. Francis was in the Tombigbee area of Miss. Territory. by 1805.

    1805 Miss. Territory. Washington Co, tax lists show Samuel HUFF, Francis HUFF, Isaac STANLEY, and Stephen STANLEY.

    1808. Miss Territory Washington Co (now AL) census showed:
    Samuel HUFF 1-3-1-2-0. 1 male over 21, 3 under; 1 female
    over 21, 2 under, no slaves.
    Francis HUFF 1-7-1-0-0
    Isaac STANLEY 2-3-1-2-6-0
    Stephen STANLEY 2-3-1-2-0

    1809 Washington Co, Miss Territory. Samuel HUFF on tax list. On 7 Feb 1809, Samuel HOUGH signed a petition about Mobile being in foreign hands and the requirement to pay tribute there.

    1810 Jasper/Randolph Co, GA, In a supplementary inventory of the William HILL estate, several notes were found, including one on Samuel HUFF. This seems to be an old note, because William HILL and Samuel HUFF had been scouts and spies together between 1793 and 1796. Lydia HILL was administratrix of this estate. (p 56, Jasper Co Estate Records.)

    1810 Wayne Co, Miss Territory, census may show Samuel HOUGH. Washington Co census shows James BARNES, Isaac STANLEY, Stephen STANLEY, and Francis HUFF. Stephen STANLEY was in the Tombigbee area until 1811.

    1811 Samuel HOUGH and Stephen STANLEY in Wayne Co, MS. Isaac STANLEY in Washington Co. By 1812, Francis HUFF was in Wayne Co, and Isaac STANLEY was in Wayne Co by 1813.

    1814 Francis HUFF, Isaac STANLEY, and Stephen STANLEY were all on Buckatunna Creek in Wayne Co. They were probably in the same location through the state census of 1816.

    1816 Wayne Co, Miss Territory pre-state census shows Samuel HUFF and wife, Francis HUFF family, James BARNES family, and Isaac STANLEY family.

    1820 Wayne Co, MS, state census, p , Samuel Hough 1 male, 1 female, 0 poll. (This indicated that Samuel was over 65 at the time.

    1820 Wayne Co, p 105, Roll 57. Samuel HOUGH 000001-00001, native born, one engaged in agriculture. (This was the last recorded entry found for Samuel HOUGH, and he and his wife probably died in Wayne Co during the 1820 decade. On p 110, Francis HOUGH was listed 231101-41010, and on p 105, James BARNES 300010-20010. The STANLEY families had probably moved into AL.

    1830 Census:
    Wayne Co, MS, p 244, Roll 71. Francis HOUGH 11110001-02210001
    Monroe Co, AL, p 36, Stephen STANLEY
    Wilcox Co, AL, p 186, Isaac STANLY
    Rankin Co, MS, p , James BARNES

    1837 San Augustine Co, TX, STANLEY families, Stephen J. & Carroll

    1840 Census:
    Wayne Co, MS, p 244, Roll 71, Francis HOUGH, 000101001-001111, and 30 slaves.
    Possibly. San Augustine or Nacogdoches Cos, TX p , Elizabeth STANLEY with her youngest son
    Possibly. Tyler Co, TX, p , James BARNES

    1850 census:
    Wayne Co, MS, p 267, Roll 382. Francis HOUGH family.
    Angelina Co, TX, p , Elizabeth STANLEY
    Tyler Co, TX, p , James BARNES

    1860 Angelina Co, TX, p , Elizabeth STANLEY

    Samuel and Sarah probably had several children, as did most frontier families. Four children have been identified thus far, with two possible.

    a. Francis (c 1777/78 GA - after 1853 Wayne Co, MS) married at least once in GA and probably a second time after 1830 in MS. In 1850, the apparent wife was Sophia (1802 SC). He had at least 12 children, possibly as many as 16. Names of known children were Singleton; Alfred; Zeno; Francis; Leonard; Richmond Nollis; Martha; Thomas L.; Nancy Emmerline; Alson; Vicey; and Alhanan Gibbs. He was closely associated with his STANLEY brother-in-laws in GA, AL, and MS.

    b. Nancy (c 1784 GA - d by 1828 Wilcox Co, AL) on 1 Jan 1802 in Greene Co GA married Isaac STANLEY (c 1780 GA - 1848 Wilcox Co, AL), probably son of an early STANLEY in GA from VA. They moved to the Tombigbee area of AL by 1805, then to Wayne Co, MS by 1810, then later to Wilcox Co, AL. Ch included Lucy (who married Francis HOUGH, Jr, son of Francis of Wayne Co, and prob. her first cousin); Avarilla "Ava" (who married James W. Daniel); John (who married Sarah ????); Telitha (who married Pinckney VAUGHN); Nancy (who married Robert BONNER); Elizabeth (who married ????? PRINE); possibly Isham; Stanley; and others. After Nancy died, Isaac STANLEY remarried on 2 Apr 1830 in Wilcox Co, AL, Mrs. Martha CROSBY, but they had no children.

    c. Elizabeth (c 1785 GA - 1861 Angelina Co, TX) had married by 31 Dec 1801 in Greene Co, GA, Stephen L. STANLEY, prob. son of an early STANLEY in GA from VA. On 31 Dec 1801, Stephen and Elizabeth STANLEY joined in selling 75 acres of land on the Oconee River to Meriman POUND. Their STANLEY children were born in Miss Territory and AL. By 1804 they were in Tombigbee area of Miss Territory, by 1811 in Wayne Co, then in AL in Monroe Co by 1830. Alexander JOHNSON sponsored Stephen L. STANLEY to enter the Province of Texas, Republic of Mexico, in 1835. (Box 621, No. 662, Texas State Library, Certificates of Entry into Texas in 1835.) So by 1835 Stephen and Elizabeth were in Texas where Stephen died shortly afterward. Elizabeth STANLEY claimed a league of land in Wichita Co, TX, and it became known as the Elizabeth STANLEY grant. Names of known children were Peyton (1803 GA or AL), in DeSoto Parish, LA, in 1850; Willafred, married Julia Ann ?????; Olive (1807 MS Territory), married Thomas SMITH, Jr; Lucretia Bachiba 19 June 1810 Washington Co, MS Territory) married John F. CHEAIRS, Jr; Stephen Jefferson (1813 Wayne Co, MS), married Mary Ann CHEAIRS; William Carroll (1820 AL) married Margaret Rebecca CHEAIRS; Greenberry (1823 AL) married Margaret MCFADDIN; Mary (1824 AL), married Jackson EDDINGS; and Sarah (1828 AL) married John F. MCFADDIN. Of the above, Olive, Stephen J., William C., Greenberry, and Mary had their families in Angelina Co, TX, in 1850. .

    d. Tabitha (c 1792 GA - 1850/60, bur Mount Hope Cem, Tyler Co, TX) married James BARNES (1781 NC - 1863 bur Mount Hope Cem, Tyler Co, TX). James BARNES was in Wayne Co 1810, 1816, 1820, and in Rankin Co in 1830. He migrated to TX in 1836 and settled in Tyler Co. Names of known children were Nancy; William R.; Samuel Huff; Mary A; James P.; Tabitha Adeline; Calvin A.; Narcissa; Lucinda; and Sarah Day. There is a tradition in this family that Tabitha was captured by Indians while a young girl but was ransomed by her future husband. There is a family monument in Mount Hope Cem, near Chester, TX, which records some of the family history as well as names and dates of birth for the ten children. The family home, built of logs in 1846, was about 100 yards from this cemetery.

    Others whose relationships must be investigated included: David HOUGH, who was on 1816 census for Wayne Co as single and over 21; James HOUGH, who was a witness in 1797 to a land transaction with Francis HOUGH; Stephen HUFF, who had a family of 4 females in Pike Co, MS, in 1816 and 1820; and George HOOF, who was listed on a land transaction in 1789 in Wilkes Co, GA.

    Lineage is Samuel and Sarah ( ) Hough of NC, GA, AL, and MS; possibly Samuel and Frances ( ) Hough of NC.

    Other references for File named: Houg&S, NC2, SC2, GA3, 19 Dec 1992:

    Research by Granville W. Hough, 3438-B Bahia Blanca West,
    Laguna Hills, CA, 92653, descendant of Francis Hough. Research by Jim Farmer, One St Francis Place 3804, San
    Francisco, CA 94107, descendant of James Barnes.
    Bob Bowman, Houston Chronicle, Sunday, Dec 12, 1965, Section
    6, page 5, "Cemetery Monument Records Lives of Early
    East Texans."
    Research by Mary Ann Tantello, 7059 Sharpcrest St, Houston,
    TX, 77074, descendant of Stephen Stanley.
    Research by H. H. Daniels, Rt 2, Box 337, Bay Springs, MS,
    39422, descendant of Isaac Stanley.

    Ben and Jean Strickland, Records of Wayne Co, MS, State
    Census ...
    Ben and Jean Strickland, Records of Wayne Co, MS, Tax Rolls
    Ben Strickland and Patricia N. Edwards, Records of Wayne Co, MS ... Federal Census ... and ... Tax Rolls.
    Ben and Jean Strickland, ... 1808 & 1810 Washington Co, Miss. Territory. (Alabama.
    Ben and Jean Strickland, Washington Co, Miss. Territory. ... Tax Rolls.
    pp 9, 12, 15, 24, 78, 81, 85, 112, Marilyn D. Barefield,
    Records of Wilcox Co, AL, 1988. (entries on Isaac
    Stanley family.

    pp 57, 61, 365, 672, 673, 712, 723, 751, and 760, Donna B.
    Thaxton, Ed., Georgia Indian Depredation Claims.

    Father: Samuel (Unproven) HOUGH b: BEF 1730 in North Carolina; possibly Hough families of Bucks Co., PA
    Mother: Frances (Unproven)

    Marriage 1 Sarah HIX
      1. Has Children Francis (Frank ) HOUGH b: 23 JUL 1777 in Georgia
      2. Has Children Nancy HOUGH b: ABT 1784 in Georgia
      3. Has Children Elizabeth HOUGH b: ABT 1785 in Georgia
      4. Has Children Tabitha HOUGH b: ABT 1792 in Georgia

      1. Title: Hough, Granville Doctor/Professor
        Author: Hough, Dr. Granville: e-mail (1999)
        Media: Manuscript
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